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Bieber Fever Hits All Time High As Fans Go NUTS Over Sold Out Show!

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Now these are diehard fans!

Check out the video above to see fans lose their minds after the Justin Bieber concert sells out while they're standing in line!

We can't help but think these reactions are a little much, but when you're a Belieber, you go hard or go home!

Have U ever cried over a sold out show??

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54 comments to “Bieber Fever Hits All Time High As Fans Go NUTS Over Sold Out Show!”

  1. 1

    Enjoy it while it lasts Biebs, singers that cater to tween are notoriously short. Hope you have a plan b.

  2. 2

    This Is just sad.

  3. 3

    Did you ever see the reaction of the fans in Rio in Brazil on the Around the World video from the Backstreet Boys' release of the Black and BLue tour? It was insanity on a level that makes this look like silly child's play. As Backstreet's bus drove from the airport to the hotel the streets began to fill as more and more people filled the city center to just catch a glimpse. People were crushed against the bus and under the crowd. Eventually over 50,000 people crowded around the hotel!! The Boys gave an impromptu concert from the top of the hotel–but merely getting them OUT of the bus to the hotel was a nightmare!

  4. 4

    Silly reaction, yes. But behaving like your world caved in because you can't go to a concert is part of the rite of passage of being a pre-pubescent teenage girl. Just like it's a rite of passage for teenage boys to whiz off a balcony. They'll look back on this in a few years and will chuckle at their younger selves.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I feel bad for these kids. With the drug war and various other crap these kids are dealing with, its kind of sad. I could imagine this concert is like Christmas to these kids in Mexico. Im not a fan of jb but hopefully he can put a second concert on for these kids!

  7. 7

    This is sad on so many levels. LOL.

  8. 8

    same reaction to a underage teenage boy as a certain celebrity blogger i know …

  9. 9

    Lmao that's news worthy? Shame.

  10. 10

    lmao, how dramatically dramatic. Thanks for the lulz you dumbass kids.

  11. 11

    You know the world has gone to shit when kids in poor/troubled countries are crying over a bieber concert instead of a lack of education and freedom.

  12. pagui says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – ARE YOU STUPID?! YOU FUCKING IGNORANT! Monterrey is Mexico's second richest city, and the worlds 63rd richest you should really stop talking shit and know what the fuck you are talking about!!! monterrey may be insecure right now, but that doesnt mean people cant BUY things or go to a FUCKING CONCERT!!
    you know when the world has gone to shit when ignorant people say dumb shit. idiot

  13. 13

    Re: pagui – My my. Why couldn't you just calmly state your difference of opinion? There was no need to rage out on Pretty Boys, use profanity 6 times and personally insult her. That was a very juvenile and low class way to respond.

  14. pagui says – reply to this


    Re: PerezRules – WOW i cant believe you think that a justin bieber concert is like CHRISTMAS in mexico. how do you think people live????? we dont live in dumpsters! we dont go around in burros and we HAVE cars, i know SHOCKING we have electricity!!!!! this concert is NOT the best thing going on in mexico and it never will be!

  15. 15

    Biebs and his fans are totaly wacked. The Bieb as he is called is Douche Wigger wanna be. The little girls will find someone new eventually.

  16. 16

    I totally agree with 'pagui' what is sad is to see how people can be so ignorant and stupid at the same time. There may be bad stuff happening in our country but i bet you theres shit in yours too. So please stop insulting other cultures just because you are too stupid to open a fucking book and realize us people who live in Monterrey live in great conditions, there may be poverty but at least we have balls, look at you so sad having to attack other people just to make yourself look smart. And for your information, i DO have freedom and i go to a great school where i learn about things your brain is not even able to process, probably much better educated than you will ever be in your life. This justin bieber shit is sad, but no need to attack my city.

  17. 17

    Re: karlaflores – Then why are we being warned against going to Mexico, even resort towns, because of how dangerous it is? You couldn't pay me to go anywhere near Mexico right now. Violence, shooting, kidnappings, and drug dealing. Yep, Mexico is that awesome!!

