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Ohio Six-Year-Old Girl Is On The Terror No Fly Watch List!

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She must be one bad ass kindergartner!

Though Homeland Security denies the existence of "the list," most people are aware that there is a list documenting individuals in America who supposedly have connections to terrorist activity and airlines are advised to be wary of letting these people travel with them. Earlier this week, Alyssa Thomas' name turned up on the no-fly list for suspected terrorists. Alyssa is six years old.

The Thomas family was flying from Cleveland to Minneapolis when they first learned Alyssa's name was on the no-fly list. The airlines allowed the family to proceed on to Minneapolis, risking the lives of everyone onboard and everyone in Minnesota from a fatal Barbie attack! The airlines advised the family to contact Homeland Security to correct this error. However, according to HLS, there's no mistake. Alyssa's name is on the list and on the list it will stay.

Her family plans on appealing the government’s decision, but imagine they'll have to wait until after Alyssa has recess. Six year old's get real testy when they don't get at least 15 minutes of hopscotch in.

Really Homeland Security? REALLY???

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12 comments to “Ohio Six-Year-Old Girl Is On The Terror No Fly Watch List!”

  1. 1

    She should be tasered.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    This is just laughable…she probably just has the same name as someone dangerous and the bureaucrats are being too ridiculous to admit it.

  4. 4

    It was probably just a mix-up somewhere. If so, they'll get it straightened out.

  5. 5

    I dont think you know how the list works Perez. I've worked for an airline for the last 5 years and that is actually my job to go through the lists and flag passengers who are on the list. If a child ends up being flagged, when they check in the flag is supposed to be removed. If they are an adult with a DOB within 2 years then they just go through extra security (pat down). Unless they have a matching birthdate as an adult thats all that happens. Children are supposed to be cleared.

  6. 6

    Sorry to say it, but when we are going broke as a nation, incompetent BS federal agencies like the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security should be nixed. It costs SO MUCH money and they don't do anything but take away everyone's freedom bit by bit. Look up "Future Attribute Screening Technology" and tell me that we aren't going a tad bit insane in trying to provide "security"…. I hate to admit it, but if the terrorists plan was to destroy America with 9/11, I think they've succeeded in their mission. :(

  7. 7

    I think she should be transferred to Guantanamo Bay detention camp until they can confirm that she is not a terrorist. You can never be safe enough!

  8. Woof says – reply to this


    she could be a hair puller–those are the worst! lol

  9. 9

    You have no fucking clue…..the terrorist enlist children who believe that their God will grant them rewards for killing the non-believers (that is US).

    There are a lot of times that a whole family of moms and kids drive up to a check point in Iraq only to blow themselves up and the guard that is helping them. We have had women pretend to be pregnant approach a check point only to blow up everyone with their bombs hidden as a pregnancy.

    Age does not matter when it comes to terrorist…the younger the less likely we are to suspect them.

  10. 10

    RE:Kim K's Ugly Hippo Ass
    LMAO, You are such a little, shit stirring troll!

  11. 11

    aww wtf a 6 yr old?

  12. auds says – reply to this


    Our homeland security is like an oxymoron here. The TSA agents should all be arrested and they should dissolve all this expensive BS. They're completely useless and they get nothing done. People come in illegally all the time and get tons of benefits and do as they please, while people who legally apply get the run around.