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NEW Deets Surface About Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston Break-Up!

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new deets on jennifer and brad break up

Last we heard about this classic break-up, Jennifer Aniston was saying that her role in 2006's The Break-Up was therapeutic and helped her get over Brad Pitt.

Now, new details about their break-up have arisen from Mr. and Mrs. Smith producer Arnon Milchan's new book Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon.

According to Milchan, Brad was infatuated with Angelina IMMEDIATELY after she was cast in Mr. and Mrs. Smith…and that soon grew into love.

Here's what Milchan says about it in his book:

"At first, Jen didn't believe he was involved with Angelina. She started asking around but no one would tell her anything because they were loyal to Brad, so she asked him point blank. He denied it."

"He eventually admitted he was in love with Angelina. Jen was furious and threw him out."

No MAJOR surprises here, and to be perfectly honest, it seems to have worked out nicely in the end for both parties. We're sure Justin Theroux is thrilled that things worked out how they did!

All's well that ends well.

[Images via WENN & IMDB.]

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74 comments to “NEW Deets Surface About Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston Break-Up!”

  1. 1

    Jennifer is so ugly with that miss piggy face. UGH!

  2. 2

    Juntin who??

  3. 3

    It has been years….leave the girl alone….who cares anymore!

  4. 4

    This is hardly a revelation. It has been so many years now, why dredge it up again?

  5. 5

    No matter how happy Jen is now, I DOUBT she would agree that "things worked out nicely." Who the hell wants to be insulted like that by having their husband break his vows and cheat with a serial homewrecker? People should just quit bringing it up. Jen had him at his prime, he looks good next to the skeleton that was angelina, and whether or not Jen's gotten over it doesn't mean every Tom, Dick, and Harry should take a crack at analyzing what happened between those three. Everyone needs to move on. The only reason this guy brought it up is to sell pathetic books.

  6. 6

    Considering Jenn still looks fabulous and Angelina now looks like the gollum with anus lips, I bet Brad uses Jenn's magazine covers to beat off nowadays!

  7. 7

    Things worked out nicely…? yeah after 100 years.

    What an idiotic statement.

  8. 8

    I am pretty sure this isn't new deets considering people assumed stuff like that happened. Anyone who has someone cheating and suspects it is going to start asking around and then eventually the guy is going to fess up.

  9. 9

    In the behind the scenes clips of Mr and Mrs Smith, you can just SMELL the freakin sexual tension & chemistry between Brad and Angelina.
    By the way, MILA KUNIS & JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ARE DATING, IN LOVE OR HAVING SEX. or all three. They're together, i'm positive. When you watch interviews & stuff, they have the same thing brad and angelina had.

  10. 10

    Angelina is a disgusting homewrecker!!!!!!! She is the equivalent of a trash bag… It takes a pretty disgusting person to break up a marriage the way she did. Oh and this POPSCIDICTATOR is obviously a moron!

  11. 11

    Re: theholyspirit – Yes but the difference between Justin and Mila is that neither are married

  12. 12

    Um, things worked out nicely? Angelina is a homewrecker. She said she'd never get involved with a married man, yet in a different interview said she can't wait for the kids to see Mr and Mrs Smith so they can see how their parents fell in love. The only reason everything has smoothed over is because it's taken time. I highly doubt Jennifer would consider this the way she wanted things to go, seeing as how her marriage was ruined. Things are okay now because she was able to move on, I doubt she wanted her marriage to end.

  13. 13

    Re: theholyspirit – I agree. Even in still shots it was obvious.

  14. 14

    Re: Princess8301 – Aniston may have lost her marriage - which was no doubt in trouble long before Brad met Angelina, but Jennifer gained a career. Without the sympathy of fans, her career would be about the same as all her other 'Friends'. She is a limited actress, her split with Brad made her marketable.

  15. 15

    Gosh..your rambling again Jennifer…"Why can't you just let it go already" Is it because of your possessive nature that pushed him to the other side…after all Angelina seems to be kinda of a aloof woman…probably why Brad was so interested in her..cause she doesn't care

  16. 16

    Brad got a skeletal, unattractive has been who does nothing but threaten to give up acting to spark interest in her mediocre movies…..sounds like good Karma to me.

  17. 17

    I don't think a marriage ending in infidelity counts as "thinks working out for the best".

  18. 18

    Im a fan of all three but why do people insist on bringing up this breakup constantly, even after all these years. Just leave them alone already and let them get on with their lives! Damn.

