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8 comments to “Jersey Shore's Vinny Pissed At Snooki For Bailing On Sunday Dinner With Him”

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    No, I would say he's pissed that she bailed on a dinner that she agreed to that was supposed to be for two contest winners. The winners wanted to hang out with those douchebags for god knows what reason, and she skipped out. It was kind of a screw you to those fans, and it probably didn't sit well with him. In the process of calling her out, he gave a dig that he knew would probably bother her. I doubt he's jealous of who's banging that nasty skank, just pissed that she generally sucks at life.

  2. 2

    Vinny is a bitch when he does NOT get his way. OK so she should have never blown off the dinner IF IT WAS SET IN STONE. He has changed so much since season one. I actually cant stand him anymore. Douche bag.

  3. 3

    I dont get why ppl love her so much she doesnt do anything but get pissy drunk??? It was rude of her not to show for the contest winners and I dont blame him for being upset Jealous no upset of how rude she was yes.

  4. 4

    tough titties.
    tough titties said the kitty.

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    Wow, that was really shitty of her. And I don't blame Vinny for being mad. In my opinion, he's probably more down to earth than the rest of them. Well, except when it comes to his taste in females. I think he sets his sites a little TOO high sometimes, like that dancer chick in Miami. But other than that, he seems great. And even without Snooki, those fans were lucky. Hell, i'd kill to spend an evening with a family like Vinny's. The Shore kids wouldn't even hAve to be there! But when it comes to Snooki, she seems really gross to me. Funny, and probably a blast to get morning-drunk with, but gross. I think I got the bad taste in my mouth after seeing her mack all over several different roommates in a hot tub with her fat hanging over her underwear in Season 1. To this day, I STILL get nightmares over that image. And I also get nightmares over the fact that guys have still touched her after that because it was BEYOND sleazy. I mean, most all of us girls have done something that we've regretted, but nothing THAT bad.

  6. 6

    her bosses should be the ones to dress her down for this one
    and if her contract says that she has to appear for things like this (which I'm sure it must) then they should dock her some serious cash for violating it
    if the contest winner was promised that she would also be there, then it is her job and her obligation to be there-barring death or major illness

  7. yeez says – reply to this


    Who the hell would enter a contest to spend time with these assholes?

  8. 8

    I very much doubt jealousy has anything to do with it. She made a commitment by participating in the contest and bailed on it at the last minute without any valid reason. She bailed on her fans, who are the whole reason she even has any bit of fame in the first place. I would be pissed too. But at least it seems like they had a great time without her anyways.