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Are Jennifer Aniston And Her New Boyfriend Trying For A Baby?!

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Whoa! What?! We're all for living for the moment and not letting a good thing pass you by…

But now we think you guys are getting a little ridiculous!

When Jennifer Aniston started dating Justin Theroux, we were thrilled. When she started bringing him to very PUBLIC affairs, we were ecstatic. When they moved in together, we were over the moon and back again elated for her. Finally, it looked like she was enjoying the perks of a mature, thoughtful, considerate relationship with a man her equal.

But to be fair, the pair have only been dating for four months. Their relationship is still in it's infancy. It's way too soon to be talking about certain things - like having an infant all their own. However, according to sources, that's exactly what's happening with Jen and Justin! The insider explains:

"They have talked at length about getting married and starting a family. She is anxious for the next phase of her life and feels like this is the time."

Geez! Girl, we know your biological clock has gone from ticking to TOLLING, but let's not jump into something irrationally. We love Justin, but do YOU love him enough to be linked to him in this way for the rest of your life. Do you TRUST him enough, after only four months together, to make such a life altering decision with him???

We're happy he makes you happy, but don't let that cloud your judgement. Pull on the reigns honey. Slow this down a bit. You still have time for marriage and babies and what you. We promise!

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52 comments to “Are Jennifer Aniston And Her New Boyfriend Trying For A Baby?!”

  1. 1

    seriously Perez…who the FUCK do you think you are?? Wasn't Jennifer Aniston the one that is the reason behind you faux-nice attitude (you haven't been nice at all..look at this and her "tolling" biological clock…..) this is none of your business and to write an epitaph to someone you have spoken to once when she told you how terrible a person you are for doing things JUST LIKE THIS, is just ridiculous. Just becase you are and probably always will be alone, doesn't mean everyone else should be.

  2. 2

    When you reach a certain age, you need to start having these conversations sooner in relationships rather than later. You need to know where the other person stands on these issues. Keep in mind while Jen looks great, she's 40, and it's more difficult to have a child in your 40's than your 20's or 30's.

    And if we're comparing, Jolie and Pitt got together in 2005 and she gave birth mid-2006, which means she got pregnant the year she and Pitt started dating. That's not waiting too long either.

    If Jen knows she wants a baby, and she trusts Justin, and he wants a child too, go for it!

  3. 3

    Ugh…another kid out of wedlock. And with him? I though he was in the tabloids recently and exposed as an addict. I wish people would stop bringing these little bastards into the world.

  4. 4

    The clock is definitely ticking. She may look great on the outside, but that doesn't mean a thing on the inside. Conception without medical assistance may be difficult. He, on the other hand, has a lot more time. If he is not ready, he can just bail on Jen and find a younger woman later.

  5. 5

    Re: pmcd1000 – I'm with you. You're thinking sensibly. Perez just doesn't have access to common sense sometimes; there's no room for it up in satan ange's anus. These are two unattached, responsible adults. They can fucking raise a gorilla as their kid for all it's anyone else's business. Who does it hurt for them to have a child? And that crap about the kid being is a bastard is plain stupid. The institution of marriage has been eroded, especially in Hollywood, where some relationships last way longer than actual marriages. As long as the kid has a mom and dad, it isn't a bastard.

  6. 6

    Another FAKE news. What "insider" would know such details.

  7. 7

    This info comes from US Weekly, and since when have they been considered a reliable source? Come on now!

  8. 8

    Whether someones been together 4 months or 4 years it doesn't really matter. She was dating Brad Pitt for 2 years, married for 5 and it still went down the crapper. If they're happy that's all that matters.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Like Jennifer is actually going to read this, or give a crap what you think… If she's happy let her be, and also, if it's from US Weekly get off your high horse and find a decent source..