  19. 19

    I hope the exact same thing happens to you, Perez, if you ever get a date. Then let us all know how "saintly" Angelina is.

  20. 20

    Angelina Jolie is a mess to look at and so is Brad Pitt…Jeniffer has aged well since this breakup mess, and stop linking her to these two idiots…Angelina will end up in Rehab, and Brad will be stuck raising ALl of those bad assed kids.

  21. 21

    Brad Pitt USED to be good looking, now he's just tired and old looking…Angelina looks strungout on drugs, and Jen Looks like a winner.I think her-Jen-real strength will be in producing and growing into a mega mogul..she was and is too smart for Brad Pitt and too classy for him. he got what he deserves…a life full of Chaos…and BDSM

  22. 22

    "All's well that ends well" is an idiotic statement. Brad cheated on her with a homewrecking man stealer, and no matter how happy any of them are now, that's never okay. Although If I had to bet, I'd say Jennifer got the best out of this deal…Brad's stuck with a trashy girlfriend whom he probably has to stay with to keep all those beautiful kids. And shame on all the people who wouldn't tell Jennifer because they were "loyal to Brad". She was his wife, not some girlfriend he'd had for a couple of months.

  23. 23

    Also, why is all this even coming up again? The director needed publicity for some new movie or something???

  24. 24

    Wow. So much about this that I don't like.I honestly wish people would stop bringing the past up, but since you did 1) Brad and Angelina are BOTH equally to blame in this mess, she has no respect for other peoples relationships or who she may hurt, and he is a low little slime ball for making the decision to CHEAT on Aniston instead of be a man and break it off with her first. I have no respect for either of these two people anymore. 2)anyone who wouldn't tell Aniston what was going on because they were "Loyal" to Brad needs to grow up. Loyalty doesn't mean shit next to "doing the right thing", and in this case it would be to let her know she is being wronged. It was kiddie games they played by not telling her out of "loyalty". I'm loyal to a lot of people and love them to death, but If they do wrong I'm not going to just sit there and support it and kiss their ass. This is alll in the past now though, and Angelina DOES look unhealthy these days, and Aniston DOES look great for her age, and good for her that she has moved on because Brad is clearly not worth it.

  25. 25

    Re: fusionise – first, i doubt jen is actually reading the comments on this site. secondly, jen didn't say of of this. did you even read the article? the person bringing this up again is the producer of mr and mrs smith…. not jennifer aniston.

    anyway, i really hate that people always seem to back up the guy in situations like this. a marriage was in the middle of getting destroyed and no one wanted to say anything because they wanted to back up the guy screwing another woman while married? why does that happen so often? how about give a heads up to the person getting hurt, embarrassed and made to look like a fool.

    besides that, i agree this needs to just go away already. we all know jen came out as the winner. personally, brad stopped being sexy once i found out he was a cheater. def not a sexy quality in a guy. and neither brad nor jen has made a worthwhile movie since. this happened a million years ago, let's just let it go.

  26. 26

    I feel sorry for Jen, it must have hurt to find out her husband was in love with someone else but I still think Brad and Angelina belong together and Brad and Jen never looked right to me. Hopefully things work out for Jen and Justin, they seem cute together.

  27. 27

    It seems to me by that comment that it was Brad Pitt who pursue Angelina and who knows if she would have done anything had he not pursued her. I don't know why Angelina always gets a big part of the blame in their marriage ending, when if Brad had stayed faithful nothing would have happen. Anyways it didn't really end well since Jennifer Aniston can't seem to live the divorce down. Everything always goes back to her marriage with Brad Pitt.

  28. 28

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – wow, looked in the mirror lately?

  29. 29

    Look who is trolling Fox news again Mario……..always copying stuff………

  30. 30


  31. 31

    It really ended nicely! Brad got his beautiful family and tons of kids Aniston wouldn't have, too busy to keep her "Fabulous at 40(s)" body. She keeps getting stupid but numerous B-movie roles thanks to getting dumped for more beautiful woman, and frumpy Aniston sympathizers, and Angelina, she got the best father of her children she could hope for, who shares her passion in philanthropy. Everyone's happy!

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Re: Jenfraud – VOMIT

  34. 34

    Re: Jenfraud – Blunt, but true.

  35. 35

    That's OLD NEWS!!! Jen is over it now get over it Perez!

