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The A List Castmember Reveals Relationship On Show To Be Staged!

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If for some crazy reason, you subject yourself to watching The Gay Housewives of New York The A List, you may have noticed that castmember Derek Lloyd has been dating his very own 'Mr. Big' - BARF! - director Duncan Roy! However, the latter has decided to out himself as merely a staged relationship, and revealed in his blog that the whole thing was set up by producers of the show - and he posts the texts to prove it!

He writes:

Meeting the cast of the ‘A’ List was memorable because they have become, in their own way, icons. For good or for bad. I met most of them just once. At least three of them have admitted drug and alcohol problems.

I really liked Austin and his husband Jake who I could very easily imagine seeing here or in London. They are good people. I like Austin’s authenticity.

The worst of the bunch has to be…Derek. As you will see tonight (if you can be bothered) I enjoy ribbing him on camera. I used stock lines, old jokes that an overly sensitive American queen did not find very funny.

When the food arrives I say, “That looks like something that came out of your nose.” That’s funny isn’t it? I used it before and my friends laughed.

We hung out a few times but really, his lack of sophistication, curiosity and insight were wonders to behold. He seems so incomplete. Derek’s consumption of alcohol masking a sadness at his core…like so many untreated addicts. A problem that a huge number of gays share but have no intention of resolving.

Derek has no business to be anywhere but where he was born. Like so many gay men he has been forced into New York by small-town prejudice and an insatiable desire for cock.

A bland, mid-western bag of meat and bones.

He had no truck with history, our history, any history…he knew nothing of the city where he lives, of commerce, politics or God. Eking out an existence with appearances at provincial gay clubs and gay pride.

Derek lives every moment in the moment, no awareness of where he had come from and no interest in where he is going.

I can’t imagine what the viewers of the ‘A’ List will make of me but…we’ll see. I am old. I am not Peter Pan. I have a beard. I live on a mountain. I have no sexual traction…time has eroded my usefulness to the gays.

It was an adventure into a life I have only the barest knowledge. A sociological exercise. Ripping open the wasp’s nest.

Ha! That is QUITE the metaphor, isn't it?

So much for THIS show's credibility!

Actually, nevermind. Who are we even kidding? As if it EVER had credibility!

We never understand this stuff! If a group of reality castmembers aren't interesting enough people to carry the show as themselves, why not just hire actors and writers and make it FICTION?!

At least then we could probably tolerate it!

Just saying!

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7 comments to “The A List Castmember Reveals Relationship On Show To Be Staged!”

  1. 1

    These guys are nothing more than a bunch of bitchy cun*ts. What a shame that Logo is perpetuating gay stereotypes with these useless twats.

  2. 2

    Dirty. Bastards.

  3. 3

    Wow, A reality show that isn't real? Next, you'll tell me that the sky is blue.

  4. 4

    I have never even heard of this show.. but why air the dirty laundry? Especially because everyone knows most reality shows are staged anyway!

  5. 5

    I don't understand why its such a big deal, that the show isn't "Reality", all Reality shows are created this way, so as much as the show may not have our "Gay Image" as its best interest; its made for entertainment purposes. All the Housewives shows are done the same way and everybody watches those, shows, our beloved Snooki is given as much alcohol her little body can consume and then set free to run a muck! That is our society, sad but true, we love being entertained by tragic people!! If we don't like it, we shouldn't be watching it!

  6. 6

    I find Duncan much more attractive than Derek, older or not. And his reading of Derek was spot on! Nailed it.

  7. 7

    Big surprise! These guys give new York and gays a bad name! Half of them don't work outside of the show and talk sooo much about each other in the one on one interviews. It's catty to say the least!!! If you can't say it to each others faces you are just cowards and bitches!