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Which College Majors Make The Most Money?

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Aero Engineering

According to PayScale, engineers make hella bank!

Mid-career, a petroleum engineer is expected to make $155,000 a year. Even more if they went to Ivy League schools!

So what are the best-paying college careers?

See if your major makes the list AFTER THE JUMP!

1. Petroleum Engineering. Obvs.

2. Chemical Engineering

3. Electrical Engineering

4. Materials Science & Engineering

5. Aerospace Engineering < --ooh, we like this one!

6. Computer Engineering

7. Physics

8. Applied Mathematics

9. Computer Science (not to be confused with Computer Engineering)

10. Nuclear Engineering

11. Biomedical Engineering

12. Economics <--- no joke

13. Mechanical Engineering

So.. basically... if you're a nerd, you're set for life!

What's UR major? Is it paying off?

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4 comments to “Which College Majors Make The Most Money?”

  1. 1

    but what is "ENGINEERING' I think it applies to anyone with or without skills. I know a guy who set up amusement park slides and he was considered an engineer and yes he got paid good

  2. 2

    I'm guessing those people who have undergraduate degrees in psychology are at the very bottom of that list, behind art, theatre and music majors. My math and physics degrees are definitely paying off. I get paid to sit in an office, do little work and, obviously, have no internet restrictions.
    Re: starlighht – He was paid WELL. The term "engineer" is used for certain jobs to make people feel better about being janitors ("custodial engineers").

  3. 3

    My college major is definitely paying off. Biomedical Engineering was the best choice I've made in my life. It's completely satisfying to do something I love and to make a difference in the lives of millions.

  4. 4

    I went in a totally different direction, art and fashion design. I do tech support (phone jockey) for barely more than minimum wage, work at a bar on the weekends, and paint murals whenever I can.