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Tension Rises Between AMC And Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad AMC Tension

According to sources, things are getting super tense within the business of Breaking Bad.

Negotiations are underway between their producer, Sony Television, and their cable network, AMC.

Producers are looking for a proper deal for the critically acclaimed show's fifth season, but AMC is trying to water it down.

First, AMC asked for the probable final season to span only 6-8 episodes versus the normal 13.

Only 6-8? What!?!

Then, when BB said 'hell no,' AMC started pulling out their other wrecking balls — talks of budget cuts.

Luckily, it seems Sony is sticking to their guns. They've already told three other cable networks to prepare their bidding should the AMC deal fall through.

Why is all of this happening? Because of the glitzy deal made for Mad Men. With all the money put aside for AMC's signature hit, everyone else is left to suffer, including The Walking Dead, which lost $250,000 an episode.

We hope they can figure something out. Then again, it could be a good thing if another network picked it up. That would mean more seasons; It's highly unlikely another channel would pick it up for only one.

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3 comments to “Tension Rises Between AMC And Breaking Bad

  1. 1

    AMC is a shit network

  2. 2

    Typical. AMC is a shitty network..they never had a popular show so of course once they get TWO they have no idea how to handle them. Between the walking dead and breaking bad they are flipping their shit not knowing what to do.

  3. 3

    BrBa is such a good show! Someone will pick them up and finish it right.