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Who Was Voted America's Most Popular Celebrity?

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We hate to say this, but DUH!

As if this is even a question!

According to a recent, 2,000 person poll, conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, to determines which celebrities are most and least likely to drive business through an endorsement deal, Betty White, AKA the baddest bitch in Hollywood, came in at number ONE!

Pretty spot on! We'd buy fragments of blown-out tires if Betty were selling them!


Check out the rest of the list…AFTER THE JUMP!

[Image via WENN.]

Most Popular:

1. Betty White - 86% Favorable
2. Denzel Washington - 85%
3. Sandra Bullock - 84%
4. Clint Eastwood - 83%
5. Tom Hanks - 81%
6. Harrison Ford - 80%
7. Morgan Freeman - 79% (tie)
7. Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) - 79% (tie)
9. Will Smith - 77%
10. Johnny Depp - 76%

Least Popular:

1. Paris Hilton - 60% Unfavorable
2. Charlie Sheen - 52%
3. Britney Spears - 45% (tie)
3. Kanye West - 45% (tie)
5. Arnold Schwarzenegger - 44%
6. Tiger Woods - 42%
7. Kim Kardashian - 38%
8. Mel Gibson - 33%
9. Donald Trump - 31%
10. LeBron James - 29%

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26 comments to “Who Was Voted America's Most Popular Celebrity?”

  1. 1


    Why is Britney TIED with Kanye on the LEAST popular? Below MEL GIBSON, ARNOLD S, TIGER WOODS…. WTF?!?! Makes no sense!

  2. 2

    Re: Fantasy – Agree. Sad to see Britney on that list. Replace her name with Lindsay Lohan and it makes a bit more sense. And kudos to Sandra Bullock - who else could marry a racist and come out smelling like a rose? She is a master of damage control and PR.

  3. 3

    Makes total sense to me. The only people who care about Britney are people who like bad music and voices autotuned out the ass.

  4. 4

    Re: bohonk – Britney is an excellent writer, when she chooses to write, and she's just keeping up with the era we are in staying relevant.

  5. 5

    Ya Go Rose!

  6. 6

    I agree w most of the least popular but DEFINITELY NOT BRITNEY!!!!! Shes obviously not to unpopular or she wouldnt be on a successful worldwide tour right now!!

  7. 7

    this is a fake poll. Where's Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga for unfavorable?

  8. 8

    LOL the least popular are the most talked about go figure, but I like how the top ones are all pretty well respected and Denzel, I swear he's in every movie it's like directors go what bad ass guy can we get to play this part? and someone goes Denzel…mmm hmmm.

  9. 9

    I don't get all the obsessive love towards Betty White… I like her but she is everywhere. I really don't get why Britney is on the dislike list.

  10. 10

    Looking at the least popular list makes me laugh because it's so true LOL. Except maybe Lindsey Lohan…. She should be on there.

  11. 11

    Okay.. Betty White annoys me. and why the hell do Americans like Kate Middleton so much?

  12. 12

    And how was this poll regulated ? Did they only have the names listed above on the poll and ppl had to pick their least and their favs off of the list ? By the names on both of the lists I am saying that is how it probably played out. Fake poll. I don't believe any of it. There is no way that 2000 random ppl picked by random Betty W as the #1. she is not on ppls minds that much unless she was just on tv for something or another. PPl fall for anything nowadays.

  13. 13

    People who participate in this poll are sent a list of celebrity names. For each name, they are supposed to mark how familiar they are with them on a scale of 1-5 (which determines their "popularity" numbers) and then how favorable their impressions of each celebrity is (Determining their favorability).

  14. 14

    This was a poll that stated "What celebrity would you most likely by a product from … ?" Popularity is different ….

  15. 15

    it's a poll done yearly by Reuters/Ipsos that companies use when deciding what celebrities to sign to endorse their products. it's a way for them to judge how favorable people view celebrities and whether their endorsements will help/harm the product being sold.

  16. 16

    I agree with most of it, the only really weird one is Britney. Am I seriously missing something?

  17. 17

    so the list is devided into old actors
    and young singers/public names

  18. 18

    i agree with Betty for #1

    but watch that top 10 list

    you can tell these 2000 people who voted
    are above the age of 35…

  19. 19

    britney is hated by every one in the world
    she is a has been

  20. 20

    every one on the plant hates pigney spears
    she is the queen of shits

  21. 21

    femme fat IS A MAJOR FLOP
    she's over since in the zone

  22. 22

    pigney is hated by all ppl all round the world

  23. 23

    shitney is A HAS BEEN
    every one knows this fact EVEN SHITNEY HERSELF

  24. 24

    Re: madonna is shit – Hahaha I love your comments

  25. 25

    this list was put together by a tween and her fat stay at home mother

  26. 26

    LOL his wifey isn't on the list.. thats funny to me. When she first came out- she was a breath of fresh air and I'm pretty sure she coulda topped (or placed in the top) of this list.. now theres not even a mere mention of her. Just a matter of time…. she'll be as relevant as ke$ha