  18. 18

    Re: PerezRulesRe: PerezRules – YOU FUCKING ignorant. Are you serious? It's not like Christmas for people in Monterrey or anywhere in Mexico. THINK: Poor people don't have the money for a Bieber concert, therefore the high class/rich people who are in the video are not poor and can afford shit! Bieber is also coming to my city Guadalajara (it's also in Mexico). You are so ignorant, I go to a school where graduates get into brown, harvard etc… SO NO, WE ARE NOT POOR AND IT'S NOT LIKE CHRISTMAS. And the drug wars are only in the border states you idiot, monterrey is secure

  19. 19

    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – haha lack of education and freedom??? The richest man alive is from Mexico. The education in Mexico is actually not that bad. Most graduates from my high school get into ivy league schools, and the kids in the video are obviously not poor if they can afford a freakin BIEBER CONCERT! Man I love ignorant people like you. GET A BETTER EDUCATION YOURSELF

  20. 20

    The girls were upset because they stood in line days and hours before the tickets were on sale only to find they sold out. Turns out the corrupted cops were only allowing ticket brokers and other people that paid them to cut in line while the others waited. Don't care about Justin B. but once again ticket brokers ruin it for the real fans that want to go the show.

  21. 21

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – Take a politics class or something, or maybe read the newspaper more darling. The drug war in Mexico is just violent in the border states, and the news in the US is so biased that they warn you against coming to Mexico and not leave your resort because they want to instill fear in you. The drug lords hardly involve civilians, they go after each other amongst themselves. MY CITY is so calm, no shooting going around anywhere, and no one is getting kidnapped. AND who is consuming the drugs going through MEXICO? People in the US, in Mexico people drink booze BUT hardly drugs, the drugs all go to the US! Fix the addiction problems in your country and then refute my arguments…IGNORANT!

  22. 22

    In a few short years (if not sooner) that girl will be so ashamed that she reacted like that

  23. 23

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – Um read a newspaper darling, or better yet take a government and politics class. The drug wars are only violent in the border states, and US newspapers are so biased that they tell you to stay away from resorts to instill fear in you. My city is so calm and tranquil, no shootings or kidnappings at all. The little stuff that does go on in other states among drug lords, they deal it within their circles, the NEVER involve civilians! You tried to sound smart but you failed MISERABLY…And the drugs that are going through Mexico end up in the US! Mexicans just worry about booze, hardly any consume drugs. Part of the problem has to do with the US's demand of drugs. FIX the addiction problem in your country first, and then try to refute my argument you !@¡%#

  24. 24

    Re: Sweetchio – lol, you're not serious are you? Maybe you need to get your head out of the sand. Sounds like they are leaving out information in your newspapers. Because honey, they're killing everyone down there. Not just "bad" guys. Good luck in your "perfect" country, you need it…

  25. 25

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – YOU DON'T LIVE HERE! How can you see people are getting killed everyday when that's not true? The government is killing the drug lords…a.k.a the bad guys…DUMBASS

  26. 26

    I find their reaction quite understandable. Obsessions like these rule your world without you really being able to do anything about it, cause they make you so happy. All it takes is a look at your poster and BAM everything is great. To see the subject of your obsession is just about the best thing there is and these kids stood in line. Of course they're gonna be crushed. There have been waaaaaay out of hand situations before, a lot worse than this. I would have kicked that reporter though.

  27. pagui says – reply to this


    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – STOP TALKING SHIT! you don't live here idiot! I've lived here my whole life! the drug wars are against the drug lords not civilians, and if civilians are involved is because they fucked up their lives with drugs. so you get your head of out of your ass

  28. 28

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – im glad you dont want to come to mexico because we sure dont want you in our country either. its sad seeing how self absorbed you are and how your lack of education is so obvious seeing as you dont even have a close idea of what is happening here in Mexico. I advice you to stick your head out of your ass and dont believe everything you hear in the news when you clearly have no idea what the fuck you are saying.

