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Another Mistress For Predator Chris Hansen!

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Chris Hansen Second Mistress

We couldn't believe it when we found out To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen was cheating on his wife with a young, blonde reporter.

Well now it's been reported that he's been dating a Las Vegas stripper too!

Kathleen Collins, a stripper by night and aspiring country singer by day, was heartbroken when she heard the news of his first affair.
Unbelievably so, she thought she was the only mistress, telling friends:

Chris cheated on me just like he cheated on his wife.

According to them, she feels betrayed and hurt.

Well, Miss Collins — and every other person who is involved with an affair, if they're cheating on their significant other with you, what makes you think they're not going to cheat on you too?

Just some food for thought!

[Image via Doug Meszler/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Another Mistress For Predator Chris Hansen!”

  1. 1

    Kind of hard not to chuckle a little when someone who plays his role in the TV traps with such arrogance gets caught with his own hands in the cookie jar.

  2. 2

    oh the irony……..

  3. 3

    unless the mistresses were below legal age, there is no story here. period. nice try, though.

  4. 4

    How the hell is he a predator?
    The women are very legal.
    He may be a cheater, but he is no predator.

    April 20th, apparently you do not understand what irony means.
    If he got caught with a 14 year old girl, that would be ironic.
    Stay in school and stop smoking pot.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Re: TheBMan – Normally I'd agree with you, but since Hanson has so gleefully ambushed others to expose their wrongdoings, it's actually pretty funny that he's got some moral issues of his own. He may not be trying to have sex with minors, but he shouldn't be pointing out the "sins" of others unless he lives a blameless life.

  7. 7

    "Why dont' you take a seat over there?"

  8. 8

    Re: Angus8 – really? seriously? stay in school where they teach you nothing past elementary and stop smoking pot, the "drug" prescribed to heal everything under the sun…..?? see comment 6, maybe then your olive sized mind will understand what is ironic about this situation.

  9. 9

    What a piece of shit! The thing is that people are comparing this to how bad it is to be a child predator, and no it's not the same but JUST AS BAD BECAUSE MARRIAGE IS A SACRED THING, whether religiously or just between two people who made a promise to be faithful to one another. People have lost sight that cheating is a horrible, HORRIBLE thing! So he didn't fuck a child, but he cheated on his wife. JUST AS BAD! I hope his wife gets every motherfucking penny from this glass house dweller. I hope he rots and his career is fucking over!! piece of shit. i use to like and respect him and he's just another horny fucking dude.

  10. 10

    Its hard to believe some people are comparing child molesting aka perez hilton… to adultery. Adultery is of course completely wrong but jesus child molesting is a fucking disgusting unforgiveable act

  11. 11

    LOL @ the whores whol think they are the only ones.

  12. 12

    Predator? oh just stop you Drama Queen. You over sensationalize eveything you write about. The sanctamonious attitude is grossly hypocritical too cuz its obvious you are not pure or innocent yourself. judge judge judge. That what you do. point and laugh at peoples mistakes and problems. Hopefully someday everything about you will be exposed and exploited for pleasure. Now that would be poetic.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Another guy with a high profile career who feels he's somehow entitled because he's so important?

  14. 14

    when the news reporter becomes the news it's time for him to move to a different job at the network

  15. 15

    I think it's so funny that this is happening to him of all people. It's also hilarious that the whore thought she was the only one, what a piece of trash.