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Dear La Amada Hotel…THIS SUCKS!

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Absolutely deplorable!

We're disgusted to report that a gay couple planning to get married on a "vacation wedding" at the luxurious, five-star La Amada Hotel in Mexico were apparently told by the staff, via letter, that they would not be allowed to do so on their property!

According to the e-mail:

"Dear [redacted], Thank you for your interests for La Amada Hotel. Being a family friendly resort, we unfortunately cannot support or perform a gay wedding. I understand you want to have a small intimate ceremony, but we cannot proceed."


Oh, how silly of us! We forget that two adults in love and wanting to celebrate that with a ceremony impedes upon the resort's ability to be "family-friendly!"

Oh wait. IT DOESN'T.

Everyone involved in this decision should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, and we sincerely hope that their potential clientele take SERIOUS notice of this kind of behavior!


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126 comments to “Dear La Amada Hotel…THIS SUCKS!”

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  1. 101

    Re: AndyDJYJ – I totally agree! Read my post below. I don't think it's odd at all. I think it's ridiculous people hid behind religion, or what's 'normal' as an excuse to harbour hate or unacceptance within them. Look at back at the damage religion has done to human rights so far. 'thou shall not kill' 'love thy neighbour' .. basic commandments are broken by 'christians' all the time. But gays are the sinners.. LOL.

  2. 102

    I love how Perez hates on conservatives, christians, straight people, and basically anyone that does not support the gays but then proceeds to preach how everyone is entitled to their own opinion but our country sucks because most of us disagree with the gay lifestyle. Also…maybe Perez should broaden his vocabulary and not use the word deplorable in every single post. Or maybe his pea sized brain can't handle anything else….here's a tip mario, www.thesaurus.com.

  3. 103

    I have had many gay friends over the years and I respect their right to be gay. I also think marraige should be between a man and a woman and gays only want to be married for the

  4. 104

    Its not about religion. Its about guys taking it up the ass and sucking each others dicks. Fine, go right ahead - but MARRAIGE SHOULD BE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. Gays should not have the right to marry in any state or in any country. Just because you think it's right doesn't make it so Perez.

  5. 105

    La Amada is owned by the excellence group which also owns Excellence Playa Mujers next door which is adults only, but also doesn't allow gay marriages. This has nothing to do with family friendly

  6. 106

    Re: Meggie246624 – ] I agree with the fact that this hotel is a private business and they have the right to deny service to whomever they want. I just think it's wrong. I am madder at the people who find it okay to sit behind their computers and be hateful. Also, the reason why I type the way I type is because it stands out. This is a gossip website not a college or a university. Just as a business has the right to deny service to anyone, I have the right to type however I want. Don't think because I use profanity or type with capital letters I am uneducated. I am happy to tell you that I am a 24 year old computer engineer whom has only been in the U.S. and known English for 3 years. I have better grammar and vocabulary than a lot of people who were born in the U.S. It's ignorant for you to think that someone who uses profanity is lowering themselves. Using profanity is just a way of speaking, it doesn’t make anyone more or less than you. Did You Like The Way I Typed This Time? How Did I Do? I'll Be Waiting For Your Corrections "Little Miss Perfect"!!!!

  7. 107

    Re: malibugirl22 – You don't have any gay friends if you think that way. If they were truly your friends, you'd want them to be happy. You clearly don't.

  8. 108

    Re: TorontoKid – Not a comparable event - La Amada didn't deny this couple the opportunity to come to their establishment. They were welcome to go there as any other guest is welcome. The couple was asking for an extra that is not included in La Amada's - a wedding on their property. If guests asked the hotel if they could hold their baby's circumcision event with family & friends by the pool and La Amada said, "unfortunately no, as it would be disruptive to our other guests", that's fine. It's the hotel's decision choice. This couple was not denied the opportunity to go to the hotel as guests … they were denied an over-and-above request. Enormous difference than what you're trying to link this to.

  9. 109

    damn i didn't know so many americans (in the comments) where THIS anti-gay. it really disgusts me, i thought america was a country of liberty and acceptation. guess not! you guys have to stop talking about something you don't know anything about. discrimination is a serious issue, and there is NEVER an excuse to do so. i'm still shocked by the way some people can think

  10. 110

    I am so tired of people saying that being against gays is a view/opinion, it sounds like you're excusing it. It may be somebody's opinion but it's still prejudice. Would you call racism an "opinion/view"?