  29. 29

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – How can you tell me they're killing everyone down here, WHEN I LIVE HERE AND YOU DON'T? I'm obviously not blind or deaf and my argument is stronger than yours because I live in Mexico and see what goes on everyday…and there is NO perfect country…not even the US is perfect. People aren't getting killed, I don't know anyone who has seen people with guns around any neighborhood in my city. AGAIN, where it's really bad is just Tijuana and Cuidad Juarez, those places closest to the border. READ A BOOK ABOUT THE DRUG WARS IN MEXICO. YOU GET YOUR HEAD out of the sand…if it was seriously that dangerous in central and southern Mexico I would move back to the US, to my old Texas home… Sorry honey but I'm right and you're wrong.

  30. 30

    Lol i would never wanna meet him even if i was paid to !!! why would they cry , i feel bad for them when they grow up and be like around 35 theyre gonna look at this and god knows how theyre gonna act…

  31. 31

    Re: pagui – Ok, what about the 5 children shot down at a hot dog stand just ONE WEEK AGO? So no innocent people are dying huh? Maybe you morons should quit crying over a fucking Justin Bieber concert and focus more on your pathetic country and open your eyes to what's really going on. Comprende? Is any of this sinking in to you or do I need to translate this to Spanish? This goes to the other children who responded to me that think they know everything.

  32. 32

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – i doubt you know spanish, dont be stupid you dont live here. you cant seriously expect to know more about mexicos situation than some one who actually lives in mexico dumbass, and yeah some innocent people have died but civilians arent killed every day, read the newspaper and perhaps a book before speaking.

  33. 33

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – It's "Comprendes" not "Comprende" so don't even think try write in spanish because you can't even get the right tense for one word. And no, you don't need to translate your message to Spanish either because I speak perfect English and I am merely on of many US citizens living in Mexico. So I consider both Mexico and the US my country, and I'm not a child either missy. Second, I didn't cry over a Justin Bieber concert, it's those crazy fan girls who did. And there are crazy fan girls ALL OVER THE WORLD, not just in Mexico. Just search on youtube, for videos like this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTCm8tdHkfI UNDERSTAND that this argument was no longer about fan girls but about you talking shit about my country and being a prejudiced bitch. So thank you, for adding to the strand of ignorant people who think they know everything about other countries when they clearly have never visited or lived there. Stay inside your bubble :)

  34. 34

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – Haha, i'm pretty sure you couldn't even afford going to Mexico so shut the fuck up and GTFO.
    Go back to work, burgers don't fry on their own.
    And yes, there's crime in Mexico, just like anywhere in the world. Maybe if you spend less time reading Perez and tabloid crap you would know a fuck of what you're really saying.
    Stop being a shame for your country and finish college, get a decent job and MAYBE you'll have the chance of visiting Cancun or any other place in Mexico so you can remove the 20 kilos of shit you have spread in you brain and have an intelligent conversation with someone outside USA.
    I'm pretty sure more people have died in the USA from terrorist attacks and crime in the USA in the past 11 years than people in Mexico.
    By the way, americans are wonderful people, too bad you're so narrow minded to even dare to comment on a place you probably have never visited or ever will afford to visit.

    With all my heart, FUCK YOU.

  35. 35

    Re: DataCube – Aww, try again sweetie.

  36. 36

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – see no likes you, your argument is based on shit, read the newspaper, and then talk, you know NOTHING about mexico, and yet your talking as if you fucking lived here. FUCK YOU

  37. 37

    Recycled news sucks!!!!

  38. 38

    Re: throwrocksathim – No one likes me? lol, You think I'm concerned with people on this website? This is a place for shits and giggles. And thanks to most of you for giving me that today. Broke up a rather mundane day. Kisses doll!

  39. 39

    Being censored sucks too. Perez, I saw this yesterday on a well known site. All the other news stories today were from another well known website. Wtf? Take your news from unknown sites if that's how you roll damn

  40. 40

    Have travelled all over Mexico for business (financial services) and pleasure including Monterrey . Yes, some places are dangerous especially the border towns but not any more dangerous than most large cities in the US . People should really stop talking shit about a country they have never visited. Mexico is an amazing country rich in culture and history and totally worth a vist.

  41. 41

    It's heartbreaking to see those girls crushed like that. I'm in full agreement with those who support a second concert. Justin Bieber should see to it that this issue be handled. For those of you who were offended by the culturally offensive comments, rise above it. If a few small-minded Americans want to preach about something that they are, in fact, ignorant about then let them. Personally, I am from the U.S. but I do not claim to know anything about your country… as for you Americans… you should be ashamed. We've got a deficit to worry about.

