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Kelly Vs. Xtina: Osbourne Calls Aguilera A "C*nt"!

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kelly o vs xtina

Uh oh! Sounds like this one could DEF get ugly FAST!

While shooting a segment for E!'s Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne spoke about Christina Aguilera in a much-less-than-flattering light.

Here's what Kelly had to say about a recent photo of Xtina:

"Maybe she's just becoming the fat b***h she was always born to be. I don't know. She was a c*** to me."

"She called me fat for so many f**king years, so you know what? F**k you, you're fat too!"

These comments don't come as any kind of shocker, given the history these two have. We know Xtina has had her fair share of things to say about Kelly in the past as well.

Guess we'll see how Ms. Aguilera chooses to respond…

Who do U side with? Team Kelly or Team Xtina?

[Images via WENN.]

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156 comments to “Kelly Vs. Xtina: Osbourne Calls Aguilera A "C*nt"!”

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  1. 101

    sorry kelly….but no matter how much fatter xtina gets while you look like a Blowpop, she will always have the 1 thing you don't……."TALENT"….otherwise known as the X FACTOR. She can sing…you can curse…..she's not a bad actor….youre not even convincing playing yourself on a reality show

    Practically nobody can name a song other than "Boots" that Nancy Sinatra sang, but yet Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul. 20 years from now, Lindsay Lohan will still be be acting while you're on Mexico City Big Brother fighting with Omorosa and Speidi!!! Enjoy!!!

  2. 102

    and people wonder why anorexia cases are on the increase!? Xtina is not fat, and if kelly hated being called so then she should take the high road. No class. Both are curvy, they need to get over it.
    Plus at least xtina is famous for talent, whereas kelly's famous for being the opininated alcoholic daughter of ozzy. Anything for attention it seems…

  3. 103

    Really mature Kelly!!!
    You had some issues with Xtina when you were young, get over it. Girlfriend is trashy, talentless and who the hell cast her on fashion police, I mean have you looked at her and we are supposed to take advice from her, JOKE. And yes without Mummy and Daddys name I'm guessing you wouldn't be given such great opportunities. She needs to shut it and eat some humble pie and be grateful for everything she has.
    Xtina don't listen to her……bitch is jealous and wished she had half as much talent in her little finger as you have.

  4. 104


  5. 105

    LOL. Despite Kelly's ugly use of words, her comment is quite funny. Christina is known for being a bitch.

    Also, I think it's important to point out that Christina is not as talented or great as some of you are making out. YES she has a good voice, but she's a terrible singer. She's always shouting and screaming. She sounds like a bad Mariah/Whitney impersonator.

  6. 106

    team kelly duh. xtina is a c and fat

  7. 107

    TEAM KELLY…..everyone knows that Xtina is a big fat alcoholic BITCH diva FLOP!

  8. 108

    Um, how is this "news" when I saw it air on TV almost 3 weeks ago? And it was hilarious and definitely meant as a tit-for-tat thing. Loved it.

  9. 109

    I want to watch Fashion Police online!!!

  10. 110

    I'm Team Kelly. But, I agree with Rosebud. She didn't have to sink to her level.

  11. 111

    LMAO!!! TEAM KELLY–Keep saying it like it is, Kelly! XTINA needs to mix in a salad, AA, and parenting classes. Pink and Mary J Blige think the same thing you do about this overrated nails on a chalkboard skank.

  12. 112

    It's good to see that while Kelly has lost weight and cleaned up her look, she is still an immature little brat. As far as I can remember, she started the whole feud by mocking Christina's singing during an episode of The Osbournes. Then, Christina threw some jabs back her way to show her that if Kelly can dish it, she'd better be able to take it. Granted, the more mature move on Christina's part would have been to ignore Kelly, but it looks like Kelly just proved Christina's point. She clearly couldn't take it, as that feud was *eight years ago*, yet Kelly is still holding onto it. I have a feeling that Christina won't be responding to Kelly this time. She has better things to do with her time and energy, and Kelly is just continuing to make herself look like a bratty privileged girl.

  13. 113

    At least if Christina works hard and gets back into shape she'll be gorgeous again.
    Kelly, no matter how much weight she loses will always be ugly.

  14. 114

    Re: notorious420 – The only idiot here is you if honestly believe Kelly Osbourne is known for the "albums" she's put out. Yes she has been on other tv shows…what the hell is your point?? Being a reality star and Ozzy Osbourne's daughter is all this woman is known for.

  15. 115

    Kellyphant is just jealous. she may lost weight but has still an ugly face and has no talent. Xtina is amazing talented and naturally pretty.

  16. 116

    What I love about this, is in the picture shown, they are probably about the same weight. I would just say that Kelly was used to being seen really large so she looks small and christina was really tiny (like unhealthily so) for a while so she looks large. I would say both are probably a size 8 right now. Therefore calling Christina fat is like calling herself fat. But likely she is still so insecure that she needs to degrade others to make herself feel better. Pretty much, she is a bully who needs to grow the fuck up.

