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Glambert's New Gay Anthem!

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LOVE this!

Adam Lambert performed his new single about acceptance at the Sainte Agathe Festival in Canada.

Listen to Outlaws of Love above. It's a ballad for the gays!

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41 comments to “Glambert's New Gay Anthem!”

  1. 1

    I rmember when this site use to be about celebrities and not about some assholes gay agenda.

  2. 2

    He has a great voice. Love it when he does acoustic.
    Re: pollopicu – - I don't see this as a 'gay agenda' song. To me it is a love song with a Romeo and Juliet feel.

  3. 3

    The girls should not have screamed during such a moving performance. It ruined it. Listen, people. And shut up!

  4. 4

    Re: rosebud99 – Perez is pushing it as a gay anthem. The gay agenda comment isn't necessarily about the song itself, but about how Perez has turned the celebrity gossip site into a site about gay issues … in short, the asshole in question is Perez, as is the agenda.

  5. 5

    So any one who says it sucks is Homophobic right FatBoy

  6. 6

    Re: Pubes_for_hair_plugs – By that standard I must be homophobic, because I don't like the song. I'm not a Lambert fan; my ears don't like his voice and his problems with pitch. That has nothing to do with what he does with his dick, but I'm sure someone will take issue with the fact that I don't care of his "music," and decide I'm a homophobe. *rolls eyes*

  7. 7

    Perez, it's not a gay anthem, and it's not his new single.

    It's a song off the new album yes, but I doubt very much it'll be the first single he releases. And it's a personal song, not an anthem. It's simply a lovely song that probably means a whole lot to him. But you pushing it as a New! Gay! Anthem! is doing a disservice to both Adam and the song itself.

  8. 8

    How many fucking anthems do the gays need?

  9. 9

    crap song by a crap karoke singer

  10. 10

    such a beautiful song! and an amazing performance! can't wait for the album adam!

  11. 11

    Perez — thanks for posting this. I really do not believe it is a gay anthem — I think it is the first "real" gay love song. Also, this is not a single, just an album track from Adam's new album. I saw him perform it live and it was so powerful that it is impossible to capture on video. Also, there were almost 9,000 people in total silence and just a few morons who were screaming senselessly. Thankfully there are a very versions online with the "Marry Me" scream removed.

  12. 12

    Beautiful song by a talented and brave performer.

  13. 13

    This homo desperately wants to be the male Lady GaGa. Just like the tranny tried to make BTW a gay anthem and failed, so will this hack. Stop trying to cash in on gays, they are smarter than you think.

  14. 14

    Re: La Garse
    Here you are again. Didn't you promise to never visit this site again? Tell us please just why you would subject yourself to listening to this if you are not a Lambert fan? You never miss an opportunity to spoil the party. Tell us please what is wrong in your life to seek out things you dislike to disparage? Does it keep you from gagging on your own guile?

  15. 15

    I love Adam's new song. His voice is perfect on it and the lyrics are so touching. Why does this site have so many negative people on it? I'm not just talking about Adam, but in general. If you hate Perez and other gays and other stars, why do you read about them? I'm serious on my question. Can anyone answer this? I read a lot of sites and this one seems to be the vilest.

  16. 16

    hopefully not all gays are as boring as this song..

  17. 17

    all these gay haters - so why do you look??? get a real life of your own

  18. 18

    Another poor programmed fool pushing the Illuminati gay agenda.

  19. 19

    Re: adamluv1000 – Human nature. People love to hate. And the worse someone feels about themselves, the more likely they are to spew hatred on others. And to have a forum where you can be as hateful as you want anonymously and without accountability makes it even more appealing.

  20. 20

    Re: rickraton – Hello nobody! No, I did not promise to never visit again, and the thing is that if you don't like that I'm here or what I have to say, that's just too damn bad, and there's not a bleeping thing you can do about it. :D Because you are a pimple on the ass of society, I'm not going to explain to you anything I say or do because the bottom line is that you simply don't matter. Now that I've extended to you the courtesy of a blanket response that you're really not good enough or smart enough to receive, rest assured that your pitiful existence will now continue to escape my notice, no matter how badly you want my attention (and it's obvious that you DO want my attention, else you wouldn't address me). You run along now and worry about your own plethora of issues, hun; if I want any shit out of you in the meantime, I'll simply squeeze your head (the explosion would no doubt be spectacular though unpleasant).

  21. 21

    Re: rosebud99 – That's a pretty hateful conclusion, rosebud; you're normally more balanced than that. It's actually unlike you to make assumptions and label people in such a negative way. Are you practicing what you preach today?

  22. 22

    Re: La Garse – Sorry, that is my opinion of the truly hateful commenters. I am not talking about people who have negative opinions, but people that just seem to want to hate. I guess I might sound preachy sometimes. I don't mean to be, I will try to be more 'opinion' and less 'sermon' in the future.

  23. 23

    Love the song, so beautiful and heartbreaking.

  24. 24

    That's Ste Agathe in Quebec, north of Montreal.

  25. 25

    The song is beautiful. It is heartfelt. I look forward to the album,but not the negative comments on this site. Eeeww. People are so Evil and Icky sometimes. Good thing there are those of you who ROCK and have an actual positive perception to life balancing out the Wicked.

  26. 26

    Re: rosebud99 – Oh, I don't expect or want you to apologize for your opinion; you're entitled to it and to voice it. I say what I think; so too should you! What you said didn't sound like you normally sound though. I pick on Perez all the time, but I have my reasons for doing it. You're normally more fair and balanced, and seem to avoid labeling people.

  27. 27

    Re: La Garse
    You will ignore me ? No you promised ! Lets keep are promise. You don't seem able to leave anything alone as you spew your SELF HATRED. Why not try the Huffington Post Celebrity site? They wouldn't tolerate your shit in the first place. Retort after retort, take on all comers. This pimple is oozing into your eyes.

  28. 28

    Re: La Garse – Thanks. So what is your big beef with Perez - is it the whole gay agenda thing?

  29. 29

    Re: La Garse
    Now that I know you will never read this or respond to anything I have to say on this site I have one regret. I regret not adding this. You said you liked to pick on Perez, POP, if you will. You should know that there is a contact link for Perez himself. You could pick on him there, not here, and elevate the discourse here at the same time

  30. 30

    Perez you may be getting "nicer" but your "followers" certainly love to hate BIG TIME. Adam is a beautiful man with a gorgeous voice. Enuf!!

  31. k-lee says – reply to this


    wow another gay post. hoorah.

  32. 32

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  33. 33

    The song sucks. He's just taking advantage of the gays to make money. Just like you Mario.

  34. 34

    His fans need to shut the hell up. "I've been working…." WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! "on a…
    " WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Can't even believe they can't even shut up during his singing, ridiculous "fans".
    Anyway I love Adam and the song is very pretty. And his voice is beautiful.

  35. 35

    Re: pollopicu
    It's the radical gay agenda. Get it straight. Oy.

  36. 36

    He has such an exquisite voice.

  37. 37

    His voice is beautiful as always. Pretty song.

  38. 38

    SOOO LAME! I'm guessing he wrote it himself.

  39. 39

    This cock drainer is tryin' way too hard!! The song fuckin' sucks and IT'S WAY TOOOOO GAY FOR THE GAYZ!! UGH!!!! YOU JUST KNOW THIS FEYGOT IS GONNA END UP DEAD UNDER SOME TRICKS BED. LOLZ

  40. 40

    I think I just puked. He has no talent and is a terrible singer.

  41. 41

    BEAUTIFUL song :)