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Gabrielle Giffords Returns To Congress!!!

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gabrielle giffords returns to congress

Such wonderful news!

After a very long road to recovery, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords defied the odds and returned to Congress yesterday!

As a reminder, Giffords was shot in the head back in January during the tragic shooting in Tuscon, Arizona.

Her entrance in the House united the room, and her standing ovation lasted for the remainder of the session, in which Congress was was voting on the debt ceiling compromise.

Here's what a post on Giffords' Facebook page had to say about her involvement in the vote:

"Gabby is voting to support the bipartisan debt-ceiling compromise. This is a huge step in her recovery, and an example of what we all know — she is determined to get better, and to serve CD8 and our nation. This vote — expected to be very close — was simply too important for her to miss."

And here's what California's Nancy Pelosi had to say about Giffords' return:

"There isn’t a name that stirs more love, more admiration, more respect, more wishing for our daughters to be like her than the name of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Thank you, Gabby."

We're THRILLED to see Gabrielle Giffords back in congress, and we're SO inspired by her strength, as well as her determination to make a full recovery!

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12 comments to “Gabrielle Giffords Returns To Congress!!!”

  1. 1

    It's great that she's working so hard on her recovery. But the last news that I read about her, which was a while back, indicated that she's got issues understanding things and communicating, and I question her competence to vote on anything. Her vote served the interests of those in favor of the bill, but was she serving her constituents or the interests of Pelosi? I'm not in her district, but her vote has the ability to have an impact outside of her district, and I'm wondering if she should still be a member of Congress until a full evaluation can be done and made public so her constituents can make an informed decision instead of a sentimental one.

  2. 2

    Don't forget that it wast he Banana Republicans who gutted the gun laws in Arizona. The shooter would have had one half the number of bullets in his clip. This is 100% the fault of the Banana Republicans and the Tea Bag Terrorists.

  3. 3

    Re: La Garse
    She is MY congresswoman, we the voters in her district will decide her fitness to serve in congress not you La Garse. Unwilling to discuss any further with you because you are persistent internet provocateur. She represents and answers only to her constituents. I know her personally and her family. Perhaps you don't understand how congress works.
    Now that I no longer exist for you La Farse I love visiting this site.

  4. 4

    This was really sweet.. everyone welcomed her back with open arms and for just that split second- congress was not divided! Joe Biden's little joke was cute too!

  5. 5

    I like how Congress used Gifford to try and deflect the attention away from their stupid banter, infighting and ability to get things accomplished in a timely fashion. Our country is goin to hell real soon if we're not already there

  6. 6

    YAY GABBY!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    Is she retarded now? She seems kinda retarded.

  8. 8

    She is a puppet now whatever the dems want her to vote on she will do it she just needs to go away and work on getting herself beter its going to take a long time and once obamacare kicks in she should be able to get the best care ever right now she looks tired and weak and confused and its wrong for the dems to use her a a prop

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Amazing. Yes!

  10. 10

    i don't give a fuck about gabrielle giffords. she should of just died. ugliest piece of disgusting white trash. she's worthless. nothing important.

  11. 11

    white people R UGLY = Megggggggga Troll

    I'm sure Mrs. Giffords wouldn't have taken on anything she (and her team of doctors) didn't feel she could handle. How about we all respect the fact that fully healed or not, she survived a bullet to the head and made it her duty to return for a congressional vote.

  12. 12

    Re: teenalatture – That's my whole point: Her competence. I used to lobby for a nonprofit in DC, and so I spent quite a bit of time there and have seen what goes on. If she's not functioning at full capacity, then she's not doing what the taxpayers are paying her to do. She might be a wonderful human being, but sentimentality is no basis for allowing her to remain in place and become a puppet for her party. If she's not recovered enough to function they way she used to, then her district isn't necessarily being served, nor are the rest of us who help pay her and pay for her care; her "votes" on national issues have an impact on us all, and if she's not competent, we all have the right to object. It's a shame that some people don't have the brains to see beyond their own teeny little worlds and look at the big picture.