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Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia

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This is just disturbing.

According to Corey Feldman, former child star king, pedophilia runs rampant in executive Hollywood offices.

Watch his interview (above) for all the chilling details.

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69 comments to “Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia”

  1. 1

    Yes!! I knew it!! They are promoting pedophilia!! Shut down Toddlers & Tiaras altogether!! Bring this case to the white house!!

  2. 2

    i saw this show. And once he said that, i thought to myself. why open up about it and then just keep quiet? either its being made up or if its real you are just then contributing to it. Cus hey you wont say names and while you are being all stupid and not wanting to do that . While other kids are being hurt right now this moment.
    and i mean come on (you havent really made anything special or will be part of anything anymore) so whats the diff?
    ALL im saying is…open up man up say names do something if it is true

  3. 3

    Wow perez how ironic. Now sit back and realize that you yourself are a pedophile. Fawning over underage boys and promoting toddlers and tiaras as a mid 30's male. I doubt many people would leave you alone with a 15 16 year old boy you sick fuck.

  4. 4

    idk if my last comment will show up cus i lost my connection but to make it short

    If he is there talking about the other corey and how he suffered MAN UP SAY NAMES DO SOMETHING. while you are being a little bitch other children might be suffering this exact moment .

    I mean its not like you will lose a contract or a big movie roll or show or some. I mean last time i checked all he did was a show that didnt last that long .

  5. 5

    I like this guy!! We are all for you Corey!!!

  6. 6

    I read some of his comments about this on a different (better) site, and my initial thought was that if he didn't realize until later that he was surrounded by pedophiles, then they must not have tried anything with him, so was he unattractive to them, or is he making assumptions and accusations that might be groundless? I'm sure that there ARE pedophiles in and around Hollywood (I'm looking at YOU, Perez). But if he's only going to give broad hints and not name names in an effort to right wrongs and protect those still vulnerable to these allegedly vile people, what's the point in speaking up at all?

  7. 7

    This is heartbreaking….although I don't understand why he won't name name - this guy should be expose!

  8. 8

    Some pedophiles are just blatantly obvious, where others are masters at their craft so it is very possible that Corey, at fourteen, didn't understand what was going on, if he had a master.

  9. 9

    I don't know what's funnier: Mr Feldman's attempt to get the spotlight on him once more so he can pay himself another dose of whatever he's taking right now, or you being "disturbed" Perez.
    Hollywood is FULL, SATURATED with child abuse&paedophilia. It's been that way since DAY 1: when Walt Disney, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Rudy Valentino were running the place (and even before them). And guess what ? They had heroin too in those days. Yippe-yay! Everybody knows it, it's part of your American History guys. Still, when somebody uses the word paedophilia today, you guys are SHOCKED.. like it was news to you. This is a pathetic way to get people to watch a show, since talking about prostitution and underage sex will always grab a bunch of prudish retards watching it. Let me add something: the parents of the kids know, and they allow it, and that program you're sponsoring on this website (Toddlers&Tiaras) is about the same exact thing: remember JonBenet Ramsey? Wake up guys, you're just fooling yourselves.

  10. 10

    I bet the perve is Joel Schumacher!

  11. 11

    Michael Jackson was abused as a little boy too!

  12. 12

    People didn't speak out then cause internet wasn't invented yet. Now since internet is up!! We should start to speak out the truth!!! Bring up to the white house!!

  13. 13

    Here is why I am thinking he hasn't named names. He has no money to defend himself. If he went after the big names in Hollywood, he would be fighting a lot of defamation/slander lawsuits. If they are "big names", they more than likely have the big time lawyers to protect themselves.

  14. fid says – reply to this


    @ La Garse, Maybe what he meant by that is that at that age you don't realize what's happening so you think it's normal. Especially if his parents were just in it for the money and saw him as a product. He does say to Corey that he was also molested.

  15. 15

    Hey wasn't there was a the goonies child star who became a lawyer!! He should spek out too!!!

  16. fid says – reply to this


    It's unfortunate but probably true. Pedophiles have become such smart saavy people, and they will have careers in places that allow them to be in close proximity to children. And another sad thing is that the police probably know it but because the criminals are rich with power, they won't do anything. There's a lot of superficial justice going on in their world but not a lot of real justice.

  17. 17

    this is just another dark horrible side of "glamorous" hollywood. feldman can't name names because he probably doesn't have the funds to battle all these entertainment big-wigs in a defamation law suit…

  18. 18

    I think its very sad that the parents allows this to happen. If wouldn't the parents, the child would probably be studying in Harvard or Yale and becoming a doctor already!!!

  19. 19

    I think one of the biggest terrorist of all times is in Hollywood!!!

  20. 20

    I believe him.

  21. 21

    Re: nicky45 – Wow you are really reaching there you dumb fuck

  22. 22

    Goonies sequel.

  23. 23

    And it's head office is this site. You are the Grand Wizard of Pedophiles.

  24. 24

    Re: nicky45 – You dick

  25. 25

    Pedophiles that use trauma based Monarch mind control….it is everywhere,fashion industry as well.