  17. 117

    sadly Kelly appears to have little or no class
    she is similar to Paris Hilton and that group of children of fame and money who are uneducated and feel entitled …
    not because of any extraordinary contribution to the world or any remarkable talent or any selfless commitment to charity
    so basically Kelly is a waste of space that for reasons that belie common sense, our deteriorating society and warped definition of entertainment (think Jersey Shore etc.) holds up as newsworthy or special
    such a sad comment on where we are as a nation
    and any woman who uses the C word in describing another woman is despicable and the dreggs of society
    disgusting enough when a man uses it
    but it offends and disturbs even more when a woman resorts to it…woman should know better!!

  18. 118

    jealous, kelly is nothing at least to me

  19. 119

    of course team christina . kelly is nothing but a no talent fat bitch well christina is a little fat but at least she has an amazing voice one of the most beautiful voices in the whole world kelly has nothing

  20. fiona says – reply to this


    Kelly could have been classier than her mom; instead, she uses vulgarity and cruel actions to express herself. She destroyed any positive image she had crafted up to this point by acting uncivilized.
    She is just a nasty girl in expensive clothes.
    At least Christina has amazing talent. Hopefully she will take the high road and let the crass osborne spawn have the last snark.

  21. 121

    Team I don't give a f..ck…… What Kelly said is TRUE…… It's a fact… Perez,,, Whats up… Slow news Day……?????????

  22. 122

    Kelly should have said this in a classier way. Christina doesn't get off the hook b/c she has talent. Since when does having talent an excuse for being a bitch? It's not!

  23. 123


  24. 124

    Xtina may be fat but at least she's talented. And I don't car how much weight Kelly loses she is still fat in the face and not attractive.

  25. 125

    Iusedto love Christina but then she started to piss me offmore and more vie heard tons of stories of her being rude to people and she always has a bitchy comment about otter female singers eg.Mariah carey and lady gaga claiming she didn't know who that was BITCH PLEASE shes high school and weird!

  26. 126

    Kelly is such a hypocrit! she has had awful things to say about Xtina and so many other people. And kelly you were a fat bitch.. so if the shoe fits.. WEAR IT! Kelly is lucky she has the father she has and was given the chance to be on his reality show.. without that she'd be nothing more then a fat ugly drugged out whore :) :) Phony ass bi***!

  27. 127

    DEF team Kelly! i can totally see Xtina being the mean girl and picking on her for being chubby! Plus i love how Kelly just tells it like it is! and i LOVE Her on fashion police! keep rocking it Kelly! you look amazing!

  28. 128

    I've watched several of Christina's interviews and I have to say she has a delusion of grandeur and sounds like a narcissistic snob, plus she was rude to people such as Valerie Bertinelli, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Pink, and others. Kelly has guts and isn't afraid to express her opinion without candy-coating things to kiss peoples' asses. She's more real and raw than most female celebs. And Christina IS fat because she was a a lot skinnier 10 years ago, so quit scrutinizing Britney over her looks when Christina isn't aging healthy. At least Britney looks nothing like a Snooki.

  29. 129

    Pardon my typo.

  30. 130


  31. 131

    Team Christina all the way!!!!! I've been a huge fan of Christina ever since the beginning. She's beautifull and so talented. Kelly is just a fat jealous bitch who doesn't have any talent at all. She needs to leave Christina alone!

  32. 132

    One of them's a has been, the other a never was

  33. 133

    Well, Christina pretty much could lose the weight she got on with some intensive exercise if she wanted to, something that Kelly has never been able to achieve. I find both pretty ladies, but, Christina is hot, with or without the late weight. Got to admit she is not really fat, she just isnt as skinny as when she was a teenager which is prolly the image that many people still hold on their heads from her. Come back to Earth people, Christina is 30 years old and has a lil kid. She aint 17 years old no more. Stop pushing women to have an image that is just not the right one!.

  34. 134

    Kelly is a pretentious twit! Just read what she wrote about Kate Middleton and her "thrifty style" sayign that if she had that job (aka being married to Harry) shed only wear one outfit once.. WTF! Wasteful bitch! I applaud Kate for re-wearing items and showing that she too is just like every one else. Funny how Perez doesn't allow comments to be posted on that article tho! Kelly must still be bitter over her ex using her and dumping her lame, vile and replusive ass. Rot away kelly you dirty C U Next Tuesday!

  35. 135

    Re: MsJules – Have u ever wondered why Kelly Osbourne is critiquing fashion in the first place? Has she ever been known to be Ms. Fashionable? 5 years ago, she was heavier than a hippo and now she wants to act like she belongs on the cover of Vogue?…Some people have no shame I guess.