  11. 111

    Come on Perez. I love your site and I undestand why you don't like their actions, but if you preach open-mindedness then you have to accept that sometimes others are entitled to have an opinion that conflicts with your own. The best way to gain acceptance and understanding from the masses is to be understanding and accepting! If they choose to not participate then we should all respect their decison, especially when it was handled in a polite way. They didn't bash anyone in their statement, so you shouldn't bash them for their decision either! Patience and Understanding is what we ALL need and in the end it furthers the cause.

  12. 112

    It's their hotel, they can do what they like.

  13. 113

    Re: rosebud99 – you liberals are the most retarded and fear mongering assholes on the planet.

  14. 114

    Re: sefhaynes – As I understand, gay marriage is allowed in Mexico D.F. only. The federal government recommends all Mexican states recognize the marriage(s), but they still can't perform the ceremony. The Mexican people are less intolerant and more respectful of individuals. Some Americans act as if the U.S. is superior and bring that with them when they come down here. Please respect the culture. B-T-W, has Piggy reported on the gay\transexual marriage on Fidel's birthday in Cuba yet?

  15. 115

    all anti gays deserve cancer in the worst form.

  16. 116

    Absolutely horrid! I cannot believe how much hate has become a trend. It used to be a bad quality to hold so much hatred in your heart, but now these types of things have become popular.

  17. 117

    Extremely unfair but I suppose they are a private company so they can discriminate, someone needs to keep them in line though. When I went out on Saturday night me and my friends made the mistake of going to quite an upmarket club, they let me and my blonde friend in but not the other two (one was dressed more casually than the rest of us and the other was slightly overweight) based on looks.

  18. 118

    Re: AttFinch – IAWT I love your comments, you're one of the few sane people on this site lol!

  19. 119

    Like it or not, this is a business and they are entitled to service whomever they choose. It is privately owned and probably do not want to ruffle any feathers. Thats just the way it is sometimes.

  20. 120

    Re: Meggie246624 – I loved all of your responses today. :)

  21. 121

    Funny how my 1st comment to hubbwoof about Perez being a hypocrite didn't get posted (including examples of how so), but stupid little one liners did. I wrote my comment again, prior to this one- lets see if they both get approved. Hmm EQUALITY FOR ALL! Don't censor my truths!

  22. 122

    Personally I don't hate anyone, but when will you learn that the fact that one man finds another man's harry ass attractive just makes most people puke and we don't want to hear about it and it is nice to see someone that is not bending to someone telling them it is politically correct and stand up to them

  23. 123

    and it happened again.. so 3rd times a charm. Re: hubwoof – Oh please. You are disgusted with all the hate slung towards Perez? Get with it. He MADE his fame and fortune off insulting other people and being a negative jerkoff. He constantly drew jizz and di*ks on women’s faces and insulted so many people. He called people by so many awful nicknames with disregard to their feelings. He was notably the biggest bully around, and Khloe Karshian totally called him out on it. She even named him one of her biggest bullies and didn’t change his ways until this whole “it gets better” campaign started and she called him out and labeled him a hypocrite for attempting to tell people that bullying (It was commonly gay teenagers mind you) was “deplorable” all while he was constantly insulting and ridiculing other people. He deserves all the negativity and hate that’s been thrown his way because he dished it for so long. He is quick to blast people who use F** and F**** and label them homophobes, but when he called Will I Am a F**, I guess that was ok right? He is a walking hypocrite, defend him if you want- but he did this to himself.

  24. 124

    Re: MsJules – That was a nice thing to say. Thanks.

  25. 125

    Re: boston61 – You imbecile! Your "ne-ner-ne-ner" responses lead me to believe that you graduated from the Atlanta school system or didn't bother to get a GED. What critical thinking skills lead you to believe that I am a Republican and that I am not Gay? Just because I don't agree with Mario's Gay agenda doesn't make me either of your accusations. Not that there is anything wrong with either one of them. STFU. People like you and Mario, spewing hatred and twisted thinking hurt our cause.

  26. 126

    The hotel wasn't telling them they couldn't come there to stay, just they couldn't have the wedding there. Aren't there plenty of places in Mexico they could have it at? I think it's up to the parents to decide what their kids see and don't see. If they want to take them to a gay wedding that's fine but if they don't it shouldn't be forced upon them or their kids. Just because you believe in something doesn't mean everyone else will or should.

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