  26. 26

    He doesnt give the name, cause is not only one person, is a ring of politicians people in the bussiness and even the police.. if u check in the news all the time there re discovering pedophilia rings in all over the world. Recently the ring from the "Dreamboard".. I cried so bad when i watched the news.. that was discusting.. Perez shouldnt promote that tiaras show.. JonBenét Ramsey , Hailey Dunn, child pornography rings .. re just an example .

  27. 27

    Re: megbellvelle – The biggest perves in Hollywood are Jewish, and they control that town.

  28. 28

    Re: cbfangirl123 – Are you a pedo too? Get help fast!! Don't bother saying your not. The first step is admittance.

  29. 29

    To be honest I switched off when I heard how he pronounced 'paedophilia'. Kids shouldn't have full time careers in Hollywood full stop.

  30. 30

    Re: La Garse
    I agree with you, something doesn't ring true here. I am unconvinced.

  31. 31

    He's telling the truth, and I am very sad to say that I am not suprised. There is a lot of shady things going on in the entertainment business, a lot. Sexual abuse of children and adults, of both sexes. I'm very sorry to hear that both Corey and his friend was exposed to it, but glad to see that he refuses to stay quiet. Staying quiet about abuse will only be to the abusers advantage, and it happens far more often and to far more people than most realise. It's the most heinous act one can image. Pure evil.

  32. 32


    I hope those big daddy pedophiles in Hollywood get some massive karma coming their way.

  33. 33

    This information isn't new, it's been known for YEARS. What's sad is the fact that the parents of the children it happens to seldom if ever report it, for fear that their child will never work again. Instead, they get paid off. So, technically, their parents are ALLOWING it to happen, they place more importance on money than the well-being of their own child. It's sickening.

  34. 34

    Hollywood equals to Prostitution.

  35. 35

    I don't know how true his claims are but i think it's seriously worth someone looking in to. Obviously not the police because i think they are too easily controlled but possibly a journalist or reporter? If you talk to enough child stars, something is bound to come up.

  36. 36

    Bring it up to the white house!

  37. 37

    Re: Black Swan – "To be honest I switched off when I heard how he pronounced 'paedophilia'". I genuinly got sick to my stomach by your cynical remark. His pronounciation of anything is completely irrelevant in this context. This is a serious issue, and the fact that it's on TV and not in your own home, does not change the seriousness of this situation. To see this as an oppurtunity for you do bash someone for something as trivial as their pronounciation, is far more appalling than how annoyed you might have found yourself. Let's hope you'll never find yourself in a similar situation, sharing something so deeply painful, to only find yourself rejected because they didn't like how you said it.

  38. 38

    We get it Corey. You are so sexy even the men could not resist.

  39. 39

    I believe him. He probably has no money to name names because of the court trials that would explode because of it. Hopefully there's a reporter trying to work on an expose on something like this.
    Look at shows like Toddlers and Tiaras. It's practically pandering to pedophiles!

  40. 40

    They shouldn't call Hollywood Hollywood..The name doesnt fit the bill

  41. 41

    Re: Black Swan – You have problem of the way he pronounce it and yet you can't even it spell it right….alrighty then. LOL

  42. 42

    He needs to NAME - NAMEs…to make any interview or comments about child abuse matter. He is an adult now and he is only perpetuated abuse by staying silent. Yes, wide spread abuse by predators in hollywood exist, let's not say THE X MEN films….or should we…take every film or M.O.W. that has kids and you will find them…. some are not famous or powerful at all. But people keep silent because they want to keep their jobs. And it is true, the parents KNOW what is going on by like many parents who wanted their kids to hang out with Michael Jackson, they turn a blind eye, and 'imagine' that this is just the price of fame.

    There are some good people in Hollywood but when it comes to minors…..they are few and far between, and parents need to be held accountable. The reason Haimans mother doesn't want to speak out is she is ASHAMED of letting her son be molested and raped for fame. But she enjoyed telling all her friends about her 'hollywood' son….even dead she keeps the secrets. Cuz she has always known.

  43. 43

    If this is real I wish he would expose the man/men who did this. This is so sad

  44. 44

    Corey needs to name names! It's us the people who brought this movie maker or whoever in to power. I'm sure we can take him out if need be.

  45. 45

    All true. Parents pimp their kids out as actors so they don't have to work. Many of them only care about the money so they don't ask questions. Then they act shocked when they find out something happened to their child. Child stars have been getting raped/molested in the industry by the ppl promoting them at least since the 50's. Look up Patty Duke.

  46. 46

    I am impressed with his candor. He's been through a lot over the years. He seems to have matured into a good person and a good parent and it's very sad that he isn't in a position to blow open the filth factory that is Hollywood. I commend him for sheltering his children.

  47. 47

    Every six months this douche-bag comes up with something that the media prints. The only pedophilia he is familiar with is when he was Michael Jackson's boyfriend. He is a horrible actor, horrible singer and horrible friend. RIP Corey Haim.

  48. 48

    What do you expect? Hollywood is full of gays.

  49. 49

    Can someone tell me what that long string is next to his head? It looks like a black wire or string to sunglasses but I can't make it out?!