  42. 42

    I´m agree with Pagui, I´m live in Monterrey too , so you can´t talk about something if you don´t know…so sad that you people live in the ignorance….This is A concert of the favorite artist of this girl….

  43. 43

    Re: PerezRules – How ignorant are you? like christmas? where you live?

  44. 44

    i live in Monterrey and this city is soo dangerous!!!everyday is killing someone :(
    do not know how this girls' parents allow them to sleep outside the arena monterrey. sad!

  45. 45

    You know the world has gone to shit when kids in poor/troubled countries are crying over a bieber concert instead of a lack of education and freedom….

  46. 46

    U.S. has problems and Mexico has problems and so do so many other countries, and we all exaggerate and act like we know what's going on in other countries when we really don't. You just have to understand that if you don't know what's going on from the inside then you really don't know. Peace to all.

  47. 47

    Re: karlaflores – You're mad that the poster attacked your city, yet you are attacking them personally. I understand that you are upset, but there is no need for such a hypocritical remark. Instead of insulting them, why don't you educate them?? Tell them about your life, and your economy. Just don't tear them down in the process. Especially since you don't like being treated like that, or your city.

  48. 48

    Okay first of all, I cant believe this video is on perezhilton. These girls are crying because the tickets here were sold out in just 2 hours and people waiting in line didnt get the chance to buy them. Monterrey is a big city, one of the top 3 in Mexico. We usually have a lot of artists coming for concerts for example Aerosmith is coming, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Mana, etc. One of our biggest issues in fact, is that ticket sales are really fast and for artists as popular as Justin Bieber a lot of people dont get a chance to buy a ticket. Fans are claming for a second date, which everybody thinks is not going to happen.
    People insulting Mexico should come here and see how we live first before saying such things about our culture, politics and economy.

  49. 49

    Hey, if we "Regios" are so ignorant, how come we speak two languages?, Have you ever come to MEXICO???? to MONTERREY? or Have you ever leave your city?

  50. 50

    what a racist people.. you dont have a clue of whats going on in Mexico .. you got no Future really shame on you .. good luck :)

  51. 51

    just some background info before you guys make assumptions… i'm from this place, monterrey, and i actually did get tickets YAAY :D (yeah im a true fan, i am way beyond excited, u couldn't possibly imagine) but, going to a jb concert isn't like christmas, our city can do better than that, though i feel sad for this girls who can't afford traveling to meet him at a concert anywhere else (I myself count me in here). This was their only chance to see jb and now it's blown, and believe me, any true fan who was in the line for two days, was one of the first 500 and then she didn't get tickets because other people rushed in before them, she would've cried. if justin ever sees this, i hope he realizes how much he is loved. :) i

  52. 52

    I can't believe the racist in the comments here! The note is just about the beiber fans, and all I can see is racism against my beautiful hometown, I live in Monterrey, we are in a war, but we are helpless because all the guns are coming from US, and all the adicts are in US, next time you try some drugs, think about people are suffering in my home Mexico just for you can have some addiction.

  53. 53

    Wow… it surprise me how people still think that mexicans instead of cars have donkeys and instead of clothes have zarapes… Im from Monterrey too. I see a lot of racism in some of the comments listed here. I don't intend to change your mind and I will not insult you, but i would like you to read a little more. You dont have to like mexico or mexicans but at least do a little research about the city that you talk about. I will not say that is the most secure town in the world of course not. But the news in other countries tend to exagerate… We have a problem in monterrey but its not the same watching it on tv that actually living it. So I invite you to get to know the city… you don't have to come if it scares you, i don't blame you a lot of people is scared… But you can read something about us "regios" i think we can surprise you, Monterrey is actually a really nice industrial city, home of one of the best universities in the world; and Mexico as a country has a lot to offer, a lot of culture, natural resources and exiting food (but not everyone can handle it jajaa) Peace to all! =)

  54. 54

    Re: pagui – Hun, PerezRules said "I could imagine this concert is like Christmas to THESE KIDS in Mexico" Stop ASSuming shit -.-