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Adam Levine Defends The Paparazzi!

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adam levine defends paparazzi

Looks like Adam Levine just made a bunch of new friends.

The Maroon 5 singer seems to have a soft spot for the paps, and he wants other celebs to NOT get so angry about them.

Here's Adam on his feelings towards paparazzi:

"It is a two-way street, and it is a two-way street in the (way) that you look at it. People want to be famous for some reason, for me, I wanted to be a successful singer, it had less to do with fame. If you're going to be on television, if you're going to be a singer, if you're going to be an actor, there's gonna be a lot of this that comes with it."

"A lot of people that start hating it, and when it starts consuming them and owning them, (most of the time) they brought it on themselves, sometimes that's not the case, but to complain about it so passionately is irresponsible because there's a lot of people with real problems. It's nothing more than a pain in the a**. They don't bother me, they don't stalk me, they don't stay outside of my house or anything."

Obviously there are some stars who are stalked more vigorously than Levine, but as long as it doesn't get out of control, we agree that there are worse problems one could have than some extra attention.

Do U agree with Adam Levine? Or do U agree with other celebs who hate the paparazzi?

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12 comments to “Adam Levine Defends The Paparazzi!”

  1. 1

    Perspective is a wonderful thing. Some people just whine and you want to take away all that they have, blood ingrates. Others are genuinely stalked and for those I save my sympathy because no one signs up for that.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    There's a difference between how the paps treat Adam and higher profile individuals. Adam has not been subjected to the treatment that HRH/Princess Di suffered. He also (I'm assuming) doesn't call the paps to record his every move like the Kardashians, D list celebs and celebs who use the media for their court cases (Halle, look at what a good mom I am, Berry). Otherwise, I agree with him. Media attention for fans help keep his career healthy.

  4. 4

    I agree with him…

  5. 5

    Erm… that's nice Adam that you feel that way. You are also not in the same league as other celebrities so perhaps you should be mindful of that. He writes, "They don't bother me, they don't stalk me, they don't stay outside of my house or anything." What do you say to the paps that do? There needs to be much stiffer laws to protect people. Some members of the paparazzi take it to a dangerous level.

  6. 6

    clearly Adam is not much of a celebrity if he's not being stalked by the paparazzi. his music puts them to sleep so they stay away

  7. 7

    Most celebrities need to quit biching about being followed by the paps. However, I can count with two hands which have a right to complain. If a celebrity is being over stalked and followed with his/her kids then I think that's not right. Children shouldn't be attacked with strangers taking pictures of them nor put on magazines. Princess Diana went through so much shit with paps and so did her sons. I don't understand why there isn't any laws in the first place.I've seen a video how vile these creatures can get just to take that money picture. But jeez there needs to be some rules so everyone can get along. Maybe that's why they're out of control?

  8. 8

    alot of times the paps go over board. there alot worse today then they were say 10 years ago. (atleast thats the way it looks). they know no limits. and will do ANYTHING to get a shot.
    and its easy to say there not too bad when your not someone thier after daily. hes not in the same league as say..britney, where they camp outside her house.
    if it wasnt for the voice, the paps would care less about him.

  9. 9

    100% agreed! Boo frickening hoo, celebrities are some of the most self centered, over indulgent twats in the world!

  10. Aries says – reply to this


    I agree he isn't high profile enough to be stalked by the paps, however at least he has the money coming in!

  11. 11

    Gotta say, I agree with him. There's maybe about 5% of celebs who are genuinely stalked by the paparazzi who have every right to complain, they're clearly crossing a line if they're chasing them down the street or sitting outside their home. But the majority of celebrities just get their pictures taken when they're out for dinner or at the store or the airport and in those cases, they really should just realize that it's part of it and suck it up. It can't be fun, but it's fame and them having their pictures taking gets them more attention.

  12. 12

    Yet Another Reason To LOVE Adam Levine!!!!!