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Yeah, Selenita Loves Her Some Justin!

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You can think otherwise, but we know the truth. This is young love at its finest!

Selena Gomez usually marvels us with her poppy music or her stellar fashion sense, but this morning, we're just taken aback by hoe ridiculous cute she is! While she tries VERY HARD to keep her relationship with Justin Bieber on the download from the media, she had no trouble sending out this picture of herself getting cozy with a display of her man in the mall.


Did you try on some of that perfume, girl! It's really good!

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35 comments to “Yeah, Selenita Loves Her Some Justin!”

  1. 1

    this article makes no sense… perez you better get a grammar class

  2. 2

    Bet you'll be putting out a scent soon. It probably would smell like failure and sweaty teen balls.

  3. 3

    Her Man??? One day she will realize she doesn't have a man, she has a boy. She will out grow him very soon.

  4. 4

    Hey Perez, it's me Spell Check.

    So yeah, I know we never seem to connect on the phone or whatnot, but you gotta start believing in me again. Call me up. Ask my advice. I could have helped with this post and you wouldn't have inadvertently called Selena a hoe.

    Anyways- don't be afraid to call.

    - Mavis Beacon

  5. 5

    "hoe ridiculous cute". Does your resume say colledge gradjit?

  6. 6

    From what I just read you need to send me your posts before you upload them…because there was so many typos in this thing…

  7. 7

    "on the download from the media"……… Are you fucking kidding me? Who's writing these posts? A mentally challenged chimp?

  8. 8

    What does it mean to keep your relationship on the "download" from the media?

  9. 9

    Are you drunk when you write these posts?

  10. 10

    Lmao… did you mean to write "Down low" instead of "Download" i've been noticing more and more grammar issues as of late.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Do you fucking proofread anything?

  13. 13

    She has a dick too………………Secret revealed…………..

  14. 14

    download? is that a new way to say down low?

    get your monkeys to proof read, idiot

  15. Rigby says – reply to this


    They try to down play their relationship? Uhm, okay, right…

  16. 16

    Dear Perez,
    Your blog has become UNREADABLE. Seriously, your posts are usually less than a paragraph- is it really that hard to proofread 4 freaking sentences? Maybe you should "download" a new "hoe" to do your editing.

  17. 17

    download,,,hoe,,, my brain just exploded. E-mail this shit to me before you post . I'll edit for free.

  18. 18

    she seems as much of a douche as he does now……..

  19. 19

    Your making it really easy for your detractors Mario, they fault your grammar, I fault your marketing brand continuity. Grammar check is a great feature too BTW.

    On Topic… She doesn't need to use Someday, cause her Someday has already happened.

  20. luvu2 says – reply to this


    I know Ive gotten older when I look at justin bieber because i honestly just feel like laughing. hes definitely a young 17 like he could pass for a 13 year old in some of his pics. but i still think him and selena are adorable together.

  21. 21

    Why is that girl air-kissing a cardboard cut-out of that little girl … ?

  22. 22

    Did she 'attempt' go go down on his little cardboard woody …. ?

  23. 23

    Bieber couldn't be any more gay IF his name was Gay Gayerson !

  24. 24

    will you stop calling the girl selenita…geez perez

  25. 25

    this picture was taken 4 days ago

  26. 26

    not really into justin bieber's music or selena gomez, but you can't deny they are a cute couple. :)

  27. 27

    she relize soon she dating a little boy and not a man. all women do eventually. she relize she dating a complete douchebag and immature idiot and a little boy who has no respect for anyone. even his mother. i guess thats where he gets all his doucheyness from his father for sure his dad looks pretty douche too. open your eyes soon selena gomez.

  28. 28

    for some strange reason this 'couple' just seems odd ….off putting, i don't really know how to describe it….she's older and he looks like 13…and probably acts like it too.

  29. 29

    DOWNLOAD? hahahahaha

  30. 30

    Honestly…. how can you have THAT many typos unless you are in a super hurry. It never used to be like this.

  31. 31

    Perez this is old news and your grammer is shameful

  32. 32

    i'm not a bieber (sp?) fan at all. but i have to say, he has made selena gomez as famous as she is right now. i would hate to see her break up with him now that she is receiving attention. as much as i hate the little prick, who has proven to be rude on several occasions, and dished out on other celebrities, i am not a fan of hers either. something about her seems very pretentious.

  33. Sanz says – reply to this


    The boy that refuses to come out of the closet and miss piggy together in a heavily photoshopped picture and a badly written post about it. Is this what I get after I come back to PH.com after so many months? Yeah, not coming back in another 6 months. Cheers.

  34. 34

    Well,if he wanted to get rid of the hate towards him,it sure made it better by making a perfume with a flower on the bottle…

  35. 35

    hahahaha Perez called her a hoe. That really made my day lol. selena is nothing but a famewhore who's using Justin to get famous. She has no talent at all. Btw I love Someday. It smells so good and I use it everyday. And Perez stop kissing selena's ass all the time.