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Chatting With… Kathy Griffin (Part 2)!

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So much funny we had to split the interview in two!

Check out part 2 of our chat with Kathy Griffin (above)!

In this half we talk about… all the reality TV she watches, her good friend Joan Rivers, if she would do another reality show, hanging out with Charles and Camilla recently, being nominated for an Emmy for her final season of Life On The D List, and more!

Read some highlights from our chat… after the jump!

Watch the interview in full (above)!

Perez Hilton: What are you loving these days?

Kathy Griffin: Well you know it's kind of hard to make fun of comedy shows. So even through I love 30 Rock and I love Curb your Enthusiasm, that isn't really research, and development for me, that's just enjoyment. But I'm really love the New Cycle alone is fascinating, just how everyone's dealing with the debt ceiling, and everyone's blaming everyone else. I really like Celebrity Rehab, I like Strange Eaters.

Perez Hilton: That's a good one.

Kathy Griffin: I like –

Perez Hilton: Toddlers and Tiara's?

Kathy Griffin: I love T&T, are you kidding? I love my T&T. And ever since baby Eden has retired, I'm watching her with a close eye.

Perez Hilton: She's coming back, I just spoke to her.

Kathy Griffin: Is she going to go to Disney Network? I mean, what's she going to do? We've got to put some thought into this.

Perez Hilton: She — I told her she should go to Disney, she's never been.

Kathy Griffin: What?

Perez Hilton: I know, I was like –

Kathy Griffin: She's got to be the new Miley. Doesn't she know it's her calling? I mean, come on, Selena Gomez is busy.

Perez Hilton: A lot of people have said that. And people are actually upset at me for interviewing her because they're saying, "That girls going to end up like Lindsay Lohan."

Kathy Griffin: Sober House, Sober House. Look, Lindsay could be doing worse. I got to tell you, I think Lindsey's doing okay. Like I'm watching that –

Perez Hilton: Really?

Kathy Griffin: Yes. She is kind of getting through it, right? I mean, she's out of prison high water.

Perez Hilton: I don't think she's really learned much though. She may not be as hot of a mess as before, but –

Kathy Griffin: But aren't you kind of pulling for her?

Perez Hilton: I am.

Kathy Griffin: Like she's one of those ones that I'll always tease because she always does such outrageous things, but there's something about, I don't know I just –

Perez Hilton: But look at her again, you know hanging out with Paris, and Nicky Hilton, staying out until four in the morning, doing things that she shouldn't be doing if she really wants to be back working.

Kathy Griffin: I mean, yeah, my friends that are in twelve-step say, "No, no, you don't go to the club at all."

Perez Hilton: I know.

Kathy Griffin: "You don't just go with a water bottle, you don't go at all." If I'm trying to be a better eater, which I am, I don't go hang out at Dunkin Donuts and then have milk. I can't go to the Dunkin Donuts; it's not a safe for me.

Perez Hilton: Or like the buffet.

Kathy Griffin: No, it's not good for us.

Perez Hilton: Oh not good.


Perez Hilton: Would you do another reality show in the future?

Kathy Griffin: [Watch above].

Perez Hilton: The final season.


Perez Hilton: Now you're friends with Joan Rivers.

Kathy Griffin: Yes.

Perez Hilton: You were in her documentary?

Kathy Griffin: Yes.

Perez Hilton: You saw it?

Kathy Griffin: Isn't it great? A piece of work.

Perez Hilton: I loved it. It was extremely honest.

Kathy Griffin: Yes.

Perez Hilton: But what I took away from it was kind of a sense of sadness. Like I felt sad for her.

Kathy Griffin: Well she's had a lot of really heavy things in her life. You know her husband Edgar took his life, and being a female in this business, and being at Joan's age which is the age of a survivor, it really is to work in a man's field for so long which I do, she blazed the trail for me, and Whitney Cummings, and Chelsea, and Sarah Silverman, and all the other girls. And you know I think that there is a big uphill climb that goes on for her on a daily basis. So I understand the sadness, and I'm so happy that now she has her reshow with Melissa and Fashion Police, and still touring. And you know she's amazing, you know she and I –

Perez Hilton: I love her.

Kathy Griffin: — three weeks ago she took me as her plus one to two royal events because she's really good –

Perez Hilton: In LA?

Kathy Griffin: No, we went to Windsor Castle for the night, and Buckingham Palace for the night.

Perez Hilton: Wow.

Kathy Griffin: How about that?

Perez Hilton: That's rad.

Kathy Griffin: I know, and she's truly friends with Charles and Camilla, and I got to meet them through her. And you know she kind of a has a secret –

Perez Hilton: That's amazing.

Kathy Griffin: — part of her life that wasn't in the documentary, but I was like, wow, that's pretty badass.

Perez Hilton: Yeah, I didn't know that.

Kathy Griffin: Like Charles was sitting there laughing his ass off at her jokes, and Camilla's all giddy. And you know she kind of does it right, she's kind of got it all figured out. But yeah, she works very, very hard, very hard.

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    So much fun you had to split the interview in two?
    You mean it had nothing to do with ramming twice the number of advertisements down the throats of your viewers?

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    That's 2 videos I won't watch.

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    Why would you waste your time with her???

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    Re: like!!!COLON!!! whatever!

    Say what you will. Kathy is the real deal. 100% self made. She has worked her ass off to be where she is.

  5. 5

    Jabba the Hutt and E. T. the extra-terrestrial renew acquaintances.

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    Perez, you have a string hanging off your shirt… o wait that is your arm. Dude really, eat a sandwich, you look sickly ill (plus that stupid hat does not help)

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    Love kathy!!!

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    What's with your T&T obsession? How much were you paid to throw mention of it in your interview so you could post it? You're such a jerk.

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    Back to the undersized bowl hats again I see. I knew the hair plugs were already falling out, it was so obvious. Plus they looked like pubic hair sewn across your massive forehead. Embrace your baldness because you were still ugly as sin with hair.

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    I would watch it, but I would have to be paid.

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    Perez is the only person Iknow with so little self esteem that he loves to be hated. And he wonders why love runs away from him.

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    ok now youre just trying to look hideous