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New Petition Seeks To Out Sesame Street's Bert And Ernie As Gay

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petition to out bert and ernie as gay

What a GREAT way to help promote tolerance and understanding!

A new online petition has been started, which is calling for PBS and Sesame street "to allow [Bert and Ernie] to live as a gay couple and maybe eventually, marry."

Here's the reasoning behind this move, as stated in the petition:

"[This] would show children and their parents that not only is it acceptable but also teach children that homophobia is wrong, bullying is wrong and that Sesame street should recognize that there are LGBT relationships, families, and include them in their show."

While Sesame Street has stated in the past the Bert and Ernie aren't supposed to represent a gay couple, we're thinking they should reconsider.

How wonderful would it be if such a widely watched show drew attention to this important subject in a positive light with characters that the world already knows and adores!

We are in FULL SUPPORT of Bert and Ernie going gay!

CLICK HERE to sign the online petition if you'd like to see Bert and Ernie come out on Sesame Street.

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130 comments to “New Petition Seeks To Out Sesame Street's Bert And Ernie As Gay”

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  1. 1

    go ahead and totally ruin my childhood show. they want gay families for kids to watch? come up with a new show, don't ruin a legacy.

  2. 2

    Or you could not label them as anything and teach children to accept people without labels of 'gay' or 'straight' or 'black' or 'white' or any other label you can add to a person. By constantly adding labels and needing to distinguish you are further pointing out that there are differences instead of just teaching children acceptance in general.

  3. 3

    Ok… but when I was young… I dont ever recall being interested in the sexual preference of characters on any tv show. Let alone sesame street!

  4. 4

    Are you fucking serious??? This shit is getting out of hand. Why are you trying to force homosexuality??? If they have already stated that they are not gay then let it be. Why does everything have to be gay now a days??? Man + Women = Life…plain and simple, no other way around that and you can't deny that.

  5. 5

    I have nothing against gays and lesbians, my niece is a lesbian and I'm really proud of her for coming out and being happy, but I dont want my 2yr old baby watching 2 men puppets getting married, she can learn about that when she gets older, REALLy STUPID…

  6. 6

    I always thought they were brothers…. is doing that necessary.

  7. 7

    Children shouldn't be pushed into socio-political awareness before they are mature enough to understand the issues. Let children be the innocent beings they are! They don't need an agenda shoved down their throats.

  8. 8

    Re: Samtra – Good point. I always saw Bert and Ernie as asexual, childlike characters.

  9. 9

    Why not just have a human gay couple move to Sesame Street? Making Bert and Ernie gay is silly. As Samtra said, let them be as they are with no labels. That in itself is an amazing lesson for kids.

  10. 10

    Re: Samtra – you have to point out the differences in people to get acceptance. if you tell kids there's absolutely no difference between a gay person and a straight person or a black person and a white person, you'd just confuse them and they won't understand and that ignorance could possibly lead to prejudice. you have to say yes, they're different in this way but that small difference doesn't make them bad or less human.

    however, i'm completely against having bert and ernie "come out". if they're not supposed to be gay, then leave it at that. why not petition to have on a gay family instead of trying to make something be what it isn't?

  11. 11

    That's the most ridiculous idea ever……..that would only bastardize the concept - they'd better leave it alone

  12. 12

    This is just STUPID. Bert and Ernie are felt puppets. They are NONSEXUAL BEINGS. They are not real people. Plus the Sesame Street people have been saying for years that they are just "good friends." I don't understand why this is such a vital issue. There is no significance in two asexual, felt puppets being declared "gay"…

  13. 13

    PEREZ you are one sick bastard!
    THis is the gay agenda people are talking about that is starting to get out of hand. I find this just repulsive. I don't remember as a kid ever caring if bert and ernie were gay straight brothers, trannys etc. Why make toddlers (who mostly watch the show)2 learn how to discriminate so young? So now 2 men living together have to be gay?

    Between the gays and Dems i'm not sure who's ruining america the fastest with all this BS.

