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42 comments to “Boo! Miley Getting Backlash For Equality Tattoo”

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    tattoos are so ugly and just make a person look like they need to take a bath or a shower

  2. 2

    She's getting backlash because it's a stupid fucking tattoo… not because it's about marriage equality".

  3. 3

    Mario, you are posting a LOT of the "read the rest of the entry" links AGAIN! There are 6 "read the rest of the entry" links on page 1 alone. You are the only celebrity website that does this!

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    Yeah, sure she did it to support equality. She did it for attention. It's a terrible tattoo, as in poor quality. It looks like a prison tattoo, just like that stupid heart on her finger.

  6. 6

    Good for you Miley, love is the answer not hate.

  7. 7

    that's the outside of her finger dumbass………
    Re: ickynicky – totally agreed…….looks like a cat got a hold of her finger…..

  8. buck says – reply to this


    Re: Canadianne…eh – tattoos are ridiculous…i love when i talk to people about their 10 year old tat's and how they say it was the most stupid thing they ever did…i can only agree. and i agree with you, they do make people look dirty.

  9. 9

    I don't personally like the tattoo not because of the meaning behind it but I just don't think it looks that great. BUT if she has done it for the right reasons and not to "jump on the bandwaggon", then fair play to her, I always think tattoos should have a meaning close to your heart. And also "where does it say in the bible to judge others", perfect response!

  10. 10

    We go from English trash to American trash. Miley Cyrus did that ridiculous tweet because she hasn't had any attention lately; the reaction has nothing to do with hate, and the truth is that no one bullies or spews more hate and intolerance than YOU do, Mario. You're too quick to call someone a "hater" if that person disagrees with your agenda. This reveals you to be a hypocritical loser asshole. Stop the hate, Perez.

  11. 11

    Tattoos are a form of art and everyone expresses themselves in different ways. I myself have 2 tattoos and I'm getting another one tomorrow. I'm not dirty or trashy in anyway. Miley's tattoo has incredible meaning behind it and it's clearly something that is close to her heart. She isn't telling anybody else to go out and get the tattoo that she has or telling you to have to same beliefs that she does. She is expressing how she feels through ART. And just because you don't express yourself in the way that she does doesn't make it stupid or ugly. Don't you express yourself thru art? Stop hating on Miley/ celebrities for the way they show how they feel.

  12. 12

    She's pissed because she thought it would win her sorry loser ass accolades with the public, but what she doesn't realize is that people (in the real world as oppose to the swamps her and her daddy grew up in) are smarter than she is and can see the transparency of it. She got the tat because she thinks being for gay rights will make her popular. Fucking loser redneck. Since when do rednecks thinks two dudes fucking is cool. yeah that's right, they don't….cause they're white trash.

  13. 13

    Did she ever say this was a tattoo? Look how smooth the lines of her heart tattoo are compared to the waviness of the equal sign. I would be pissed if I paid for a tattoo of 2 straight lines and they looked like that. It looks like she drew it on with a pen, you can see the light marks towards the inside of the finger where it looks like she drew it too long but didn't repeatedly go over it.

  14. 14

    She's really got your back Hilton, lmao. What a strong and powerful statement, an equal sign on a finger. Sends shivers up my spine. You must be holding back the tears. Remember when you used to call her Slutty Cyrus? Remember when you posted the up skirt shot of her? Remember how you said she was trash and couldn't sing? I remember. I also know you still think that way but can't post it because you're all about wellness now, lmao. You're such a fucking hypocrite and always will be.

  15. 15

    Re: MsOverstreet – it looks like that because it's new. eventually it will fade and look just as smooth as the heart tattoo. The excess line on the end is most likely where the tattoo artist put the stencil and she didn't like it there and moved it over. Just a guess because that's what they do when you get a tattoo, stencil then permenant.

  16. 16

    She's just cashing in on the gays, just like Lady CockCock and Mandonna, and you all fall for it and worship at their feet. I bet secretly that hate all of you.

  17. 17

    Perez you need to stfu! I remember how you used to hate on Miley all the time, and now that she's supporting your cause, you love her all of a sudden??? I've always liked Miley and yes Im bi-sexual myself so I fully support her on this. Go Miley!!!!!

