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Wardrobe Malfunction For Taylor Swift! Oopsie!

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Allz we have to say is that it could have been much worse.

At her show in St. Louis, Taylor Swift had a minor malfunction when she accidentally got a little too close to a wind machine while wearing a dress!

Total Monroe moment! Ha!

She bounced back like a pro, though, and didn't miss a lyric!

That's how it's done! Own it, gurl!

Check out the moment above!

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21 comments to “Wardrobe Malfunction For Taylor Swift! Oopsie!”

  1. 1

    this is old news

  2. 2

    oh perez, that wasn't a malfunction! she clearly wore an appropriate undergarment in case this were to happen!!! this wasn't worth putting up!

  3. 3

    Sort of charming actually…..

  4. 4

    Hey, look on the bright side, at least she was wearing panties!

  5. 5

    She used old lady underwear lol

  6. 6

    Why did leave comments on? For what purpose?

  7. 7

    do you think anything that happens to this girl is an accident? Just like when she put that youtube video on her website "insult to beyonce" and said she didnt mean to, uh im done! funny video though

  8. 8

    I was at this show. It just happened on Saturday night. It was definitely an accident. She looked really embarrassed. She handled it very well though and at least she was wearing underwear!

  9. 9

    Definately not an accident! The fabric on her dress worked perfectly with the position of the fan. Very Monroe! Very sexy! Love it!

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Re: SweetChunky – You mean she wears underwear that actually covers her ass which is the purpose of underwear, nice to know she doesn't wears slutty thongs like most tramps.

  12. 12

    E news pretty much wrote the same article a few hours ago.
    Re: SweetChunky – Like many celebrities, she was wearing Spanx

  13. 13

    ok so that is underwear. couldnt figure it out. lol. best thing wouldve been for her to wear dark blue panties to match her dress. sucks this happened but whatever…im sure she'll get over it.

  14. 14

    Awwww she's got a cute booty!! Nothing to be ashamed of :)

  15. 15

    Good thing she was wearing proper underwear. I feel like there's so many singers who wear nothing underneath and dresses, and I'm just wondering if the people in the front row can see up their dresses…haha

  16. 16

    She's wearing bloomers, the same underwear cheerleaders wear under there skirts knowing full well that their skirt will come up at some stage. Taylor wears dresses and spins around emphatically at every show, and knows her skirt may blow up at some stage for people to accidentally see - especially those that are in the pits. It's prepared for, no big deal, not a story, move on.

  17. 17

    She is so hot and sexy.
    Love T Swizzle.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Re: mariahcarey50 – Amen to that!

  20. 20

    Those are cheerleader bloomers. She uses them cause she is wearing those "piñata" dresses all the time and as u can see " shiz happens" .. i do believe that this was an accident though. I saw a fat girl had this kind of moment on the street once, she was wearing a thong but from behind, you would have thought that she was butt naked… So Bloomers all the way!

  21. 21

    it was obviously an accident why would she set it up?