  50. 50

    If he really cared he would come forward with who it was that was molesting him. I bet he took a payout to not talk. That's sick! He should feel partly responsible for any other kid that person even thought about touching. Not to blame the victim, I get it. But he has come and said I was molested this person hurt me, yet he won't give a name to protect other kids. If I were a police officer or District Attorney he would get a summons so fast, he wouldn't know what hit him. Why didn't that reporter ask why he couldn't tell. He so took a bribe and he should be ASHAMED of himself.

  51. 51

    he also made mention of molestation/pedophilia during the reality show with the 2 Coreys together so I tend to think there is something there
    but naming names without concrete proof would lead to a lawsuit against him fasther than it would the arrest of anyone
    and what child had physical proof-especially after all these years
    perhaps once the person has died he can say their name in a public forum- like on TV as part of a discussion and expose on the subject
    he's not stupid-he must have talked to his lawyer about this and what he can legally say at this time

  52. k-lee says – reply to this


    So sad. Disturbing. The dark side of fame and success in Hollywood. :(

  53. 53

    He should name names! Not like they can sue him for any type of money - he obviously has none or very little…

  54. 54

    he's not saying anything that we don't know. I'm GLAD someone's exposing the pedophiles in Hollywood. Don't tell me those girls on "toddlers and tiaras" weren't raped or at least sexually molested. It's so obvious it's disgusting.

  55. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: boston61 – Research the issue. You'll be shocked. That's not it at all.
    I hope Cory's documented and secured what he knows as an insurance safegaurd for himself against something untoward happening to him now that he's spoken up.

  56. 56

    giving names is not easy. He may have proof of what he's saying and he definitely wants to expose the pedophiles, but many pervs are big and influential names in hollywood. He can't do much but just warn families.

  57. 57

    Re: Mad Dog – There are heterosexual pedophiles too. Not all gay men are pedophiles. Little girls get sexually molested more than little boys.

  58. 58

    Re: megbellvelle – true - so sad that if he were to take any action against this Big Names in Hollywood, they would crush him and trash him as a drug addicted liar. I so wish they could be exposed so they can't ruin more people's lives.
    It's obvious that something was going wrong in these child stars of the 80s - so many addictions for such talented children.
    And what cold parents to 1. use they child as a money maker (don't deny it, the lifestyle was cushy for you), 2. didn't protect their child from dirty perves, 3. when their child wants freedom, instead of thinking 'we've already had almost a million from this cash cow, that'll do', they took the rest.. (even if yes they did support Corey through school, rehab, etc. That's what parents are for - support and love)

  59. 59

    Does he remind anyone else of Charlie Sheen?

  60. 60

    last comment: do you the sad part of all of this? Corey Haim's mother still wants to ignore completely her child's sex abuse. "leave your son out of it"?? YOU are an accessory after the fact, which means you're AS pedophile as the abuser of your child. Face it, repent and SHUT THE HELL UP.

  61. 61

    Classic Feldman…He makes outrageous claims while offering no specifics. Lets just see this for what it is….the Feldster saw a chance to be in front of the camera and once again rushed at the chance. This guy is as big of an attention whore as Speidi.

  62. 62

    I think Corey Feldman is being completely genuine here. I respect him for speaking out about something I think is a real issue that SHOULD be addressed. Maybe his speaking out will inspire other child stars to speak out as well. I think We all assumed this was going on, but that isn't enough. People need to start being held accountable for the ugly cycle they create and the damage that they do.

  63. 63

    i know alot of ppl r wanting to know why corey said he could name a man right now that was doing this but wouldnt name names.ppl should realize if he ever did name names, then that person would come after him so fast in a law suit it would make your heads spin.without hard proof, we all know there isnt much u can do but let the perp know u are watching them.

  64. 64

    You know who they are, and yet aren't willing to expose them? But just sit back and let the cycle continue because you dont want your funds to be rolling in. Selfish prick.

  65. 65

    I love you corey, I have since I was 10…does that count for anything?

  66. 66

    it was michael jackson, and he molestedcorey haim too.

  67. 67

    I can't believe they summarize such an important issue to 6 minutes… just tells you how superficial the media is becoming…

  68. 68

    He's gonna have to name names, It's true though. I remember watching "Naked Brothers Band" with my son, they were doing a music video for a song called Banana smoothy, the little bother was for some reason wearing a collar and leash and sliding around on the floor shirtless covered in "banana smoothy" That's just one example, I've seen so many things on kids shows & movies that set alarms off in my head.

  69. 69

    the MOST ironic thing about this post is this fat bitch "perez" himself I know for a fact has knowledge about the pedophilia in Hollywood. Look at him pretending like he doesn't know shit. The problem is that majority of the heads in Hollywood are homosexual themselves like this sicko. I also believe Corey Feldman is calling out Judy Haim the mother of Corey haim to expose the man responsible for molesting him. Who else would know? You must understand Corey Feldman cannot name names because it could cause the destruction of what little career he has. He is already widely discredited for his drug use. These men are VERY VERY powerful and would sue the living daylights out of him. Open your fucking eyes people for the love of god.