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Bill Condon Explains Why James Franco Isn't In Breaking Dawn

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Was there anyone that really thought he would be? Well, other than James Franco.

For awhile, Franco was petitioning HARD to get a role in the final Twilight films. With there being a lot of new vampire characters being introduced, he probably thought he had a decent shot at getting into the movie. The long and the short of it is that he did have a good shot, but director Bill Condon wasn't so sure it was really what Franco would have wanted. This is how Bill tells the story:

"[James] told a friend of mine who then sent a message along to me. For a moment it was like, what could James Franco play that doesn't feel like 'Where's Waldo?' I really thought about it for a second, and nothing made sense … I think he thinks this somehow involves some big rejection of the idea. It wasn't that. If it had made sense, and frankly if I had called and said 'do you want to play that vampire from that country,' it would have involved hanging around for two months in a scene with 80 people, and I don't know if he really would have wanted to do it."

That is the question then, isn't it. Would he have really wanted to do it? Truth be told, all these new vampires have very small, bit parts in the story. All the leads were all cast way back in the first and second movies. He would've maybe gotten one line and then stood around twiddling his thumbs in a field. Would he have been happy with that?

Better question - did Jennifer Love Hewitt try out for this film??? We think she would have been ELATED to stand in the background for a few months, just to say she was there!

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9 comments to “Bill Condon Explains Why James Franco Isn't In Breaking Dawn

  1. 1

    What's up with the part about Jennifer Love Hewitt?
    That did not need to be said…
    but anyways, I think any actor should be happy to get a part in a movie
    whether it be big or small…and besides i don't James would have minded…he just seems like the kind of actor who doesn't make a big deal about what kind of part he plays…

  2. 2

    Stop ragging on JLH — you just couldn't resist throwing a hit at her. Emotional abuser — bully — jerk. You act like all those things when you say things like that.

  3. 3

    You're beginning to go back on your word of 'Change' and have been the bully you claimed you wouldn't be anymore. Suicides are still fresh if you ask me.

  4. 4

    YOU ARE SO NICE! Wih a Jennifer Love Hewitt dig for no reason….YOU HAVE CHANGED SO MUCH WOW

  5. 5

    WOW that JLH dig was VERY mature. (not)

  6. 6

    Re: Average Jane – agreed perez you are such an ass.

  7. 7

    the last sentence was just disgusting

  8. 8

    jlh and you are two peas a in pod

  9. 9

    the JLH comment was SO unneccesary. you are just hating because even though she is not that popular she still has more talent then you!all you are is an ugly bully!