  36. 36

    angelina is so beautiful . Jen looks like a man with a wig

  37. 37

    why are jen fans talking ugly on angelina when they should also talk ugly about jen when she has done the same thing with justin, married or not it was a 14 year commitment and he would still be with heidi and probably still loves her you can not turn off feelings like running water. jen would take brad back in a minute if it wasn't for the extra baggage. brad still looks good considering he is 48 compared to justin being 40 lets wait 8 more years to see how he compares at 48 or better yet jen fans were not saying this about brad when he was 40 either. i do like jen but wrong is wrong and in my opinion brad and angeling have totally hurt jennifer but jennifer and justin have done the same to a girl named heidi regardless that she isn't a celebrity but she has feelings also so just imagine having it rubbed in your face everyday or think about how yourself would feel if it happened to you or someone you love . karma is a bitch and will eventually come back to all involved . of course they didn't tell jen the wife or girlfriend is always the last to know. i think brad, jen and angelina are still great looking people but justin gives me bad vibes. style and personality does not match up at all.

  38. 38

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – im sorry youre calling jennifer aniston ms piggy? ummm have YOU been looking in the mirror recently? i feel like im looking at a real pig. oink oink.

  39. 39

    it has been 6 years since this happened, and yet people still compare jen and angelina to each other, and they are constantly on tabloid covers. it is not an "all's well that ends well" situation. jen got cheated on because brad couldnt keep it in his pants. but, she has moved on, and so have brad and angelina. people need to stop talking about this breakup like it happened yesterday.

  40. 40

    I don't believe that -.- and why the flying fuck are we even still talking about this shit?? It is OVER, IT IS DONE!! For the love of god, no one knows if he cheated on Jen or if he just left her and then got with Angelina..and it doesn't matter, it has been years and they have kids now, let it the fuck go!!! There is nothing between any of them anymore and never fucking will be! Damn already!

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: theholyspirit – Perhaps, but chemistry isn't love. It's lust. When a person gives another 7 years, and is then informed that they're 'in love' with someone else that they just met, you're better off walking away anyway bottom line. Deep, not.

  42. 42

    No news here. Still the same old sort of "cute girl marries dimwit with good abs who falls for vapid, omnisexual, twice divorced, overhyped tramp" story. In the end, Jennifer is the lucky one.

  43. 43

    Just let the dead horse rest in peace already! It's been beaten to a bloody pulp already!

  44. 44

    I think the world is glad Brad dumped jennifer and upgraded to Angelina!!! Best breakup ever, lol!

  45. 45

    Re: futuremrslabeouf – Why would you call Angelina a "serial home wrecker"? You couldn't possibly be talking about Billy Bob Thornton and Laura Dern, right? Because they weren't married when he started to date Angelina. And if you call that home wrecking, I guess Jennifer is a home wrecker too. Justin and his girlfriend were in a 14 year relationship, which is longer than most marriages. Thanks.

  46. 46

    Re: sidewalks – ITA! Jolie-Pitt are now together for longer than Brad/Aniston marriage, with SIX kids and never apart from each other more than a few days. That's NOT lust, that's commitment. They met and found each other, not like Aniston whose agent pasted her onto the hottest movie star, Brad. It was never a real love between them, enough to start a family anyway.

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jenfraud – Well, maybe now, but you certainly couldn't say that then. Or it could be that 6 kids = heavy ties that bind OR ball and chain…but once you're in, you 'do what you gotta do' if you're worth anything at all. The kids are worth it if it's not too bad over all.

  48. 48

    Any chance I get to read about Angelina being a homewrecker is a good one :] I'm so sick of this "holier than thou" tyraid she's on. Like all of a sudden she gets with Brad and all the stupid, attention-seeking things she did before aren't accountable anymore. No matter what you do to sweep all that stuff under the rug, sweetie, it's still there for everyone to see! I'm glad Jennifer didn't give Brad any children, he doesn't deserve her kindness, beauty, and success :]

  49. 49

    Re: futuremrslabeoufRe: nvmelaz – I don't know how you can even concider her a serial homewrecker. Why doesn't Brad get people talking shit about him? That sounds kinda ridiculous…she's a woman and it takes 2 people to make a relationship work…we don't know what was going on behind closed doors with Brad and Jen we have no idea…we've heard rumors like he wanted children she didn't etc etc.. but it doesn't change the fact that we have no idea…she and her first husband jonny lee miller really loved each other..he didn't leave anyone else for her…billy bob is an asshole that cheated on her when she would have given him her world because that's how she seemed to be back then…again I don't know all we do know is she and jonny still care about one another and have a good friendship, billy bob and her would have never have worked anyways because lets face it he likes to sleep around and he wasn't married at the time of them getting together…engaged yes but it was obvious he was looking somewhere else…he's been married 5 times I think he probably got bored.. and well her and brad…we don't know what happened…if they fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and they stay together for the rest of their lives we can't blame them for falling in love…look at Johnny Cash and June Carter…they were both married they found each other and fell in love…and they stayed together forever.

