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Was There TOO MUCH Drama On The Real Housewives Of New York This Season?

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Who knew that Bethenny Frankel's exit would bring about such a swift death to this mess?

As we've discussed, ever since she left the reality series, The Real Housewives of New York has pretty much degraded into incessant, insufferable squabbling between the castmembers, and most episodes consist of them all screaming over one other for the duration of the hour - and apparently, the drama has gotten so bad that it's permeated into the women's relationships OFF-camera!

A source close to the series reveals:

“Things have gotten so bad that producers are worried that this cast can no longer film together. All the ladies have long memories and will not let the smallest thing go. The level of hatred at the moment is so high that it's toxic and all consuming. It doesn’t make for good TV drama. Now it’s just petty and sad. This sort of behavior should be rejected by all the cast members, no matter how hot disagreements get on the show. It has stopped being a TV fight and is now a real life battle that is unacceptable.”


Not only is it just petty and sad, it's essentially unwatchable!

We say kick these women - or all but our beloved Sonya! - to the curb, observe what makes Beverly Hills and New Jersey great (and boy, are they GREAT!), and cast some new women in that vein for season five!

What do U think should be done next season to make the show good again?

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33 comments to “Was There TOO MUCH Drama On The Real Housewives Of New York This Season?”

  1. 1

    Who gives a fuck?

  2. 2

    they make me realise what a together person i am! wow! what un-educated, horrible women. so condescending to each other and extremely bad role models. especially giving new york women a bad rep. none of them seem to take responsibility for their classless behaviour….. just excuses and pointing fingers. they should get rid of alex and her strange husband….. too fake and she seems out of her depth. a good show to watch if your feeling down about your life and can watch this disgusting bunch! … and know that thank goddess there are women in the world with manners and elegant souls.

  3. 3

    It's impossible to act normal when cameras are on you. Your subconscious knows they're there and adjusts your personality to suit your own ego. Period. All of them have become monsters because, for the most part, none of them have anything to offer. None of them are self-made. Frankel is probably the only one who saw the prize at the end of the tunnel and gave to shits about the camera or the squabbles. She, however, during her own show turned into diva of mega proportions. But she got her pay day so good for her and her hard work. The other banana boats have nothing to offer. Ramona and her husband sell all the religious crap knowing they're selling snake oil. Those two are corrupt. And Mario has in fact been with another woman. It's only one. And Ramona knows who it is! She just doesn't know that the two of them are boning! It's laughable. And the Queen of naive has got to be Simons wife. I already forget her name. She has zero social-street skills. Her attempt at making everything a "logical" argument is not only naive, but will never yield the results she's after.

  4. 4

    It's time for a new cast. I used to like these ladies but I cannot stomach Jill any longer.
    Used to like Luanne but Bethenny was right. She's full of herself. Kelly is sad.
    Nothing she says makes sense and she's mean and judgemental as well.
    Ramona is crazy but honest as the day is long and good for her not taking Luanne's digs lying down. Her husband is NOT cheating on her. Please stop spreading rumors Jill.
    Poor Bobby. Just sayin.

  5. 5

    This season was awful. We saw too much of the husbands, and the blondes v. brunettes feud seemed to develop to get ratings for the show, and seemed very contrived. However ,the show "jumped the shark" for me with Ramona's possible pregnancy. Unless some changes are made, I won't be tuning in next season….

  6. 6

    I can't stand any of them anymore. Bethenny is the only one that doesn't live in CooCoo Land!
    Jill is a loud mouth, pompous pinhead, that is more of a pitbull than friend to any of them. LuAnn sees herself as the QUEEN, with her loyal subjects. She has proved that she is nothing but a fame whore like the rest of them. And Kelly really needs some psychological help. She is so judgmental and pety, but she sees herself as this paragon of righteousness!
    Andy Cohen, when you said she was the "Voice of Reason" this past season, that only perpetuate her delusions of grandeur. Honestly, I can't stomach any of them any more.