  14. 14

    Why does everything need to be labeled? Do you want to get rid of their twin beds and get them a queen or king? I don't see Luis and Maria running around yelling "I'm straight!!!" so why do you need Bert and Ernie to declare they are gay? Let kids make their own assumptions and/or ask questions of their parents and have that open up a dialogue!

  15. 15

    Disgusting! Heterosexual males can be close friends!!!

  16. 16

    I think the idea of making Bert and Ernie gay is appauling. Why would children at a young be shoved down their throats this issue. It's the parents job to educate their kids as they got older. They shouldn't be subjected to it by other means.

  17. 17

    for the love of pete…wait, poor choice of words. what is this world coming (out) to???? why do we have to turn every sacred institution in our society into a gay or lesbian issue? this is insipid. i echo many of the sentiments on here & couldn't say it better if i tried. w/ the possibility of the schools in CA opening up whatever they are talking about w/ regards to homosexuality…i could scream. i have lots of gay friends, etc., but i have lots of asian friends (my hubby is asian, i'm white), i have lots of red-head friends….you don't hear them clamouring about "asian" education or "gee, we redheads really feel left out…" leave it alone….let families decide for themselves how to brooch the topic…it is just insane. STOP IT!!!!

  18. 18

    Lets not do this to innocent chilrden. Allow them to have a place free of the confusion and adult realtionships they dont undersatnd and shouldnt understand anyways out of seasme street. Bert and ernie are best friends and teach children the value of friendship they are not gay they are nto having sex they are friends. It is possible to be friends and not have sex with them I have tons of friends. Lets keep seaseme street for the kids

  19. 19

    Re: Samtra
    I agree with this 100%. Not everything has to be about how we are different from each other to teach children acceptance. Forcing kids to a) give a label to their favorite cartoon characters when there wasn't one there before and b) have a reason to discuss sexuality at such a young age is ridiculous. There is this thing called INNOCENCE, why do you have to ruin that by forcing that they have to learn to reason with adult issues?

  20. 20

    Re: April 20th – I wouldnt say a gay couple would ruin but the children watching this programs dont undersatnd adult relationships they arent suppose too. I say let them be kids and stop trying to grow them up fast thats the problem. We have 10 year old walking around looking like hoochies because they watch degrassi I mean come on its time to leave them alone they will live int he real world soon enough

  21. 21


  22. 22

    How do you know they're gay?! Why does everything have to be turned into a lesson?! Seriously I have NO problem with homosexuals. But honestly, this is a childs show, it is 42 year old show. It teaches children, ABCs, 1,2,3's, and how to be tolerant of eachother without the need to distinguish sexual orientation. A CHILD doesn't need to know about sexual orientation. If they have questions, they will ask their parents. Tv shows are no supposed to teach children which is right or wrong. This has honestly gotten out of hand.

  23. 23

    destroy my childhood, why don't you? i don't care about gay or straight, but some things shouldn't be messed with.

  24. 24

    I think that this petition should not be to make Bert and Ernie gay, but to petition for a new gay muppet couple in the Henson Franchise. I agree that the gay community deserves recognition, but not in this manner. Completely inappropriate. Create a new cast of characters made to represent awareness and tolerance and leave these ones alone. Just because two men live together does NOT make them gay. I feel that should be promoted in the show as much as I do gay rights. This is extremely immature behaviour and I am completely unimpressed with this post.

  25. 25

    Ok, seriously tho, I have NO problem with gay marriage. If yall wanna get married then have at it. What I cannot stand is the fact that gay ppl (or you especially, Perez) feel that every damn body needs to be educated, aware, and accepting of gays. In fact, I have never seen a community of ppl bitch so much about every little thing because not everyone understands their struggle. NEWSFLASH: GET THE HELL OVER IT. Not everyone is going to agree with who and what gay ppl are. I'm black. And if I spent the rest of my life traveling to various cities around the country trying to convince racists to understand me and my community as a whole, I'd die of exhaustion. It's not worth it and I really don't care if they hate me. That's what you need to learn. Making Bert & Ernie butt buddies for the sake of acceptance is stupid and completely changes the dynamics of the show. Quit forcing your ideas on us…especially the kids.