  18. 18

    Didn't know getting some stupid ink on her hand would magically help gays to get equal rights? The way gays are portrayed is so sickening and used like a fad by celebrities.

  19. 19

    Y'know Miley smokes now.
    Total Hypocrite.
    -Miles To Go
    "I would never smoke, I always say that for me, smoking would be like smashing my guitar and expecting it to play. I'd never do that to my voice, not to mention the rest of my body."

  20. 20

    Re: La Garse
    Ah…..La Farce again!! Give up the nails for breakfast sweetie

  21. 21

    She is just sucking up to the gays so she'll have kitsch appeal with them now that her tween years of her career are ending.

  22. 22

    stupid little stunt on her part to build her fan base, just like gaga did…. guess the no talent whore is realizing she better do something now before its all gone.

  23. 23

    Is it really a tattoo, or two lines drawn on with ink?

  24. 24

    She got the tattoo on her right ring finger, not even on the marriage ring finger. If she was trying to make a statement including equal marriage, she should have put the stupid equal sign on the correct finger!

  25. 25

    I know some of her best riends are gay and this doesn't surprise me that she got it but aren't we past the tattoo phase yet? I really am tired of them all.

  26. 26

    some people just like to hate other to make them feel better/

  27. 27

    How many fans are burning miley cd's right now? Everything is about a cause. Entertainment should be about entertainment!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    Re: Truth_Is_A-Virus – So agree w/ you. Does perez love everyone that says I am for equality? I wasn't sure I could spell it so here is an = sign. People that are mad at her for pretending to be pro gay. Be mad at her for being such a bad role model and shoving down your kids throat. Baby steps….She has actually, herself, violated, tons of things in that rule book of yours.

  29. 29

    Re: MLE9025 – Yes she needed attention.Re: netopia – He isn't the only website that does this (he doesn't have original ideas) it bloats the number of clicks he gets on his site to raise his advert price.Re: ickynicky – so agreeRe: pollopicu – I grew up in a redneck backward place and my family were never bigots towards gay….but yeah miley is an idiot.

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    How scary would that be to have Mario Lavendeira "having your back" on anything? I would be embarrassed, like, "Please don't associate yourself with me, thank you." ugh.

  32. 32

    That's the hand she (a-hem's) her boyfriends with……

  33. 33

    Miley RULES!!!

  34. 34

    wow. how much did she pay for that piece of crap? A high school kid could do better with a safety pin and his ball point pen. What a half statement, the inside of the finger, c'mon! POSER. i wonder if she will always say that's what this tattoo means. i doubt it. its just fashionable right now to support the gays. Im not impressed. I dont consider this a tattoo. its nothing really.

  35. 35

    And she wants to do a show with a God theme. I wonder how far that will go.

  36. 36

    "Where does it say in the Bible to judge others?" great question, Miley! here's your answer, sweetie.. "Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge CORRECLTY" John 7:24 (NIV). Doesn't say "don't judge". It says "don't judge by MERE APPEARANCES". Learn to read your Bible, darling :)

  37. Low says – reply to this


    I'm sorry.. but church people are getting more and more creepy.

    Plus I bet they are all 60 and over…. c r e e p y.

  38. 38

    If people are saying it looks stupid i get it.. if people are just bitching because she supports gays then they are cock monkeys..

  39. 39

    everyone is hating because miley is nothing but a worthless piece of disgusting white trash who deserves to die. she's nothing but a bong smoking whore. who can't sing and can't act.
    no one gives a fuck about her. haters win haha.

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    her fingernails look so grosss. and perez i thought you hated this ugly hill billy what happened did you change your mind? haha god, perez your such a hypocrite this ugly hill billy is just doing this for attention. because her career is already down the toilet.

  42. 42

    It's amazing how bold people can be behind a computer screen. Most of the people commenting on these posts are pathetic fat-asses who have nothing better to do than tear someone down for every single thing they do. You don't have to like Miley, but nobody actually gives a fuck what rude and stupid things you have to say about her. You all need to stop thinking that you're so much better than her because she has made a few mistakes in her career. Does it really make you feel better about yourself to talk shit about an 18 year old girl?