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Ryan Murphy's Tired Of Talking About Glee

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Ryan Murphy is done with talking about Glee for now.

At a TV critics press tour promoting his new FX series American Horror Story, the Glee creator made it very clear that he's had enough after several reporters wouldn't stop asking him about the series' upcoming season 3.

He told reporters:

"You know, I really don’t want to. I think I’ve said everything I want to say about Glee … for now. I’m not talking about Glee. I’m sorry."

With so many rumors going back and forth about who's coming back and who isn't, it's probably best that Ryan stays away from the Glee talk - at least until the new season STARTS.

He did add in a little nugget of info at the end of the press conference though:

"I think one of the things that we’re doing for season three is servicing more of the kids. “I don’t think there’s been enough Amber. I don’t think here’s been enough Jenna or Harry. So very early on around episode 3 or 4 we start…

It always goes in waves. It’s hard on me because I love all those actors and they’re so talented and I feel an obligation to showcase their talent, and this year I think we’re going to do that a little better."

And we'll just leave it at that. Meanwhile, we'll just sit in front of our televisions patiently waiting until season 3 premieres…

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16 comments to “Ryan Murphy's Tired Of Talking About Glee

  1. 1

    Well good, I think we're all tired of all the writers digging themselves deep holes with all the rumors and lies they start.

  2. 2

    And yes, they need to focus on all the original cast this year, since it is their last season together. I personally thought he should of split senior year up into two seasons so we can have more time with the cast. I'm really hoping for some Brittana storyline, and see what goes on with Rachel and Finn, and what's going to go down with Quinn.

  3. 3

    Seriously? You thought that senior year should get split into 2 seasons? That's 44 episodes… :O I love Glee but not that much… I mean dragging on character story lines for that long people would get bored.

  4. 4

    I have watched every episode of glee. It is not the greatest show ever but it is enjoyable enough. I do not understand the desire that people have to always know everything that they can about it before hand. I hate hearing what Mr Murphy has to say about it or the rest of the cast. I just want to see it unfold when the show air during the year. The joy of watching a show or movie is usually gone or makes it a big let down by the time it shows. There is to much exposure. That said, last season they made to much of a big deal on special guess stars and weekly featured artist and took away for the originally cast. So I hope they get back to what made that first season special Season 2 was a bit of a let down.

  5. 5

    Re: SullenWhirlGirl – Better than getting rid of them, it won't be worth it after they all leave. There's a lot of story lines they can create actually, they're always surprising us with stuff. But anyways, I can't wait for season three!

  6. 6

    That seems about right, as I'm tired of hearing about Glee.

  7. 7

    I'm glad he's tired of talking about it, because I'm tired of hearing about it - and I'm tired of him as well. It's a fun show, but nothing special and it's not as though it's something super amazing that will go on for twenty years.

  8. 8

    don't blame him…..I'm tired of hearing about Glee!!

  9. 9

    and we are suck of reading about it in your blog!!!

  10. 10

    i hate this homo and i hate the gay show too

  11. 11

    Well no matter what, Ryan Murphy had better hope that this season is better than the last. Season 2 was a pile of garbage.

  12. 12

    Ryan Murphy, go fuck yourself. You're the head writer of Glee, showrunner, whatever. It's your job to speak about the problems happening on your watch. And another fuck you-you're at the Glee 3D premiere. Why would reporters NOT want to talk about Glee? You're an asshole.

    Also, way to slam every other person when they do something that goes against their job description, Perez, but when your Ryan Murphy does, you say you'll just "leave it at that".

    Again, another example of shitty news reporting on a shitty person.

  13. 13

    This guy is the most self important jackass in Hollywood. Period.

  14. 14

    Hope you get the hint fathead.

  15. 15

    YES! Def. more Harry & Jenna, pleaseeeeeeeeee

  16. 16

    So fucking tired of hearing about this stupid as hell waste of time