  26. 26

    OH EM GEE. THEY ARE PUPPETS! ffs, are they supposed to have genitilia and to be getting it on in their twin beds?? no. because they are puppets!!
    if you want to educate children about different sexualities, fine, make a show about that. but why do we have to bring sex into sesame street??
    NEWSFLASH: little children don't care about relationships and sexual orientation! they see PUPPETS doing funny stuff on screen and i bet no child is asking his mom, if bert put a ring on it…Jeeeeeeeez
    little children don't need to learn about that stuff, because they don't care. things like that (marriage,relationships) just don't exist in a toddler's world so leave them the fuck alone. don't sexualize children like that! man, i'm happy i'm not a child nowadays.

  27. 27

    Re: April 20th – I was totally thinking the same thing!!!

  28. 28

    Judging by most every comment it just goes to show how out of touch perez is with his gay agenda. Sesame street is for fucking toddlers. Push your heavy gay agenda on adults or teens, but leave the fucking kids alone perv.

  29. 29

    Stop pushing your homosexual agenda off on my kids. Just because two same sex characters are entertaining and funny to watch does not make them gay. And as far as rights go, I have the right to allow my children to watch a classic children's show without worrying about someone's political and gay right's agenda forced into it.

  30. 30

    Sorry, Perez- Sesame Street isn't going to change their mind about this one. Choosing to declare Ernie and Bert gay would HURT their ratings, not HELP their ratings. Pushing a gay/lesbian agenda with a young audience like Sesame Street will NEVER be tolerated. Hell, YOU won't even take YOUR gay agenda off your gossip site and start Gay/Lesbian site. You know it would tank.

  31. 31

    Sexuality has no place on Sesame Street, and your agenda, Perez, doesn't need to be rammed down the throats of children. It's up to PARENTS to teach tolerance IF they believe in it; neither you nor anyone else has the right to determine what's morally correct for the masses and force it on us. Sesame Street is an institution of innocence, and it should stay that way. By embracing a militant agenda, Mario, you are revealing yourself to be uncomfortable with your own sexual orientation; if you can force others to accept homosexuality as the norm, you'll feel not only normal but justified. Here's the truth: Not everyone approves of your sexual orientation, and not everyone wants their kids to think it's okay. And that's something you're going to have to deal with.

  32. 32

    I have no problem with people who are gay, I have friends who are gay but this is just getting out of hand. When I was a kid watching this show I didn't worry or care about sexual preferences or who was married. I watched the show because I liked it. Yes we should teach our children about bullying and homosexuality but that is something a parent should do or something a child should learn in school. This is not what these kid's shows are about. There is no need to change it. It would be one thing if Sesame Street promoted heterosexuality but they don't so why do we need to teach them about being gay? What is next? Is Sesame Street going to start explaining to young girls about menstruation? Or explain to young buys about wet dreams? There are subjects that these kids do no need to learn through their favourite tv show. It's about learning shapes, colours and their alphabet, not about who sleeps with who.

  33. 33

    I've always thought of Bert as a caretaker for Ernie - their relationship seemed platonic. Why does their relationship need to be sexualized? And as a parent, I find any need to sexualize PUPPETS very repulsive. Sexuality doesn't belong in my toddler's TV programs. PERIOD.

  34. 34

    The more the gays push their agendas, the more the public will hate them. Fuck you.

  35. 35

    Bert and Ernie ARE children. HOW should they be married? NONE of the puppets are married. Why should Bert and Ernie be married? Why is it that 2 people of the same sex living together are automatically gay? Isn't this judgement of sexuality? If the gay community wants to be seen the same as everyone else with the same rights as everything else, without JUDGEMENT why do THEY put sex into everything? My sweet butch friend says, "I am more than my sex organs." Maybe this is another case of "separate but equal"?

  36. 36

    How about this- we leave ALL sexuality out of shows aimed for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers…

  37. 37

    Re: damedelamour – You do not have to point out anything. Some things are clear on their own. My parents did not have to explain that people were black or white or gay or straight. I figured it out just fine. Bert and Ernie to me were a sexual, not sexual. They were just two friends living together. Why do we have to make everything all about gay these days????? Who cares. Do you and let Sesame Street do themselves.

