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Russell Armstrong's Memorial Service Will Be Wednesday

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So glad this has all been resolved.

A memorial service for Russell Armstrong has been officially scheduled for Wednesday at the Church of the Hills at Forest Lawn cemetery in El Lay.

Although it's unclear if his family will attend the 3pm ceremony, Russell's body's ashes will be split between there and with relatives in Texas.

Seems like a fair compromise.

Hopefully now they can put the drama behind them and focus on helping one another work through their.

Stay strong. You're all in our thoughts.

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Russell Armstrong's Memorial Service Will Be Wednesday”

  1. 1

    Taylor caused all the problems in her marriage…what woman would sign up for the show if she "allegedly" had an abusive husband???

    I hope they shut the whole thing down and dump season two….Taylor does not deserve any attention.

  2. 2

    This does not qualify as celebrity news.

  3. 3

    Way to seize the opportunity to use "El Lay" in a story about someone's memorial service. Nice! There's never an inappropriate time for wit like that!

  4. 4

    SO THE FUCK WHAT? Leave them alone. The man committed suicide for God's sake. Oh Perez, you have not changed a bit. IN fact, you are still more full of BS nonsense and all about money then you ever were. Here's a hint for you: NO ONE CARES. Some day you will ROT IN HELL for being so intrusive into other's lives. Everyday I hate you more. You will pay the piper some day. Perez is as phony as the day is long. It's all about the MONEY. The more he posts, and the more you read, the more he makes.

  5. anom says – reply to this


    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal
    then why are you on this website?…..

  6. 6

    not in my thoughts. I could not possibly care less about these awful people.

  7. 7

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – you are a deeply disturbed person. Why come to this web site if you dislike it so much.

  8. 8

    Taylor is a peace of crap.. first she talks about him like he is a monster then makes a public display of his services… no class!! I hope she will no longer be on the show.. bye big mouth!!

  9. 9

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – You're totally wrong about Perez. He's sincere and he's loving!!! How can you think otherwise!?!!?? If you have such hatred for him, why are you here? Are you a masochist? (sorry, I would bet I spelled that wrong). Find your happiness, woman!!! Get away from Perez and find that celeb news person who you can respect and appreciate. If it's not Perez, it's just not. But for me, it IS!!!! I find him refreshing and loving and empathic and funny as shit!!! anyone who's here slamming him wrecks my happy time here! No offense to you or the other haters, but please - don't keep making my Perez experience uncomfortable! Just asking as a fellow human who wants some happy celeb news. I love Perez with a very big — likely enlarged — heart!!! I may only have 5 minutes left. Let me have it in piece!!!! Love to all of you, people!!!! :* Give peace a chance!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    Whoever wrote this post please re read it and correct the mistakes. Oh wait, maybe you can't figure out what the mistakes are. I bet that is it.

  11. 11

    immediately following there will be a wife beating extravaganza & a fist fucking demonstration. BYOG bring your own grease.

  12. 12

    splitting the ashes? Thats like, weird.
    What if he wasnt creamated…you wouldnt split a body, would ya?