  7. 7

    luanne - classless to the core, and who is her demographic for her "music"? 96 year olds who have lost their hearing aids? kelly - dumb as a stump and definitely needs meds and therapy. plus, i think she is a man in drag. jill - fame whore hypocrite who will fade into the nothing that she is as the others will when they are replaced by newer, younger, hotter, more interesting women. the new brunette - i don't even know her name but she is obviously a moron. ramona - she is hysterical. i would be a functioning alcoholic too if these were the losers that i had to hang out with. alex - needs to dump her husband because she is way out of his league, but she is way more likeable than most of the others. sonya - who can't love her? i hope they do replace all of them except for the blonds. where is bethaney when you need her? and yes, i've wasted 5 minutes of my life on this post so i'm a loser as well!

  8. 8

    This season was a real borefest and unless things change I will not watch if they renew next season. Cindy can go for sure. Her and her fake teeth and go away. Far away. Alex is one hair away from being a true wackadoodle and Kelley is already there but they aren't funny wacko they are boring wackos. Jill is just a bitch and then there is Ramona and Sonya. I just have a feeling that Sonya and Mario are more than just friends. They are friends with benefits. I am also tired of seeing Ramona's spoiled, ugly brat of a kid. Why is she even on this show? Take your big nose and go away. Sonja is a broke drunk that doesn't like getting old and she is a liar also. LuAnn, well she is full of herself. Her new boy toy is a big ass phoney. In other words, they are all done. Waste of an hour of tv. Either replace them or cancel the show.

  9. 9

    First of all you could totally see that they were acting, trying so fucking hard to make the show interesting, which by the way THEY FAILED MISERABLY…..
    LU-ANN…. SINGING……. That was only the FUNNY part of the entire thing…..
    LU-ANN…. Go find another rich man because if your depending on music to take you far,
    you are gonna be broke as a joke….

  10. GiaB says – reply to this


    What do they need to do? GET RID OF JILL! She is the most pathetic, insecure, JEALOUS bitch on the show. New boring Cindy's got to go too. Ramona may be loose lipped but hey, she tells it like it is. Keep Ramona, Sonya & LuAnn (maybe she'll stop being so obnoxious without Jill). Can't stand Kelly either, but whatever.

  11. 11

    I think we all agree that these "women" give the rest of us NYC girls a bad rap! My goodness! Its CRAZY!!! NOW everyone can truley see what Bethany went through dealing with such CATTY women! they all are out for money! and one upping the other! I think we need a BRAND NEW CAST ANDY COHEN!!! Out with the old… Im bored to tears! Even NJ is better!!!! and thats saying something! I love the addition of Joe and Melissa! Great TV! As for NYC .. Cindy is a HUGE bore! and her stupid company is crap! it gets such bad reviews online. Luann has no class… darling this… darling that… SHUT UP! Jill is a back stabbing C word. Kelly does look like a man in drag then again so does Luann! Alex and Simon are just bizzare and uncomfortable to watch. I ahte to say but I liked Ramona this season.. AND Sonja.. If Andy kept any of them Id say keep those 2. BUT a fresh new cast might be in order.. Richer woman!!! Like the Bev Hills girls! Love BEV HILLS!!!! Cant wait for it to come back! Miss me some Camille!!!!

  12. 12

    I've got to admit with most of the bloggers here…this season of RHONY was just AWFUL!!! They were mean, catty, backstabbing and generally unpleasant to watch. Jill is just disgusting, LuAnn is far too full of herself to be a part of a cast, Kelly is certifiable, Cindy is wasted space, Alex needs to find her own opinion (I do like Simon though…sorry guys), and Ramona and Sonja are the only two that are entertaining. We need some new Housewives representing NYC!!! Come on Andy Cohen, make it great again…BRING BETHENNY BACK!

  13. 13

    Especialy Sonya, r u kidding me…all she every does is pretends she forgot her panties and walks around w/her vajayjay smelling up the place…who wants to see old sagging coochie cobwebs..yuck…..