  38. 38

    This is beyond ridiculous! They are puppets on a children's show!! Children don't think in terms of sexuality - as they shouldn't - it is a mature subject. And if I recall, most of the children's shows I watched didn't even have straight married couples on them - just characters - it just wasn't part of those shows all!!! They will be exposed to these things at some point - either by their parents or other media. Plus, it is ultimately up to the parent to teach equality - not a tv show!!!

  39. 39

    Is Miss Piggy a tranny? Seriously. Let this stuff go.

  40. 40

    Re: veggiemama4 – OMG you had me lauging out loud. My sentiments exactly!!!!!

  41. 41

    Re: MzCleo – Oh hell naw……ROTFLAO!!!

  42. 42

    It is crap like this that has changed me from being indifferent to the gay cause to become somewhat anti-gay.

  43. 43

    This is fucked up. I am gay, and to have Bert and Ernie come out as gay is ridiculous! Bert and Ernie are friends, and roommates. Having them come out of the closet as homos is just ridiculous. It will go to show that "guys" can't just be friends without there having to be something gay about it. If you want gay characters on "Sesame Street", introduce new characters.

  44. 44

    That's fucking stupid.

  45. 45

    it's never going to fly and this just shows that you'll give anything that's to do with homosexuality unfair preference over other stories. your starting to look like a sad old queen banging away at his laptop about really inane, stupid crap just to be saying something about homosexuality. ernie and bert were not straight, gay or bi as far as i was concerned when i watched it. they're were just two puppets living together.

  46. 46

    How fucking stupid. Kids don't need to be exposed to that type of immorality.

  47. 47

    Re: HairPlugs for Hilton – Very true. It doesn't even matter what the topic is. If someone kept telling me OVER and OVER to accept that Taco Bell has the best fast food ever, eventually I would hate Taco Bell and anything to do with Taco Bell. I'm not trying to equate Gay rights with Taco Bell- I'm just saying that not everyone will share your beliefs. A healthy adult will be able to accept that and still lead a happy life.

  48. 48

    Bert & Ernie are supposed to be kids. Sesame Street is a kids' show. There IS NO reason to discuss ANYONE"S sexual orientation AT ALL on a kids' show, not homsexuality nor heterosexuality. Just. No. Reason. Little kids do not need to hear about it. Just sick, really sick, and this will be major fodder for anti-gay campaigns and frankly, rightly so. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR A DISCUSSION OF SEXUALITY IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM ON A TELEVISION SHOW AIMED SPECIFICALLY AT SMALL CHILDREN. Usually I'm all for gay rights, but THIS IS NOT ABOUT GAY RIGHTS, it's just sick and anyone who thinks it's OK is a F***ing pervert.

  49. 49

    come on perez….u really support this? i'm all for equality and gay rights but i feel this is just going too far. just leave it alone….why do they have to be portrayed as a gay couple? they're friends, roomates….kids watch the show to be entained, learn to count and to learn they're ABC's….I agree w/the rest of the posts….Leave the show alone!

  50. 50

    Re: big_momma – you mean the republicans don't you? idiot…

  51. 51

    Re: AprilB – Perfect!

  52. 52

    bert and ernie are not gay and will never be gay. gay people need to leave things alone or leave this country or the planet we don't need them here like we don't need mexicans. they are taking over everything and everything has to be gay this and gay that. what's gay about whole thing is they don't know what they are talking about its like a giant cult they are brainwashed to think its ok to love the same sex. why do u think god destoryed saddam and gamora in the bible he didnt like gay people

  53. Wrenn says – reply to this


    I guess we are going to start brainwashing children early into believing deviant, immoral behavior is okay. This country is nothing more than a moral sewer.

