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40 Hours Of Extra Footage Included In Star Wars Blu-Ray!

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Nobody was completely pleased with the prequels, however much money they made. We're hearing that Lucas is including 40 extra hours of footage on the upcoming blu-ray release of Star Wars — which makes us want to ask:

Is this his way of apologizing or is this just another ploy to get as much money as possible??

We're afraid it's the latter… but we can't help ourselves over HD extra footage from the original trilogy!

The other question would be: does this make U want to buy it even more??

Either way, check out the sizzle reel for some of the new footage above!

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6 comments to “40 Hours Of Extra Footage Included In Star Wars Blu-Ray!”

  1. 1

    If you are going to post news, post it accurately. There are three blu-ray editions being released in September.

  2. 2

    I'll take one, George. My son saw Phantom Menace in a theater when he was 1 1/2. See, he isn't jaded like the fans who saw Star Wars in in the 70's. He loves it all and I am definitely on the hook for one of these. I also enjoy it all.

  3. 3

    You posted this clip weeks ago, asshole. Why post it again?

  4. 4

    40 extra hours?? Of what? Lucas picking his nose?? Honestly, what good is 40 extra hours to anyone but the die-hardest of SW fans? I only know of two from my entire life who'd shell out money for FORTY hours of BS.

  5. 5

    i hate Stars Wars geeks

  6. 6

    With the millions of Star Wars fans all over the world Lucas is sure to make another fortune with the release of his movies on Blu-Ray. I know I'll be buying them! I just wish he'd check out fanfiction sites for new material. (hint, hint) There's been tons of great SW stories I've read; including my own unpublished continuation titled "Malignant Metamorphosis" which is posted on www.bookrix.com; as well as being narrated over a SW fan ipod station called "The Dark Empire." I've received comments that rave about my novel - one even stating that Lucas could've been the author and that they'd love to see it made into a movie. I've even received a phone call from an actor praising "MM" who played a star pilot in the original movie before it was known as "A New Hope." WoW!