  14. 14

    Jill is so terrible… I don't understand how people can have zero self awareness, especially when you have video to watch back. I would watch that and be like, oh yeah, I'm a hypocrite, I'm going to fix that or take ownership of it. And Kelly made me laugh out loud saying how nice she is and then replaying the clip of her being a huge bitch about Sonja and then being terrible to Alex. And the Countess, terrible. I want to punch the TV every time she says dahhling. Puke. Phony. I'll most likely be skipping it next year. Ramona and Sonja are a blast, but the amount/style of fighting was intolerable.

  15. 15

    Lost a viewer after that reunion. Totally concur with NPH.

  16. 16

    It was terrible! I watched this season and all I could think is these women have become so unlikable. I really could not stand ANY of them. Ramona is so deplorable though, she is really disgusting with her unfiltered mouth and digs. Sonya was a joke with her ass hanging out and her "performances". Her talking about "pecking" order and how Ramona was at the top was the worst part of the whole season. She became ugly right there. Luann I actually liked better this season. She won't admit she takes digs too, but other than that, I like her new more relaxed attitude. Jill, well Jill is Jill. I always liked her, but in some ways, her "opinions" remind me of Ramona's unflitered mouth. The new girl, (I can't even remember her name) is ok. I felt bad for her walking into this season when everyone is so horrible. Kelly is still crazy as ever but at least I didn't want to smack her off my screen this season with her insanity. Finally, Alex. Wow. What a complete 180. I understand her wanting to stand up for herself but she picks the absolute WORST times to do it. She also still talks over people. Just shut up and let them say your peace and say, are you done? Ok, now this is how I see it… Stop getting so flustered at being interrupted and interrupting people yourself. As for Simon, get a real flipping job and stop using reality blogs and bashing as a career choice. /not sure if I can stomach another RHONY. Ready for an all new cast please.

  17. 17

    I enjoyed and liked Kelly and Luann a little better. But after watching the reunion show I can't stand ANY of them. Probably won't watch again. Well maybe part 2 of the reunion! Haha

  18. 18

    They need to get rid of all of these old broke hags and cast younger hotter richer women, these ladies are so desperate for fame they keep trying to branch out to other "ventures" like wine and lingerie lines, to make themselves more relevant. Without this show they would be nobodies, and their heads are so big at this point I hope they pop that 15 minute fame bubble and get rid of these desperate old broads! I loooove Bev Hills because they're loaded and don't need to spend their time trying to gain camera time or off-camera relevance like NYC.

  19. 19

    RHONY has gone completely nuts, Like (sort of) Ramona, Sonya, Alex. Can't stand: Jill, LuAnn, Kelly (OMG, can we say C R A Z Y ?) the new one Cindy, doesn 't have a clue.
    Okay, got a question? : Why would someone want to wear undergarments named Sweeze? NUTS NUTS NUTS

  20. 20

    LOSE JILL, the CountLESS, Kelly and Cindy (or whatever HIS name is).

  21. 21

    So tired of Jill, Luann, and Kelly (who needs to remember to take her meds before opening her mouth). Watching the show is so sad because its hard to see grown women acting like 10th graders. Cindy was virtually non-existent throughout the show and such a bore. I'm almost sick of Alex who tried to be over opinionated to stay relevant. I agree, bring back Bethenny, Ramona and Sonja (love her!) and I'd be a dedicated fan!!

  22. 22

    agreed! i will not watch NY again. it was disgusting.

  23. 23

    LuAnn is the W-O-R-S-T!

  24. 24

    Sonja is quirky, but I believe the most sincere. Ramona is somewhat manic, but tolerable. I believe Sonja, Ramona and Alex are the only ones close to real. LuAnn has got to STOP singing, it's painful to watch. Jill is a bully. (Bethanny had them right!) Kelly is bizarre. She seems like she's in pain just trying to string a sentence together. And Cindy, you are a single parent and business owner. From what we saw on the show, you can barely handle one baby….you have two….please raise them….you'll be happy later in life.

  25. 25

    I used to love TRH of NY but now they's all getting to be really annoying. Everyone sucked this season. Part One of the Reunion wasn't even fun to watch.

