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Is Jill Zarin Done With The Housewives?

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Can't say we blame her!

We know a sinking ship when we see one!

Now that the Real Housewives of New York City have all become completely unhinged from what little reality they were clinging to when Bethenny Frankel was still on the show, it appears that castmember Jill Zarin has had enough, and is looking to leave the reality series behind her!

A source reportedly overheard her and her husband, Bobby, discussing the possibility of returning for season five recently in Southampton, and reveals:

“Bobby made it clear that it was Jill’s decision but couldn’t understand what she would have to gain from returning to a fifth season. Her daughter is in college and it’s time to take her parents on the cruise of a lifetime they have always wanted to do. Plus the success of her Skweez Couture and other deals she has coming up are a full-time job.”

Meanwhile, an insider at Bravo elaborates:

“The 'New York' show has been super successful but next season will never top the numbers they have now and after the failures of D.C. and Miami shows, everyone thinks the high point of the franchise is behind them not in front of them. Everything has to come to an end. And the reunion show Part 2 ratings were very disappointing.”

This is probably for the best!

In fact - please, let her take the rest of the cast with her! Well, everyone but Sonya!

OBVIOUSLY! That gurl needs her own show!

Or at least a transfer to Jersey! Ha!

What do U think?? Have U given up on Real Housewives of NYC too?

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24 comments to “Is Jill Zarin Done With The Housewives?”

  1. 1

    Right on sister friend! Let Sonya Morgan with her own show,everybody out , but her!!! I am waiting for the Beverly Hills one, With the main Star Sir Giggy the Pom, thank you very much, Sweet Andy Cohen better get Giggy front and center!!

  2. 2

    It was obvious that the RHONY was gonna flop this season.

  3. 3

    I hope this is true, I can't stand her.

  4. 4

    she's a lying, backstabbing money grabber..get rid of her once and for all.

  5. 5

    I don't care if Jill stays or goes. Just get rid of Cindy, who offered nothing except a glimpse into the sadness of a young mother not being comfortable with her own babies and a few snide, irrelevant comments. But you've gotta keep Ramona. The Pinot Grigio industry depends on her! The tranny countess can leave too. Her hautiness is unbearable.

  6. 6

    She probably wants her own show like Bethenny and Dina. Won't work. Jill has no real talent. I'm happy she is getting away from that sociopath Alex. JMHO

  7. 7

    Thank god!! she is a nasty person and good riddens..

  8. 8

    So done with this season, I was a housewives fan, but I could care less about watching this season of NY. This story is obviously planted by Jill herself to the media, because the cast will soon find out who gets the axe, and she wanted to get it out to the media first that she thinks she is above the franchise, and so successful with her shapewear line. What person "eavesdropping" at a restaurant will tell the media that Jill is too busy for next season of RHONY because her shapewear line is so successful?! This is so transparent.

  9. 9

    lol. This is her way of saving face because they don't want her back on next season. She ruined the show IMO, her fakeness and bullshit killed it. Get rid of her, Kelly, and Luann and it may be watchable again.

  10. 10

    ALSO, it was so obvious on the reunion the "brunettes" were trying to knock off Alex, calling her weird, an outcast, etc… it's like they were desperate to make the show all about them, that's why they gropued together. Ugh. I will not watch again if Jill and Kelly return. Jill is manipulative and nasty and Kelly is disgusting.

  11. 11

    Of course the reunion show had horrible ratings. Jill, LuANN,Kelly,&Cindy attacked everyone else on the show. They never smiled. It was mean spirited,immature,and BORING. Jill seems to enjoy airing real problems like Sonja's bankruptcy on the show and made up problems like Ramona's husband having an affair and Ramona having a drinking problem. I think Andy should film a summer wives series at the Hamptons with Sonja,Ramona,Alex,Dina & Caroline from NJ and get Kelly Ripa to do a few scenes. An all blondes Hampton's summer show.

  12. tcoo says – reply to this


    Um, HELLO!!! They were all FIRED! Get on top of your gossip on this one. When Bethanny left, I barely cared at all.

  13. 13

    Thank God the witch is leaving! She needs to go back to high school to be her mean girl that she is… so mean, so gossipy. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  14. 14

    Re: boston61 – Boston, you hit the nail right on the head!

  15. 15

    I thought this season was ton of fun but the brunettes are getting so fake that it is ridiculous. Plus you just can't have the RHNYC without Bethany Frankel. She made the show real and people related to her. The last reunion show was a hair pull and slap away from the Bad Girls Club.

  16. 16

    Please take that snotty wanna be Countless LuLu with you!!!

  17. 17

    @blsdjan,i like the way you think..that would be fun..the brunettes turned real mean.also a bore..it,s really all about "ramonia' they are a good time! andy you listenning?

  18. 18

    Right. She won't leave she loves the attention even if its negative. I would love it if she left. What goes around comes around.

  19. 19

    One can only hope this IDIOT leaves the show. She's an insecure, nosey, know-it-all, bitch. My only question is…who will be The Countess' sidekick now?????? BYE-BYE JILL!!

  20. 20

    Thank goodness! This woman is pathetic, coniving and believes her own lies! Could not stand watching her another moment. Bring on the Ramona & Sonja show! Love the blondes they are such free spirits and dont have a care in the world. Gotta love Alex's facials!! Bring on some new blood! CraZy Kelly needs to be committed! That woman is seriously warped! Maybe if Teresa threw a table at ALL the brunetts they would be more respectful. Team Blondes for sure!!

  21. 21

    I can't stand this self centered-rude mouthed-backstabbing jealous woman!!! She and her Countless Lu Lu ruined the show! And that Cindy girl - what the hell did she do to get on the show?!?!? — Keep Sonja, Alex and Ramona and add some fresh blood.

  22. 22

    yessss!! sonya needs her own show. I would love it!

  23. 23

    Yes to Sonya Morgan. Yes to Alex. Yes to Blondes. Jill is trash. Let her go. Kelly is mental. She is too unstable for tv. The brunettes are only for trash tv. Bravo deserves better.

  24. 24

    I hope Jill does leave, good riddens to old rubbish. I was tired of her a long time ago, even when Bethenny was still on. She wants to be the center of attention. I can't stand her. She's a big lying hypocrit.