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2 comments to “NYPD Launches Social Media Unit!”

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    Dear Perez,
    I love your website…I have been a loyal follower for 4+ years.. lately I have noticed that the stories are ho-hum.. but then I realize.. it's the celebrities..not YOu! please find the dirt… everyone in hollywood loves you..go out and find and give us the GOOD stuff that nobody else will?? remember the coffee shop days? much love k

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    One thing I can say people really need education on everything. Anyone should know once you post things on your computer its there for most anyone to see. But for Criminals' your really not a PRO IF YOU POST WHAT YOU DID TO SHOW OFF now you got in to Big Time Trouble. Why would you "SHOW OFF" at least its what I call it. I do not like bad behavior but come on now what are you thinking. Its the same as someone say, "They stole my idea, well no you bragged about it to all the people you knew so now someone else had the money to patent it". Therefore now you lose. I feel so sorry for so many people of this beautiful world. I pray for them as well. I am glad the NYPD has that idea great, get the bad people they chose to live in the wrong way of life wasting their good life to do all these wrongs they do deserve to be caught and put away, or their life taken as well as they so easily can take another persons life, it s wrong and yo can not take it back once you have done that. I pray for NYPD to keep it going strong, plus i am an ex-Criminal Justice student from Upstate NY. Keep the people of the world safe, so we can live and die as God intended for us all. Peace out