  54. 54

    in my family gay people are not welcome and they will never be. i am so sick and tired of the gay "commuinty" parading around as if we didn't know they were gay quite frankly i don't care i mean you are like black people have to keep reminding us what you are we can tell by looking at you and how you act you dont have to tell us. we are not stupid. its a good thing that milk guy got shot this world would go shit in a handbasket

  55. 55

    I don't think the creators of this petition have ever watched a show for pre-schoolers…Do not sexulaize a childs show! So wrong. This type of show is not the place for that. The birds and the bees conversation for gay or straight people is not appropriate for this age group. Seasme Street promotes love of all people…that shoud be enough. Don't push your agenda please.

  56. 56

    Okay, I'm all for gay rights and that, but this is GOING TOO DAMN FAR!!!
    It is a CHILDREN'S SHOW!!! Why must it be sexualized???? The gay people are begging for a backlash. BEGGING!!!
    Just leave shit alone, okay? Really, I'm getting sick of this shit now.

  57. 57

    These are 3-4 yearolds. I am all for tolerance but children at this age do not understand sexuality nor should they.

  58. 58

    Thank you for fucking it all up for everyone. People have their whole lives to teach their kids about homosexuality and now it has to be forced down people's throat in toddler hood?

    If this passes you can bet any future kids i have wont be watching this, ill teach them tolerance my own way. By taking them to gay clubss! whooo! jk

  59. 59

    im all for equal rights, but fuck man its a kids show, where seuxuality should not even be an issue

  60. xoxoj says – reply to this


    They're puppets on a children's show! They'e asexual!
    Re: veggiemama4 – Although I agree with your idea, red hair is not a race; it's a hair color. That's what bothers me.
    Re: lamorena106 – Judging someone for their political beliefs is exactly what I can't stand about democrats! (I'm independent, I disagree and agree with both party in different ways)

  61. 61

    I guess you think they should make Spongebob come out of the closet too?

  62. 62

    I normally don't feel the desire to comment on anything you post, but this is ridiculous. Why do you want to force young children to grow up? They're toddlers. They can't grasp the concept of gay versus straight. Somethings are better left alone.

    By the way, get a better proof reader. There's a reason people make fun of you.

  63. 63

    You have reached the highest point of stupidity with this one!!!!! You are like the creepy uncle that lives in the back shed, scary and pervy…

  64. 64

    This is really warped!! I think America should start toning down a notch!!

  65. 65

    If you want to introduce it, introduce 2 new gay characters/puppets. Not Bert and Ernie. I do believe I read somewhere that this was addressed and Bert and Ernie are in fact STRAIGHT. Its one thing to teach children about homosexuality, but like a lot of other people here, I think it needs to be taught when children are old enough and mature enough to understand the concept. Not when they are 2 years old. It may actually promote prejudices. Are you really supporting the fact that our children need to be taught labels? Its the parent's responsibility to teach their children about these issues. Sesame Street and shows like it are meant to educate children about the alphabet, colours, and numbers, NOT about sexual preference.

  66. 66

    I mean if you gay guys are screwed don't bring down the kids with you. If this really happens. I say shut down Sesame Street altogether!!

  67. 67

    trying to make Bert and Ernie part of the gay agenda is just plain wrong and stupid
    the creator of Sesame Street made them buddies and that is what they are and that is what they will stay
    Sesame Street was not afraid to address death with an episode on Mr Hooper dying- very touching and extrememly well done for the age of the audience
    so if and when they find it appropriate to address gays in society they will do it and they will do it in a manner that is appropriate for their audience of pre-schoolers
    when you get right down to it
    it is more of an obligation for parents to decide how much information and when to present it to their child in a manner that they see fit
    each child is different so it is a very individual thing
    Perez et al need to leave Sesame Street alone!!!
    if you think a kids show should address the issue-then produce and pay for one yourself and put it on cable!

  68. 68

    "Bert and Ernie, who've been on Sesame Street for 25 years, do not portray a gay couple, and there are no plans for them to do so in the future. They are puppets, not humans. Like all the Muppets created for Sesame Street, they were designed to help educate preschoolers. Bert and Ernie are characters who help demonstrate to children that despite their differences, they can be good friends."
    -Sesame Workshop's consumer response prepared statement, 1993.

