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15 comments to “ANOTHER Stage Collapses! Jared Leto Tweets Warnings To Fans”

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    Tweeting is a form of narcissistic behavior….like it is a jared world show…..

    he wasn't helping anyone…just making himself feel important..and you helped by posting this crap.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    The young guys don't seem to know what the hell they're doing. Lives are being compromised. Get some old stage hand pros to pass on the craft; or do they cost record companies too much money? Old designs held up, period, and it's NOT the weather. It's the engineering and the design, and the steel. You can only add so much lighting and gizmos. You need steel that has unfailing integrity, not cheap import. Unbelievable.

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    seriously @v@ ? A large tree fell on it, the winds were massive. The others didn't collapse because they weren't tents.
    It was the weather, such storms are unusual for Belgium. We weren't even warned for a tropical storm. I can't say anything for the other things that collapsed a couple of while ago, but the Chateau stage of Pukkelpop has always been there, for years, so it's not the design.

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    Re: @v@ – Well here it was the weather, I was going to go this saturday to Pukkelpop, and its a devastating news. The organization did a good job this evening and help everybody. There are things you cant prevent.

  5. 123CC says – reply to this


    No stage has collapsed on this festival. A few tents where people have to eat have collpased. I'm from Belgium and a it was a really really heavy storm. A lot of my friends are at the festival, and it's an absolute disaster there but no one knew the weather was going to be this bad and causing so much damage. My thoughts are with the victims off this horrible accidents and let's be grateful for the ones who got out safely!

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    Ok, so first of all this is a true tragedy. My thoughts are with all the friends and family of death and injured. Now, this has been all over the news in Belgium, already 4 died and there are more than 30 severe injured. It's truly horrifying! However this is something that nobody could've prevented, this storm was totally outrageous (and I know cuz I live in Belgium) I was so happy I was at home. Because really there was no other place I would feel safe! This was the worst storm I've seen in my entire life and the damage all over Belgium is big, so it definitely has nothing to do with the quality of the stages. The stages were also not the only reason that people got injured, even trees got lose and started flying around. Pukkelpop is one of the best festivals and it's just sad that this happened at the same time. I've heard from friends who are there that everyone was panicking and that created only more chaos. Services have been death for hours, so people at home couldn't talk with anyone. It's so sad! My thoughts are with everyone who's still there and don't know what to do… Stay strong!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jason_crisp – I'm not talking about a falling tree. This isn't the first year there were high winds at a concert. It's not the weather. Old stages were properly made and built. Nothing special happening out there that isn't cyclicly normal apart from stage set-ups that need a good, honest and uncompromised looking at.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Plus if winds are cyclicly proving to be stronger, then stronger stages should be built or concerts need to be cancelled, dates changed, or moved indoors.

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  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jason_crisp – Anyway, apart from your good points, all aspects of outdoor staging still need to be seriously looked at overall considering all of the recent tragedies.

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    I agree with Armkin.

    And still it wasn't the stage (in Belgium that is), people got injured and died at the camping place! It was the weather. How can you prepare yourself and the stages for something like this when this weather isn't normal for where you live? We don't have tornado's and such here. Sure in the US they're probably used to heavy weather, and they SHOULD be prepared. But this storm took everyone by surprise. We had warned "tropical" storms before. This was different.

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    at the moment there are 4 people who died and 60 injured… again a tragedy…

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    Re: @v@ – just saw your last comment now, after my previous post. That is probably correct, that stages need to be built correctly. But I do believe that in Belgium, the stages are quite good.
    In fact, the stages are still standing. It's the tents that caused everything, not the stages. But it's just really hard to make a tent wind proof…

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    3 people died yesterday, 2 more died last night. This is truly devastating. I go to Pukkelpop every year; I even had my ticket for this edition, but had to sell it ’cause I couldn't go after all. Now I'm really glad I did. I'm still awaiting replies from some of my friends who are there. I hope they're safe. The ones that are already home are severely bruised, just because of the hailstorm. The weather was brutal yesterday. Such a tragedy. My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims.

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    My friends bro went there and nearly died… A tree fell on his tent luckily he wasnt in it…My prayers go for those families..