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Teen Mom's Gary Makes It Rain For The Strippas!!!

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Teen Mom Gary Shirley

Just another reason for Amber Portwood to get pissed!

Apparently, Gary Shirley went on a $5,000 stripper marathon for ELEVEN whole hours!


According to sources, Gary made the night worth it by taking things from the VIP area into the notorious champagne room.

As of now, Gary has no comment.

Oooooh, Gary! Don't you know you could have put that money to yo baby's education!

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20 comments to “Teen Mom's Gary Makes It Rain For The Strippas!!!”

  1. 1

    this girl, is absolutely NUTS. She needs help, and he needs to get away from all of that.. HONESTLY, he's a decent guy shes fucking nuts.. maybe having her child taken away will smarten her up.. who hits their partner and talks to them the way she does in front of a child, especially one that age.. UGH

  2. 2

    Is this the only picture that you have of the two of them together?

  3. 3

    Soo…. whats the difference? I'm sure her money goes into drugs.. as long as that poor child is being taken care of by somebody, Gary and Amber can rot in hell together.

  4. 4

    They are so gross. My goodness. Why can't THEY go on a trip to aruba and dissapear?

  5. 5

    Perez you're late. He DOES have a comment, and stated that this night happened about a year ago, and he dropped around $100, not $5,000. He's a teenager, he's horny, and his baby moms is crazy. I don't blame him for having a strip club night with his buddies ONE night.

  6. 6

    worst fucking douche bag ever - other than hitting him in the face amber is a better person than he is.

  7. 7

    That fat bast*** had better run back to her, he's not getting any better! lmbo. His face, that look on his face. Love it! She's crazy, but i never see him with that kid. Both are trash!

  8. 8

    Im happy for him, after having to deal with that crazy bitch, Im glad he splurged on nothing but tit's and ass for himself..
    atlease his piece of ass is cleaner than the nasty men she's been with…
    I have to say those strippers looked allot cleaner than the men Amber started dating after she kicked Gary' ass and left him….

  9. 9

    Congratulation are certainly due to Mr. Shirley for perpetuating the cycle of girls with daddy issues.

  10. 10

    Anyone who watches this show and still thinks abortion isn't an appropriate OPTION for teen pregnancies is delusional.

  11. 11

    People like that don't value an education for their children they would rather spend all their money on things like strippers….

  12. 12

    Where in the world did he get 5,000 from? I am not a fan of amber, but she seems to be the only one with money (exploiting her child). I think they both need help for their childs sake.

  13. 13

    Is this supposed to be shocking?

    The reason he's on TV in the first place is because he's an irresponsible moron. Lol.

  14. 14

    Men who watch strippers have daughters who become strippers.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Azure88 – Can't improve on that.

  16. 16

    That picture looks incredibly staged.

  17. 17

    Completely agree with KWheezy. Their poor little girl sits playing alone while Amber screams like the fucking psycho bitch she is FOR NO REASON. At least Gary is trying to help get her out of the charges against her (for HITTING HIM) for the good of their daughter. Then she fights with him about it? Pretty gross he went to a strip club (I've been to one, just so I couldn't pass judgment on something I'd never done… and it really is actually quite sickening) but at least he seems to care about his daughter. All I've ever seen Amber do is whine and bitch about herself, who put herself in EVERY SINGLE SITUATION she's in. They need to award him sole custody and keep her away. I read in US Weekly that their daughter is already biting, hitting, and yelling at other children on the playground. Hm, wonder where she learned that from?

  18. 18

    Does he think he's a wannabe black rapper? Who the hell would drop $5K at a strip club? Fucking stupid. What a loser. And I'm an under 30 straight GUY. Please, better your family first. Your stripper days were done when you had an effin kid… and if he has $5000 to blow on that, MTV has paid him too handsomely. There's no way he got a real career since.

  19. 19

    well, he obviously have has a type… trashaaay.

  20. 20

    Re: imnotghettoenoughforanickname – Thats not true.. Most Men have seen strippers once or twice… and their daughters do not all become strippers. thats just ignorant.