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Another Night Of Partying And Falling Flat On Her Face For Lindsay

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Gurl. Are you serious, right now??

It was another night of partying, drinking, and falling down for La Lohan. Shocking, right??

After partying all weekend with Paris Hilton, Lindsay was back to doing what she does best: getting drunk at Charteau Marmont and then falling down flat on her face in front of everybody.

A witness said:

"She was in the bathroom and told her friend, 'Oh, my God, do you think everyone saw me fall flat on my face? I hate myself.' Then she stepped on my foot so hard."

LOLz. Way to be considerate, Linds.

The witness added:

"[She] looked wobbly, and on her way back to her table outside stumbled again. The next time she got up, hotel security had to give her a hand."

Rolling our eyes so hard right now. This is so beyond just "being clumsy." How many chances can you get, Lindsay??

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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40 comments to “Another Night Of Partying And Falling Flat On Her Face For Lindsay”

  1. 1

    when california breaks off into the pacific, I can only hope she goes with it……along with a few choice others……….

  2. 2

    She looks to be in her mid 40s
    what the hell is she doing to herself?

  3. Lava says – reply to this


    Wow she looks like she is in her 60's. I guess the hard party life does that to you girl! Keep on drinking ……

  4. 4

    *Sigh* She had everything and now she's just a big joke. Well, once an idiot - always an idiot. I bet she's going to die when she's 27.

  5. 5

    Another fake story, Perez?
    At least you should try to fabricate them yourself rather than just copyinh and pasting things from other… reliable outlets.

    I love it when «witnesses» are in the same bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms as celebrities.

  6. 6

    I get the impression that Paris is the type of 'friend' who would encourage Lindsay to party hard just for the entertainment of watching her fall. Not that Lindsay needs much encouragement, but she doesn't need false friends either.

  7. 7

    SHE IS ALLOWED TO DRINK! Seriously. These are just your stupid little 'sources'. You obviously hate her, get over it.

  8. 8

    And just stop posting stories about her. IT GOT OLD a lonnng time ago.

  9. 9

    Lindsay Lohan you are going to pull a Whinehouse if you don't smarten up and the Hilton girls- YOU should be ashamed of your self for enabling her. A true friend would help her get Rehab. The Hilton's make me sick.

  10. 10

  11. 11

    That is NOT a very flattering photo of Lauren Bacall. It makes her look too old.

    And why do you keep calling her Lindsay?

  12. 12

    I think that you should lay off now. I think someone needs to really get her help because she's going to die and then you're gonna be all ”sad” and ”rip” and your usual bullshit. She needs help and instead of attacking her, you ugly queen, you should lay the fuck off.

  13. 13

    Wow. I can't speak.

  14. 14

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – True enough. Hey Perez, why not show a bunch of clips of LIndsay at her best and remind us that there is more to her than what we usually see.

  15. 15

    This isn't a "fake" story. Why do her supporters always insist that things like this are fake, when there are always plenty of people around who can vouch for the truth of it? Yes, she can drink if she wants. No one has a problem with that. She's a sloppy drunk and no one cares. What people have a problem with is the fact that she is such a liar. It's gotten to the point where everything out of her mouth is a lie. FYI people who are serious about their sobriety would never go to places like the Chateau Marmont, nor would they be seen leaving bars/clubs at 4 am and they definitely wouldn't be keeping the company she keeps. If she wants to drink/party/use drugs, fine. Just stop lying about it and going on about how you haven't touched a drop of this or that and that you fell because of camera flashes or you were pushed.

  16. 6one9 says – reply to this


    WOW““““““““ one BIG surprise Perez!!

  17. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Old news fat boy!!! This was all over the net on Monday. Glad you're finally catching up. This is suppose to be an entertainment blog, but I guess you are so busy blogging about homos that you've put celebrities on the back burner…unless they're gay or doing something to support gays.

  18. 18

    So Paris Hilton has been linked to quite a few drug addicted BFF's. Now she's back hanging with Lindsay, who is stumbling around eveywhere. Maybe everyone in Hollywood should just avoid Paris. She is obviously a MAJOR enabler. Lindsay needs to watch it or she isn't going to make it to 27 either!

  19. 19

    Wow she looks as old as her mother

  20. 20

    At this point it's like a frickin' Chevy Chase skit. The only dif is that he was funny and she's just gross. She LOOKS like she's a fall-down drunken old lady!

  21. 21

    doing an Amy Winehouse in 3……2……1….

  22. 22

    enough already! stop posting about this bitch. she is literally just someone who's partying you keep track of. period. contributes nothing of use to anyone. over it. never cared in the first place. enough!

  23. 23

    i've always thought it was Lindsey who would die soon, i still believe so, she needs help

  24. 24

    she looks relaly old in this pic

  25. barny says – reply to this


    She looks like an old lady.

  26. 26

    85 year old Lindsay keeps partying. She looks horrible - way to go Linds

  27. 27

    with all the attention she gets, its no wonder why she parties so much. leave her alone already.

  28. 28

    Do you think CNN has one of those awesome "RIP" graphics done up for her yet? She should just take the leap and give herself one last taste of the limelight.

  29. 29

    I have to say I'm not inclined to believe this rumor. I was at the Coldplay show last night where Lindsay was sitting right in front of me. Not a single drink, and on her best behavior. I bet she is just clumsy since she tripped over my foot when she walked by me.

  30. 30

    ewwww she looks like a 50 year old woman!!!!! Doesn't she have any self control left?

  31. 31

    Is there a petition we can sign in support of no more Lindsay Lohan stories? It's getting quite old and sad. She can (but shouldn't) drink. She looks like hell. She isn't doing anything worthwhile in the entertainment industry… Can we just agree to have a Lohan-less couple of weeks. Please?!

  32. 32

    Waste of space… nothing like looking 40.. how good are those drugs huh? think it's worth looking like a old hag…….

  33. 33

    Re: Elron Hubbard - Con Man – LOL omg she really does look her

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    She won't find love sucking back substances in watering holes. Way better chance of finding it by loving and taking good care of herself and her career, which is hanging by an invisible thread. Read, go to school, work out, volunteer, raise yourself up. Jeebus.

  35. 35

    not my concern if she is drinking
    only my concern uf she gets behind the wheel of a car
    then she is a danger to others
    if she's hell bent on killing herself nobody can stop her
    but she can be stopped from killing someone else
    just hope the people partying with her are VIGILENT and prevent her from driving if she has had more than 2 average drinks- not doubles
    at her weight the 3rd drink would put her over .08 and definitely impair her ability to drive safely
    and she looks terrible as a few of you have already said

  36. 36

    its funny how she goes to the same place all the time and there is no papparazzi to catch her "fall" or stumbling…..and nobody has video and pictures to prove it….

  37. 37

    What is lying on my mother .. Day said. Beware .. The owner of your children .. Li defies and is .. Li J exaggerate Dalalk .. Promising a shove .. wins psychology belief .. It was learned heart courage .. Was Al-Ain, tolerant .. Fool in your opinion ..Why are confused on the first important change is the change I love the death of love is changing with time Lindasy Lohan

  38. 38

    Why are confused on the first important change is the change I love the death of love is changing with time

  39. 39

    Wow, why in the first place she went to go partying with Paris? It seems to me that Paris has a influence on Lindsay. Yes it's true that Lindsay is an adult who is supposedly to be responsible for her own action, but I don't think Paris is really a good friend. A good friend will protect her friend and reminds her not to drink. Go back to the rehab Lindsay you are well yet!!!!!! Poor girl!!!!!

  40. 40

    Oops!!!! I meant …..you are not well yet!!!