  11. 11

    Who the fuck are you to judge them!! finally she finds happiness after what those two pieces of shit did to her, yeah because Brad Pitt is a piece of fucking shit for doing that to her. I don't know why all the blame went solely to angelina the slut whore of hollywood who is not folling anyone with her mother teresa acts. Let them be ahppy. Anniston is over 40, and she might want to have a family. FUCK OFF DUDE. or better yet, go fuck yourself.

  12. 12

    Those EGGS ARE FRIED. DREAM ON MISS PIGGY!! Jen looks like Miss Piggy's older sister. Bitch couldn't get pregnant if she rode a fuckin' sperm whale. It's DRY Down there and DEAD. UGH!!

  13. 13

    Re: pollopicu – Shut your fuckin' hole, ya dumb mofo.

  14. 14

    highly doubt this is true. She's too self-absorbed to be a mom. I'm sure its on her mind, but would she give up her career for even a few months for a kid? Probably not.

  15. ESA says – reply to this


    what business is it of ANYONE to tell ANYONE, let alone an adult woman with plenty of money, when its appropriate to try to have a baby? let alone to publicize it?

  16. 16

    You are an idiot! How do you know what is going on with them… I met my now husband and after 3 months got pregnant and no it was not an unplanned pregnancy! We just both knew this is what we wanted! We have been married almost 7 years and have a another little girl who is 4! Some people just know and it can work out. You know nothing about these two and neither do any of us except what we hear on the gossip websites and we know how much truth there is to this crap! Maybe you should try and have a real relationship first before you are trying to give others relationship advice!

  17. 17

    Oh god, no! Don't let Maniston procreate! One of her is MORE than plenty. SLUT.

  18. 18

    Why does everybody hates her? She wants a child

  19. 19

    ummm… Brad Pitt managed to cheat on his 5 year marriage, screw the leading lady in his movie, AND impregnate said homewrecker all before the marriage was legally ended. Hollywood's perception of an appropriate time for courting is definitely not the standard but who are we to judge?

  20. 20

    she SHOULD have a kid, why wait!? She's 40!! it's going to be tough! i'm 30 and it was tough, who the hell is PEREZ to think he can say anything on this matter, you will never be a parent you fat slob idiot!

  21. 21

    Perez… you're such a jerk sometimes! Jennifer is smart, beautiful, & has dated some of the hottest men in Hollywood!! Methinks you're a jealous bully who needs to find better ways to fill your days!
    Rock on Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22

    Remember, Brad Pitt wasn't even divorced from Jen when Shiloh was conceived. Not to mention the whole Zahara adoption. I don't recall too fast comments back then.

  23. 23

    futuremrslabeouf Wrong slab or slob. The offspring of an unmarried couple is a bastard.

  24. 24

    Personally I feel it's soon, BUT:

    Nicole Richie was already pregnant by the 4th month of dating Joel.

    Katie was pregnant after 3 months of being with Tom.

    So who knows. I believe Jen is 42 years old so it's possible she can't even conceive without in-vitro at this point.

  25. 25

    Um, you do realize Angelina Jolie grabbed every baby she's seen the past 5 years right?

    It sort of reminds me of my dog when she sees a shiny thing.

  26. 26

    He was with his girlfriend for 14 years before he and Jen pulled a "Brad and Angelina." Maybe he's shooting blanks.

  27. 27

    Your advice column style is so irritating. Stop.

  28. 28

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – I guess your mommy and daddy never had the talk with you.

  29. 29

    the only thing ridiculous is your complete jealousy of Jen's life. they're in their forties!!! if they want to have kids they pretty much get started straight away. would you ever get real perez, they're not teenagers for christ sake.

  30. 30

  31. 31

    ps justin is much better looking and sexier than brad and jen is having the time of her life with him. where the fuck is this negativity coming from ??????

  32. 32

    Re: Heidi_1b – Bastard is as bastard does, you dumb fuck. Crawl back to the Middle Ages pit you came from.

  33. 33

    agree! its time for her to have a baby! she needs to pass on her talent and good genes!



