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Quote Of The Day

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"I spent every dollar I made on my music, my art. Every dollar. I don't wait to get budgets from the label. I do it on my own. I don't give a f**k about money. Unless it's on the stage, I don't want it in my hand."

- Lady GaGa on her music and art

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Dale says – reply to this


    ughh… she sucks, glad she's not as over exposed like last year… we need to cancel her out all together though. gimmicky clown.

  2. 2

    if she would get 1 dollar everytime she would BS her fans/the public .. she would be soooooo rich right now .. she would be at bill gates-level :)

  3. 3

    Ya, right.

  4. 4

    How much did she pay you to post this since she's becoming yesterdays toilet paper?

  5. 5

    Get real, the only reason you don't care about having money in your hand is because you have so fucking much of it in your bank account!!! I'll take Jay-Z's flaunting and Stevie Nicks' bragging over this BS anyday. GaGa I still love you, but C'mon!

  6. 6

    Not so smart gurl!

  7. 7

    I not sure if you are trying to make her look good or bad with this quote. It sounds like somebody going broke.

  8. 8



  9. 9

    Last year, I really love to listen to her music because all she did was doing good music. But now, I'm getting tired of her because of her ego and lies. Now, she lies again. if she really doesn't need money, why did she steal from Japan? Plus, she's been using gays and weak people to buy her music.

  10. 10

    If she doesn't want it, she can give some money to me! Or instead of the always ludicrous outfits - how about giving to the East Africans!

  11. 11

    She's so full of $#1+..

  12. 12

    didnt they say she made that youtube video "insult to beyonce"? it looked cheap and it didnt look like anyone spent money on it!

  13. 13

    If she doesn't care about the money, why isn't she donating it all to charity and not wasting it on crap "art" and hideous designer outfits?

  14. 14

    Honestly..that sounds like b.s…like far over the top…and i wouldn't call it "her" art if she takes it from others …-.-

  15. 15

    Bullshit. Bullshit. If it wasn't about the money, then why not give up everything not used for the "art" and the music to charity? God, she's so full over herself.

  16. 16

    The only people who can say they don't care about money, are those people who have too much.

  17. 17

    Then who the hell is buying all her drugs and alcohol?

  18. 18

    ….whatever…. Bull Shit!

  19. 19

    Hell - she should be performing for free then…

  20. 20

    Re: I Heart Britney – agreed. if she didn't care about money I don't know why she charged so much for her fucking tours! screw you gaga im over this new you, unless you go back to how you used to be you've lost me

  21. 21


  22. china says – reply to this


    what art? the art of ripping off other people`s work didn`t cost her a penny - yet. new song sounds like 4 non blondes what`s up. how is this art?
    you`re a moron and a fraud, not an artist, caca…

  23. 23

    She's such a liar and a fake fraud. if she didn't care about money she wouldn't charge so much for her shows. She would do like Prince and do concerts for $25 so that everyone can afford to go. Not buying the lie she doesn't care about money.

  24. 24

    Then she must not be makin' any paper because her shitfest videos look so fuckin' cheap.

  25. 25

    God, I cannot stand her!!! So f'n ugly & annoying & her music & her style SUCK!!! Get a nose job, biotch!

  26. yeez says – reply to this


    She spews more shameless self promotion than Kanye. Not easy. Not smart.

  27. 27

    She is the worst thing on the planet. I don't even want to breathe the same air as she does, don't want to be in the same species…make her go away, please make her go away.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    The practical reality of staying financially viable still needs to be considered if she wants to keep performing. She also needs to think about putting away for retirement, and perhaps may want to provide the same for her loved ones. Other than that, I understand.

  29. 29

    God she says some dumb things. She tries to make herself out to be some selfless saint. You can make great music at home in your bedroom for free with a guitar or piano FFS. Even for a mega-rich star like her, there is no excuse to spend more than a couple of million recording a massively promoted record. She's got no excuse to not have bucket loads of excess $$$ by now. She must include cocaine as an business expense.

  30. 30

    That's m o n e y, so sexy. Her old music disagrees with her new stance.

  31. 31

    i'm rolling my eyes at this bullshit

  32. 32

    Ah. So maybe that's the reason for the problems with the money for Japan, then. Totally sounds like a spoiled rich little brat, they never care about money or appreciate anything. She's really showing her true colors with this comment. Doesn't make her look very good at all.

  33. 33

    Wow…how humble

  34. 34

    Yeah she snorts all of that money.

  35. 35

    how bout donating some of that money to east africa?

  36. 36

    I call bullshit! How does she not care about money and carry a customized Hermes Bag? Also she looks like shit, her wigs are horrible and her outfits are cheap. No way she could have spent all her money and look that bad! I am so over her and all her shit! Fugly Bitch

  37. FS says – reply to this


    bull fucking shit. that's why she inked a deal with barney's 2011 Xmas campaign. liar.

  38. 38

    when she does not care about money, why doesn't she just give it to charity?…you know…by herself!!! rather than selling poorly looking bracelets for japan & asking EVERYONE BUT HERSELFto buy (=donate) one…the same goes with this barneys christmas-thing…such a hypocrite.

    btw: if you want to lie to the publice then do this at least well enough!

  39. 39

    She doesn't care about the money because she has so much and I think it's a good think she doesn't care about the money so much, makes her more human. But I think she could give someone money away to help the kids in Africa but at the same time it's nothing she has to do and if she doesn't want to do that you shouldn't judge her. Give some money away yourself instead it will make a difference.

  40. 40

    yeess.. sure u do gaga..
    sure you do.

    Stfu u fugly tranny