  26. 26

    Something about Cindy annoys me, i think she is an ugly troll. Jill, has diarrhea in the mouth! She's like a chiuaua, only acts tuff with her friends…Luann's music suck! Kelly, clearly has phychological problems, love Sonja, like Ramona. love Alex's blog. Bethenny needs to write a blog about the brunettes

  27. cling says – reply to this


    Ithink it is sad to believe these women are Socialites of NYC. They have poor manners and cannot represent a typical household. They are so catty and thoughtless to one another. They do not respect themselves with their behavior and fashion sense. Ramona cannot accept that she is a middle age woman.Thank God she wasn't pregnant at her age,it would have been a high risk pregnancy no matter how good her health was. Alex cannot say "no" to Simon and when she ever does, he will show his true controlling self.The comments regarding the children will do damage to their self esteem. They will be the victims of verbal abuse! What did any of those lovely children do to deserve such horrible statements. It is time to stop these filmings of families. All we see are broken marriages, bankruptseys and bitter females.

  28. 28

    How can Perez love Sonja after her pecking order tea party?? WHAWHAT? And Ramona saying such awful things about LuAnn's marriage and her parenting, meanwhile her own daughter and only daughter is like I never see my parents. I think it is awful how Ramona and her minions have ruined the show with their teenage antics and cruel comments and then wash it all down with booze. I love LuAnn. I love Kelly–I think she is positive. I love Cindy, I think she's a positive role model and I like Jill. She's loyal. But Andy supports the blondses too much and they draw they dysfunctional fans who are just as whacko as they are. Ramona is a mean drunk and she and Sonja and Alex act like children and bring the show down.

  29. 29

    Ramona and Alex ruined the show. They held to their grudges and caused all the drama and dragged Sonja in with them and got her talking about pecking orders–how sad. Alex is a sycophant filled with contradictions. TEAM BRUNETTE ALL THE WAY>

  30. 30

    Housewives needs to clean house!!! RH New York was a disaster this season. Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. Her and her big mouth and those creepy eyes have got to go. Sonya, she really is a sweetheart, however, I found it very difficult to watch her in most of the episodes; constantly embarrassing herself with antics like keeping the price tags on her clothing, forgetting to wear undergarments, getting a little sloppy with the alcohol consumption. Cindy — waste of space. Didn't add anything to the show at all. Kelly has nothing between her two ears but air. She must have used drugs in the past because it certainly appears that she has a considerable amount of brain trauma. Jill is such a raging C; a dog with rabies. Alex and her husband are too weird to be real; the scenes of intimacy between them made me want to vomit — the sheer awkwardness of it all made me mortified for them. Last, but not least, LuAnne. Class-less, substandard, inferior, low-grade, appalling, abysmal, atrocious, awful, terrible, dreadful, execrable, miserable, pitiful, human being. Her attempt at a singing career was laughable. I feel bad for her daughter because she seems to be surprisingly very normal. Probably a result of her mother not spending any time at home with the children. Bravo, new cast please! As a college student, I crave entertainment… These women have got to freaking go!

  31. 31

    It's interesting how the some of the women (especially Ramona) stated that they wouldn't appear in LuAnn's music video because it didn't send the best message. Specifically for Ramona, she said that it didn't give the best message to her daughter Avery. So Ramona, what does give Avery the best message, you yelling and screaming at the reunion show (as did the other ladies, but if you're gonna try and push the message that are you some sort of paragon of virtue, then you set yourself up for most of the criticism), cussing, just plain acting a fool! THAT's the message you want to give your daughter? That the way to deal with conflict is by behaving the way you did during the reunion? Girl, pleeeeeze.

  32. 32

    Throw them all out. Well except for Sonja, I do like her. Kelly makes me want to to run through a forest of razor blades and then swim through a river of lemon juice. Can't stand her. Jill and Luann are toxic twins, each shlurping the other.

  33. 33

    OMG I love the Housewives reuinion shows. HOWEVER, I had to turn this off, and refuse to watch the second part. These ladies are classless and careless of other peoples feelings. They are so self absorbed and so high and mighty that they forget that even their own shit stinks. I have never been so disgusted by a group of women ever. Get some new ladies or take this series off the air.