  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – You're such a socially challenged troll. Who speaks to others like that? How old are you? Finished junior high yet? Good. Lord.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Better sooner than later, and at 40, go to in vitro stat. Even if he doesn't work out, that baby will be a joy for her, and she doesn't have to ever worry about the rent, so…

  36. 36

    Re: Corrynmb – Her talent is mediocre, and her good genes have serious help from plastic surgeons, beauticians, fitness coaches, and photo shop.

  37. 37

    Perez! You are such a douche.. you praise Crapolina and Fad Pitt for sneezing but knock Jennifer at every turn.. you said nothing about the Pitts hooking up while he was married or the cover in W before he was even divorced.. said nothing about the litter of kids they have and they have not been together that long either.. get a grip.. what an Ass…

  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    She doesn't need this relationship to work out to have that baby. She's financially independent, and her eggs aren't getting any younger. Hell, she could ask Brad for sperm if it came to that, and he might consider it, too, if it weren't for the added consideration of his current live-in.

  39. 39

    She'll have a kid wih the ugly dude, marry hime 4 months after the birth, and divorce him two years later….YAWN…S

  40. 40

    She'll have a kid with the ugly dude, marry him 4 months later, and divorce him 2 years after that. Yawn…SO HollyWood. She'll have some little Retard she can dress up and parade for the media, when she wants to, and will feel 'complete', as she will tell PEOPLE magazine in an 'exclusive' inter-view. Yawn …..

  41. 41

    WHY doesn't she just her best friend's kid, Courtney Cox's little retard - Coco ? ! That way, when she gets tired, she can just send the little retard back to Courtney, and won't have to deal with all that other crap …or get another cat ! Mr. Poofy-Woofy !

  42. 42

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – listen ghetto whore. Before you starts calling women dumb, take a long look in the mirrior. Fuck you, hoodrat.

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – oh look its ms piggy herself!! hahaha u look like a pig-cow hybrid. honestly go get some plastic surgery. god knows you need it. oink oink!

  45. 45

    God, Perez, you're such an asshole. I highly doubt this story is true, it probably came from Star or something but even if it was, it's none of your business. And I'm sure she doesn't give a damn about your opinion. You are always bitching about Jennifer Aniston for some reason. grow up.

  46. 46

    Re: Be-Atch – wow you're username sure describes what you seem to be. A bitch.

  47. 47

    Aniston's people ("insider") are generating these rumors to satisfy her female fan base, that she actually "want" babies, keeping their hopes for her alive. It has nothing to do with whether of not she really wants a family or not. Compared to other "unlucky in love" well-to-do Hollywood ladies (Sandra Bullock, Sheryl Crow) who quietly adopted on their own, Aniston's "baby" rumors are always loud, and always false. Aniston doesn't seem to be interested in taking care of another human being. Just dogs. Brad saw that in her and got the hell out of that ARRANGED marriage by her agent.

  48. 48

    Maniston is all used up with shrivelled eggs. Dumbo aint no good in the sack to keep a man either. Maybe Justin will be the next Mrs Maniston. There's more male hormones and control freak in Maniston and no room to have another man in her life.

  49. 49

    Re: supernikki8 – You are dumb. Nobody collects children and it shows you have dogs and no children, could this be you Maniston, lol! Haters can't have chidlren adopted or not.

  50. 50

    shut up perez i want this b*tch sperminated now!

    justin is the guy for her hes goofy nuts and basically seems to enjoy being bossed around … do it do it do it

  51. 51

    dont forget the pin for the condom !!! DO IT !

  52. 52

    Re: sidewalks – I think she said in an interview she wished men are like dogs, with unconditional love that follows her around. People are not dogs, they have opinion, aspirations, ego and she revealed herself she cannot deal with a human partnership. Good riddance really, look what a beautiful life Brad created for himself with Angelina. The amazing thing was, he was willing to risk all the bashing by her fans and the media for his life. Truly courageous, but the right thing to do. You only live once; why would you want to be tied to a self-obsessed self-centered woman who wants to treat you like a dog?