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Charlie Sheen's Paying For His Ex's Rehab

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That's nice. Would've been better if he was paying for his own rehab though…

It has come to our attention that despite the internal struggles that have been going on between Brooke Mueller and her ex Charlie Sheen, Charlie has opted to be the bigger man and help out his baby momma in this her hour of need. He's reportedly been footing the ENTIRE bill for her recent stint in rehab and has even gone as far as to put her through the same treatments as he did.

Yeah, because that worked oh so well for you! Psht!

Regardless, Charlie apparently wasn't so keen on the idea of Brooke schlepping it all the way to Mexico to get treatment, saying he felt it was too dangerous and feared for her safety. So, Charlie got into his private jet, flew to Mexico, picked her up only 12 hours after she crossed the border and brought her back to the States for rehab, which remains undisclosed for her privacy.

Such a deal - but what, pray tell, will he want in return??? This gives him quite a bit of leverage in the custody battle, doesn't it Brooke??? We're just saying!

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7 comments to “Charlie Sheen's Paying For His Ex's Rehab”

  1. 1

    WTF is the problem. At least she is recognizing there is a problem (1st step) and working towards being healthier. Nice for Sheen to pay for it too. Who says his issues were all addiction related. Perhaps part mental part act. He has been out of the lime-light lately maybe he too is getting help (WITHOUT THE PRESS HOUNDING HIM).

  2. 2

    Leverage? You're an asshole. He'd be better off if he let her go to Mexico and end up dead from the treatment; that way he'd have no support to pay and have the kids. Charlie Sheen isn't the most stable person on the planet, but it's in his best interests to let her keep failing at beating her addictions, not trying to help her kick them. That he's not doing that and that he's appearing to take the high road here is evidence that he has the interests of his kids at heart by preserving their mother. I'm not ready to elect Sheen to sainthood, but your slimy innuendo is pathetic. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but you're a guttersnipe who has a driving need to pull everyone else down to your bottom-feeder level.

  3. 3

    When someone is just catty and bitchie, it can be a very marketable schtick… but you have tried to elevate your status, and you are doing nothing but shining a light on how you really need to stay a bottom feeder. You, just like your alter ego Paris Hilton, have plateaued. Here is an example: Amy Winehouse - when she is actively nosediving with addiction = Perez fodder, and hurtful jokes. Same person when she dies = angel , sweet coveted Amy.

    Oh and WTF with the comments about Rihanna's body. It looks pretty lumpy to me, are you being funny with the comments? Or are you just implementing that double standard you love to put forth… Jessica Simpson : fat Rihanna : picture of beauty.

    Perez = Brand Identity Crisis

  4. 4

    Men…mario or Perez is getting into my nerves. Bad if is good/ bad if is bad. Neither Brooke or Charlie are saints of my devotion but im totally happy that a least he is trying to help her. What Perez want?? to the poor girl to die and then praise her as so much good she was and complain about nobody help her enough. Perez either is an IDIOT or a f#$%^ Hypocrite or both of the above.

  5. 5

    I don't think Charlie Sheen is this complete psycho the media has built him to be.
    Yeah, he may have a quite few problems, some of which can be attributed to drugs and addictions, but I think he is just a guy who knows the game of fame. He knew his light was fading quickly and that if he made controversy and scandal, then BAM! he's on top again.
    Obviously doing that doesn't make you a highly respected person, but it does make for good money shortly thereafter.
    So, I think he is trying to help his ex-wife because he isn't some kind of crazed monster, he is a person who has kids and doesn't want to see his kids suffering because of their mom.

  6. 6

    That crack about custody leverage is way off base. They were married for a few years, have kids together & probably still care about each other. He doesn't want her to wind up dead in the gutter leaving his kids motherless. If he was thinking about sole custody he'd probably let her continue to be self-destructive and end up like Amy Winehouse.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MMSEllen – Agree. Denise has maybe taught him a thing or three. Good for him. It's a really decent thing to do, regardless, and I can't say I blame him for moving her.