    " 'They are not gay, they are not straight, they are puppets,' says Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell. 'They don't exist below the waist.' "
    - Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street, pg 47

    When Michael Davis, author of the 2008 book Street Gang, was asked, "What's the biggest misconception that people have about Sesame Street that you're hoping to dispel with this book?," Davis responded, "That Bert and Ernie are gay… Certainly they [Sesame Street cast members] played to that notion and laughed about it and enjoyed speculating about Bert and Ernie, but the truth is that those characters are a projection of the real-life friendship between Jim Henson and Frank Oz.


  69. 69

    Don't mess with Ernie and Bert. Do the kids need to know their sexual orientation? Maybe they are both asexual so let them be!

  70. 70

    Stop pushing sexuality issues on CHILDREN!!! They're too young and impressionable to deal with those kinds of pressures so young! If you want to have a show that represents LGBT lifestyles for children, make a new show. Stop trying to force these issues into every single show on television. Geez! I'm a supporter for these issues, but we're on gay overload these days. For such a small population of people, you sure do know how to shove it into everyone's faces screaming LOVE ME, LOVE ME. It's too much! When I was a kid there wasn't all this focus on same sex hookups and so - I didn't even experiment because it never crossed my mind. Now kids are so fucking confused that they think they HAVE to experiment in order to know which they like better - same sex or opposite sex. That's an issue for me! People know deep down what they're preference is, there's no need to force them to confront it before they're ready.

  71. 71

    WHY does everything have to become a gay issue perez????? There IS such a thing as ROOMMATES straight men live together all the time and share a close friendship. Just because they are good friends doesn't mean they have to be gay. How desperate are you where you have to RUIN many peoples favorite childhood show and poison the minds of children..if parents want to teach their kids about homosexuality that is THEIR choice. not the choice of the school system and CERTAINLY not the choice is Sesame Street. Many people would stop allowing their kids to watch this show if this was passed

  72. 72

    I think they should try it for One day … like a dream or something like that… not permanent!

  73. 73

    This is ridiculous! Don't change a childrens show, and don't force children to have to learn about gay people and "tolerance" as you call it. They don't talk about LOVE at all on sesame street= not between a man and a woman, so why on earth should they address a man being in love and living with another man? I am sorry, but that just sends the wrong message. I wouldn't want my children watching that! Some things are just meant to be left un changed. just like changing cookie monster into the veggie monster.. I am sorry, but that didn't make kids want to run out and go eat veggies. If it isn't broken- don't fix it!!!! why the need to label people anyway?

  74. 74


  75. 75

    Re: DSummerfan – Like a dream? Are you slow? I can see it now.. "On this weeks episode of Sesame Street Bert wakes up with a wet spot in his bed and realizes he was fantasizing about being with his lover ernie, and getting married" really? WTF They are puppets they have no business dreaming about being gay with one another. The fact that you would even suggest this idea shows that there is something wrong with you. They do not ever talk about sexual preferences on sesame street and the show is designed to teach children about the fundamentals of growing up- ABC's 123's sexual oreintation is not appropriate for children that young! I am still floored you want two puppets to dream about being gay… creepy dude, just creepy.

  76. 76

    I think people should flood the petition with Anti signatures.. leeting Lair Scott know how we feel about her stupid movement.

  77. 77

    Lair Scott of Oak Park IL started this according to change.org

  78. 78

    Since when have Bert and Ernie been seen as a "gay couple"? They're puppets for god's sake. I have NEVER gotten that impression of Bert and Ernie They shouldn't have to change anything with Sesame Street, they need to keep it the way it is. It's fine as is and if kid's have questions about gay couples, they shouldn't have to turn to television show for answers, the parents can provide answers they're more comfortable with.

    *shakes head. . .remember people. . .they're PUPPETS!*

  79. 79

    This is going to far…..when I was little and watched Sesame Street….Burt and Ernie's sexual orientation…didn't even enter my mind….they were too awesome buddies living together….best buddies…that's it. Plus they are only puppets people…….

