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17 comments to “Unbroken! Demi Announces New Album Title!”

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    Oh my freakin gawd! Enough already!

    She's carrying on and acting like she's come through some real ordeal for pete's sake!!! She's an over privileged, spoiled bully who smacked someone down and got called on it. Puhleeze B*tch, get over yourself your not that interesting or talented!

  2. 2

    theres something about Demi i've grown to like..i just cant quite figure out what it is.

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    Re: xoxo_anonymous – Me too. Maybe it's because she's a bit of an underdog.

  4. 4

    Sorry Selena is heading for the big times…unfortunately your not!

  5. 5

    I'm excited, her song Skyscraper is amazing:)

  6. 6

    Hated the song. She tried to hard to sound like Katy Perry for my taste. And is that FUR she's wearing? I hope not. And I hope someone with his own animal website wouldn't support a tween start who wore fur either.

  7. 7

    she looks amazing!

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    can't wait to listen to her album! I hope she stays on the path she has taken now. And the fact that she's talking about her issues is amazing. It really helps people who are going through what she's gone through. God bless her.

  9. 9

    Re: JennFrost – Fur is nice and beautiful and doesnt have to be real!. Get over it!. Not all fur is real.

  10. 10

    Re: Office Drone – underdog, you dont know what an underdog is…she has got disney's cout money promotional power pr team built in fans family with cash and is spinnig and actually getting poeple to sympathize with her over her punching a true underdog (her backup dancer) an underdog would be someone like yourself making it in the music business (assuming your not from a well connected wealthy family or signed to a mega company like disney) but not this one if anything she is the exact opposit of an underdog.

  11. 11

    Unbroken is also the title of Katharine McPhee's 2010 album. Unbroken can mean different things to different people. Demi probably named the album Unbroken because even after everything she has been through she still remains strong and unbroken. I find the title very fitting.

  12. 12

    Unbroken is also the title of Kathrine McPhee's 2010 album. Unbroken can be defined in many ways to different individuals. Personally, I think Demi named the album Unbroken, because even after everything she has been through she has remained strong and unbroken. The title is very fitting. Demi is a fighter and a survivor. She recognized she had a problem , she seeked and received/ treatment help for it (before it was too late). Demi is a true inspiration. :-)

  13. 13

    Re: Average Jane – leave her alone , shes the first disney star who can actually sing , and just because shes famous that doesn't mean she can't make mistakes and what i loved about her is that she took full responsibility for her action and get help .her story helped me and a lot of friends , i used to cut but when i saw demi's interview she totally changed my mind and helped feel confident about myself.

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    Re: salwasaidoun – she is not full of responsibilty she is blaming her bahviors on other things which make her appear to be the victim. most of her "taking responsibilty" was just her saying she has issues and she has this problem not i punched an innocent girl whos helping support my career in a coked out rage. and yes it was drugs, she has been seen abusing drugs and acting like a stuck up diva and flaunting her body if not giving it away freely. its just like justin timberlake and brittney read what they say about disney stars, its all image the goody good thing they are doing drugs have sex at age 12 etc behind the scenes. i mean alot of people would in that situation at that age but its sad that people believe the im a survivor after going into rehab for personal issues, or the classic exhaustion. isnt it funny how there is a epidemic of exhaustion that only seems to effect celebritites, and its not the work schedule i know plenty of hard working people working 16 hr plus 7 days a week then taking care of a family of 4 and dont need rehab for exhaustion. wise up exhaustion, personal issues etc= drug and/or alcohol problem

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    Re: Average Jane – Look i probably will sound really rude during this but i feel strongly about it, you can't sit there and say that about her when you've never met her. It's clear that she has been through a lot in her life. Have you felt half of how she would have felt over the past ten years of her life? Feeling like that is one of the worst feelings in the world and what she has went through has killed people before, people that suffered depression or bi-polarism have committed suicide so she clearly came through a rather big ordeal. Clearly you've never gone through what she has, but i have, and she is being so strong there is absolutely no need to bash her, just leave her alone. Plus she is talented, she's amazing and Skyscraper was such an emotional and well-written song, and she sang it perfectly. So don't just sit and talk about things you don't know. And there's no need to comment on this with something so rude, saying shes not that talented and the 'spoiled bully who smacked someone down' comment, she had issues, serious issues and she got it sorted out, she went through everything, she knew she may lose fans, she knew people would bash her (such as you) but she got help, so just stay out of it if you have nothing nice to say don't say it.

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    Re: Average Jane – yeah i mean its not like she went to rehab for a disease (which is very real by the way)