  50. 50

    Re: MJJ Re: linwooRe: tallguy10Re: Princess8301 – Honestly you all sound like a bunch of assholes that are talking out of your ass. You all have no idea what happened I don't know what happened and I don't care…Where in the hell did you get that Angelina is on drugs? She's admitted to drugs when she was younger she admitted to knife play in a sexual way she admitted that when she was 19 she wanted to commit suicide…she obviously changed a lot from then…When she met her first husband he was not married she was not married and they got married…they broke it off and are both good friends today.. Billy Bob was engaged but obviously he's a dog and sleeps with who ever with no care in the world…She didn't ruin a marriage hell he was married at least 4 times before marrying Angelina and if he didn't cheat she wouldn't have left him. I know she's gotten hella skinny and looked super sexy when in her Billy Bob days but common drugs really? I don't think so…she loves her children and would never do anything to jepordize them…she lost her mother and since then lost her curves and has not put back on the weight…maybe a bit of weight after her mothers death but not much…give the girl a break…she's a great woman that does sooo much for this world and they both donate soo much of their money.

  51. 51

    People have affairs and cheat and lie and steal and do what ever they want out of selfishness and greed every day…I bet 80% of the people on this forum right now have at one point or another cheated on their BF or GF or what have you. As I said before if it's the kinda love someone thinks they only dream about they have to go after it…look at Johnny Cash and June Carter and the many MANY others who have done so and have had their one true love…Everyone deserves a chance at that. EVERYONE. Stop being so judgemental and before you go judging others you should judge yourself first because what does that say about you?

  52. 52

    I agree that in the long run Jen has the upper hand big time. She's had a couple of hit movies here recently, has many Hollywood friends/peers who respect her (everyone from Pink to Adam Sandler to Melissa Etheridge) has a hot boyfriend AND looks great! Meanwhile ArmPitt looks like he's aged 20 years, is stuck with crazy Whorealina and neither has had a hit movie in a while.

  53. 53

    Re: thetruth100 – Uh BBT and Laura Dern were ENGAGED and lived together when Whorelina stole him away! Engagement is the last step before marriage. Sounds to me like they were pretty serious. The point is that Whorelina has a thing for men who are in committed relationships!

  54. 54

    Re: Snickers – yeah they were engaged but billy bob is a dog he was obviously looking somewhere else…like he did in his previous marriages and like he did with angie.

  55. 55

    Re: Snickers – Instead of saying you hate the men who cheat because they are the ones who are in a relationship, you have to say you hate Angelina. Do these men have no brains, no choice in the matter themselves? Did Angelina put him in a body bag and steal him away? No. And Justin and his girlfriend were in a 14 year relationship, you're going to tell me that wasn't serious? Shut up please, thanks.

  56. 56

    HA,Ha,Ha… Angelina + Brad = Liars
    Jen threw out a cheater. She is awesome!

  57. 57

    Re: @v@ – More likely Pitt/Aniston wasn't meant to have six kids. They didn't even bother to start with one while there were married, as Aniston was too busy keeping thin as she still does. Good for her, and good riddance. As I said, it all ended very nicely for everyone!

  58. 58

    Re: thetruth100

    You are an idiot. Don’t try to fool people by accusing Jen for nothing she has done. Obviously you do not know anything about Justin and his lousy ex at all. Their split was on March. His ex start dating someone before Jen and Justin start dating on May. Keep your mouth shut if you know nothing.

  59. 59


    You must talking about your own face. You do know youself very well.. Ha………….