  36. 136

    I just saw a new story on this stupid bitch talking shit about Kate wearing some of her clothes twice.. she is such a fucking bitch.. my god stfu.. Kate is normal not a self-centered bitch like you, who has to wear a new outfit every fucking day.. hope that bitch gets some bad karma.. really she deserves it.. and she did nothing to deserve her fame.. she is still nasty and childish as ever.. if anyone is the c word around here it's you grow the fuck up…

  37. 137

    Re: pinkchik03 – I know thats exactly what I was thinkin! When did she become a fashion expert? I just google image searched her and up until her drastic weight loss she was a Fashion disaster and to be honest even now when I see her she doesn't seem all fashion savy and lets be honest- when shes doing the fashion show or whatever it is.. you knwo they have wardrobe, hair, makeup etc! She has a team that has fixed her image.. but she knows nothing of fashion!! Ugh makes me sick to hear her speak.. people seem to forget the way she was and all of the sudden think she should be a voice of reason! Sick.

  38. 138

    Re: MsJules
    you're so right
    as the uneducated, drug addicted (albeit currently not using) child of a burnt out drug addict/alcoholic rocker married to a stomach stapled, vulgar enabler of a mother, she is far from the kind of person that anyone should pay heed to on any subject—even something as meaningless as fashion
    can you tell I'm not an Osborne fan???

  39. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Kelly, that shade of blonde looks like crap on you.

    You were fat, get over it. It isn't name calling, it is what you were.

  40. 140

    Re: MsJules – Exactly! Not to mention she swears like a sailor and she used to dress like a bum on the reality show her dad was on. Maybe she's jealous of Kate Middleton. I would be if I looked like Kelly :/

  41. 141

    Re: CatAttack – So true! And worst of all, she doesn't even have a good singing technique, which will ultimately ruin her voice (or might already have done that, just compare live performances form now and, say, 2002)… She should invest her money in a good vocal coach (and a stylist), but I bet she's too stuck-up to do that!

  42. 142

    Who is kelly besides a dipshit?? whats she famous for or whats her talent? oh nothing. Just famous from her parents. Christina actually has a talent and she can lose the weight. Kelly is fat too and ugly so i see no room here for her opinion.

  43. 143


  44. 144

    I have so much respect for Kelly! Gotta love her for sticking up to that bully.

  45. 145

    christina doesn't give a fuck what y'all think..so just stop wasting your time. bye gurls

  46. 146

    Funny, fat or not C. A. is a great singer.

  47. 147

    Team Xtina. Her mom got into a Fight with one of the nicest people in the world Dannii Minogue now shes in a fight with the girls from the talk. If her mom is that much of a bitch kelly has to be one too. Fuck off Kelly go do some more drugs.

  48. 148

    this was one of the greatest tv moments ever!!! so shocking & almost refreshing to see a celebrity being so honest and real and really giving diplomacy a big fuck you–displaying how really "high school" the entertainment industry can be… i wish there were more moments like this, instead of the constant bullshit "right things" that celebrities tend to say.

  49. 149

    TEAM CHRISTINA! i think kelly is just jealous of christina and for her to make such remarks were so childish and out of place! i watched the episode when this was happening and they all were picking on christina they all acted like disgusting pigs! kelly grow up and christina does not need to respond to such foolish comments about weight and such cause that was such a dumb comment in the first place. she took it wayyyyy to far shame on those fashion police ppl or whoever they maybe (i don't care).CHRISTINA LOOKS AMAZING AND THATS THAT!

  50. 150

    Re: IVIV – hey! FYI, check out peter buchanan's recent articles about christina from the chicago sun times. i think you can find them on examiner . com. he has two articles discussing an unbiased conspiracy regarding bionic and why it failed commercially. you'd love it.

  51. 151

    Why does this chick feel she needs to comment on everything. Wanna be celebrity

  52. 152

    Oh please. Kelly started this whole thing. She is so jealous of Christina's talent it is pathetic. And Kelly shouldn't talk- she may be skinnier than she used to be, but that doesn't mean she looks good. She does not have any room to talk… literally. Christina is beautiful, even if she did gain a couple pounds. She is not obese or anything, she looks normal. I LOVE HER! Long Live the Queen Xtina :)

  53. 153

    Re: The Flamingo

    She is talented.

  54. 154

    Re: CatAttack

    "She didn't fucking earn it." What the fuck does that mean?

  55. 155

    The difference between the two of them is that Kelly will always be an ugly dumb woman who hasn't done anything to deserve all the attention she's getting, no matter if she's skinny or not. And Christina will always be an amazingly beautiful woman who has the best voice ever, no matter if she's skinny or not.

  56. 156

    who the hell is kelly osbourne?and what is up with her head shape?anyway i thought when people become adults they get over calling people fat as insults.I mean I'm going into 7th grade and people have pretty much gotten over that…..

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