  80. Bree says – reply to this


    It is a ridiculous thought even. WHY is a label needed on everything now? To make everyone in every social group/race/whatever happy? How do we even know Bert and Ernie are gay? It was just an assumption made because theyre two males who are friends and living together. I live with another girl, does that make me a lesbian now suddenly?

    What happened to Sesame Street being about learning your numbers, letters, words and good manners and not about sexual preferences? I Understand it also teaches acceptance, but it doesn't put labels!!!

  81. 81

    Congress has been itching for years to eliminate funding for public broadcasting. Turning Bert & Ernie into a gay couple would be the final nail in the proverbial coffin at 'PBS. For many stations, the appropriations count for as much as 40-50% of their budgets. Lair Scott (the guy who started the petition) obviously has a gay agenda. Remember; they are puppets…they do not exist below the waist…Mr. Scott needs to get out more, he's been watching too much TV.

  82. 82

    I guess this would be great but is it just me or did anyone realize that Bert and Ernie are muppet children, I would love that they are a gay couple but in the show they are represented as being 6 and 8 years old. I would prefer they use the kids with two mommies or two daddies to show how families have changed.

  83. 83

    Are you serious? I grew up watching Sesame Street and always thought of Bert and Ernie as friends. Just because they are two male roomates doesn't mean they are gay! Remember Sesame Street is a CHILDRENS show and we can always teach acceptance in another way. I have NOTHING against homosexuality but this is ridiculous. Are you trying to make everyone gay? Because you know its ok for there to still be straight people out there. I understand that people need to learn acceptance and no labels but trying to have two gay puppets marry on a childrens show is going a little overboard. This is not about the children learning acceptness or stop gay bashing, its trying to get the parent's attention. Because last time I checked little kids don't go gay bashing everyone. Maybe they should do something more for tweens and teens but not for 4 year olds.

  84. 84

    yeah thats great…lets force two puppets to supposedly come out of the closet…that teaches kids alot

  85. 85

    Ssshh…do you hear that? It's the sound of Jim Henson crying his eyes out.

  86. 86

    Re: lamorena106
    i mean what I said and said what I mean, thanks, keep it movin and state your own opinion. Personally I don't want to hear it but do you as I do me!

  87. 87

    Re: Samtra – "Or you could not label them as anything and teach children to accept people without labels of 'gay' or 'straight' or 'black' or 'white' or any other label you can add to a person. By constantly adding labels and needing to distinguish you are further pointing out that there are differences instead of just teaching children acceptance in general." ****** I absolutely agree. I support marriage equality and individual rights whole-heartedly, and I find it completely unnecessary to sexually define these characters. Ridiculous!

  88. 88

    and YES its the dems who have all this special interest bs.

  89. 89

    If they make Bert and Ernie gay the only thing it will do is promote the idea that 2 men can't live together unless they're gay.

  90. 90

    as much as i support the gay community, i do strongly believe that the kids who watch this show are too young to understand gay marriage. when i was watching sesame street i always believed they were brothers. please let it stay that way.

  91. 91

    I have a gay uncle and I support gay rights, but I would NEVER want to see this happen in a million years.

  92. 92

    Also, as many other people said…kids probably wouldn't even understand or care about their sexuality they just want to hear the songs and what not.

  93. 93

    Mario, you are absofuckinglutely out of your damn mind.

  94. 94

    This is just making people who discriminate against gays hate them even more. Sesame Street is not the platform to chose to push gay rights.

  95. 95


  96. 96

    No, just no. Why does everyone feel the need to add sexuality to everything? Just keep it neutral.

  97. 97


  98. 98

    Gay people are so sexually aggressive, and openly promiscuous that they want to brain wash kids into being gay so that they won't feel bad about the fact that they want to molest them- there I said it. Gay's are the most vocal/annoying minority in the world. SIT DOWN and SHUT UP!

  99. 99

    That's ridiculous. None of the other muppets have spouses, so why should Bert & Ernie become an item??

  100. 100

    Is that all gay people are concerned about is outing people and now cartoon characters on their homosexuality?? Backlash anyone???

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