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Denise Richards Talks About Sheen Hotel Incident At Last

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Denise Richards Talks About Hotel Incident

Denise Richards has always been quiet about the night that Charlie Sheen trashed a hotel room while she and her kids were sleeping across the hall.

She says a lot, from having dinner with a bunch of hookers, to telling a sergeant that she had to be home by 4:30 am as she rode with him to the hospital where Charlie Sheen was going:

"Charlie invited me to this dinner with 'friends,' and once I realized what these women did for a living, I thought, 'It's one meal; you can suck it up and get through it,'" Richards, 40, recalls of dining with Sheen's porn star pals. "It's not my place to judge how they make a paycheck."

"After I quieted [our daughters Sam, 7, and Lola, 6] down, I climbed into bed; I had to get up early for my press. About an hour later, I was awakened by sounds outside my door, including walkie-talkies, which is never a good sign," she writes. "A few minutes later, the cops showed up. Several officers went into Charlie's room, and a sergeant came into mine."

Some of this is coming from her new memoir called Real Girl Next Door, too:

As the sergeant struggled to make sense of the situation ("Your ex-husband is staying in the room across the hall while you're in this room?" he asked Richards. "And you went to dinner with him and there were hookers there at the table?"), the actress kept her composure and told him everything she knew.

"Charlie was put into an ambulance, and I rode with the sergeant to the hospital, though I insisted I had to be back at 4:30 a.m.," she writes. "After making sure Charlie was stable and settled, the nice policeman gave me a ride back."

"I'll never cut off contact with Charlie. He's my girls' dad. As they're older they'll deal with him how they can. A lot of women can't relate to being married to Charlie Sheen or divorcing Charlie Sheen," she adds, "but they can relate to feeling sad, angry, scared and upset."

Wow. Being married AND divorced to Charlie Sheen has never been boring.

What we can't get past, though, is why would you subject anyone — even your ex wife — to an awkward meal with a bunch of hookers?

They could be the nicest girls in the world, but how does that not cross your mind?

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Denise Richards Talks About Sheen Hotel Incident At Last”

  1. 1

    Why o why did she ever have this man's children? Until certain women smarten up, they are going to find themselves in terrible predicaments….Ladies, please get to know the men you date and then marry….please….saves you so much pain.

  2. 2

    I do not trust this woman one bit. I think she has capitalized off Charlie's decline by portraying herself as a good mother and the reasonable one, and she is getting as much mileage as she can out of that act. I will not forget that she is the one who wanted to pimp out her kids on reality tv. She may come off looking good now, but if you question her motives, there is a good chance she is simply using a bad situation for self promotion.

  3. 3

    You know what Perez? He is who he is. Though most of us wouldn't want to know someone like him and wouldn't want to hang out with him, given your proclivity for telling half truths, outright lies, posting irresponsible and unsubstantiated stories, and the way you drool over under-age boys, I'm not so sure you're the better person. He nails his colors to the mast, while you are a phony jackass 24/7. I think I could cope better with Charlie Sheen because he's not a fake bastard like you are.

  4. 4

    she looks like alison delaurentes from pretty little liars in that picture

  5. 5

    She seems like a nice girl, but bottom line, she chose him, and she chose to have two children with him. He's a repulsive train wreck now, but had to show signs back then of what he would become.

  6. 6

    Re: gregoryschmo – that is exactly what i was thinking!

  7. 7

    I believe the term is 'setting boundaries.' I hope this girl learns how to set some up for herself, if not for her own sake, then at least for the sake of her children. Denise, I send this out to you with the best of intentions: "There's a massive difference between not cutting off all contact with your ex and subjecting yourself to sitting through a dinner with him and a gaggle of his hand-picked sex trade workers."

  8. 8

    Get rid of him before he ruins your daughters lives!!!!!