  60. 60

    Re: Velyna – I live in The Kansas city metro area, we are close to Independance Missouri-the Meth amphetamine capital of the Us….and I tell you truely that Angelina Jolie looks like she is using drugs.I would say that she takes measures to try to stay well nourished, Vitamins, and supplements but she is not a healthy looking or sober woman. If I were to hazzard a guess as to her drug of choice it would be either vicodin or oxicontin…something in the family of synthetic opiates..she does not look clean and sober….but she continues to look nourished because of the vitamion and health supplements that I suspect that she takes….and FYI it is very possible to be a high functioning addict to opiates…remember Ted Binion….hotel mogul…vegas?

  61. 61

    Re: linwoo – I really don't think that she is on drugs…most of hollywood is on drugs so it's hard to tell…but ever since her mom died she has been super skinny…and she hasn't gained back much weight at all..I'd say she prob gained back at most 10lbs. I know what meth/coke/heroin/opiates of all kinds/hell even DXM addicts looks like…unfortunately…I had a lot of friends go down this road. I think if anything she looks like she's malnourished really…She loves those kids soo much I don't think she'd do anything to jepordize her relationship with them…but she's gotta take care of herself to I think she's forgetting that. I don't care about the brad/angie/jen drama…they've all moved on…I like Angie because she in general is a good human being her and brad both and so is Jen. They shouldn't be judged because someone cheated on someone else etc…she's an attractive woman to this day still and if not by her looks but by her personality and the way she tries to make a difference in this world. Their are soo many people in hollywood that have cheated or cheat and they don't get backlash like this break up…look at ethan hawk, johnny cash, billy bob thorton even…johnny cash found the love of his life and they stayed together until the end…they shouldn't be punished being with the love of their life? People are lucky if they get that.

  62. 62

    Re: linwoo – Oh yeah for sure it's possible to be a functioning addict I've seen it, hell I even had a family member that was a functioning addict and I had no idea they were on anything at all until I was in my late teens and they told me. It happens all the time…as I said I think like 80% or more of hollywood is on something =P

  63. 63

    Re: @v@ – I agree

  64. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jenfraud – Yeah, Jen and Brad obviously not (intended to have six kids together) but he and AJ only 'had' two, a single and a set of twins. The rest were adopted by Angie first. From what I've read, Jen wanted a couple of years to jump start her movie career first, not 'stay thin' which is nasty propaganda. Brad wanted kids n.o.w., and siren call Angie so filled that bill. It's all old news anyway, so old that it tastes worse now than it did before. If that's worked out for the better, so be it.

  65. 65

    ugh perez let it go already… what happened happened, i'm sure it was incredibly painful for her to go through, especially in the public eye, and its OVER. Everyone needs to quit bringing it up already!!!!! ANyway, brad looks like shit now. And Jen looks better than ever.

  66. 66

    Re: Jenfraud – You're annoying, even if Aniston didn't want kids (although there are reports of her 2 miscarriages ) that doesn't mean that Brad was entitled to cheat on her.
    He should have left her with dignity and spare her the heartbreak that comes from a betrayal and of course the public humiliation. Noone deserves that.

  67. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – Miscarriages? Never heard that, which makes it even sadder. Agree wholeheartedly, as this thing just goes on and on, in part because they're all beautiful and famous, and more due to the way it appeared to go down. I'm done giving it life myself. No more help from me on this thing, ever.

  68. 68

    Re: gingert – Just because Heidi is not famous doesn't mean her relationship can't end badly, you know. And you know for a fact Angelina "stole" Billy Bob Thornton away? Please.

  69. 69

    TEAM JEN :) She's a hottie!!

  70. 70

    This is sad poor Jennifer but I won't pity her because she doesn't deserve that she's amazing I hope she is happy what annoys me is his people don't see brad as a jerk they just tAlk about brangelina being a good looking couple with all their kids pfft.

  71. 71

    Jennifer looks like a troll and act like one. She is overrated and can't act. I am so sick of her retardness.

  72. 72

    Yes, we knew how controlling and suspicious she was when she was with Brad. She did not cook, saw, clean house or do anything for her role as a wife but was seen @ drive thrus or back at restaurants picking up dinners, what a mess she was. No wonder she did not fulfill her abligations as a wife and expected someone to stick around for her when she is all ready. She is just sickening going around spying on Brad all the time. I'm sure she does that to all her man.

  73. 73

    his loss.

  74. 74

    alls well that ends well shes had to have years of therapy thankfully justin is there to give her a different kind of therapy…personally i hope he impregnates her soon . why would anyone be infatuated by ange ewwwwwwwwwww revolting … is he infatuated now when her face screws up . ick