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Lindsay Lohan Stars In New Music Video

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As we previously mentioned, Lindsay Lohan was going to star in a music video for the Florida based band Miggs.

And now we have the footage to share with you!

Check out the video above to see LiLo as a graffiti artist, taggin’ some slab to some rockin’ tunes!

What do U think of her cameo?

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25 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Stars In New Music Video”

  1. luvu2 says – reply to this


    Whenever I see LL in a project(video,movie), I'm reminded that underneath all the tabloid fodder and sense of entitlement, she really is a damn good actor. She has great on screen presence and timing, not to mention the fact that she's beautiful. It's a shame she went and f-cked it up.

  2. 2

    #1. Its not a cameo when she is the lead roll.
    #2. This has been on Youtube over a week.
    #3.You are an idiot.
    #4. You are a pedophile.
    #5. You are an idiot.

  3. 3

    Great acting talents gone to waste

  4. 4

    I love the video and Lindsay is beautiful!!!!

  5. Coqi says – reply to this


    Re: Pubic_Scalp_child_bullier – Was about to say the same - not a cameo if she is the center of the video. And…Mario is an idiot.

  6. laz says – reply to this


    kewl- thumbs up

  7. 7

    lead or cameo, there was no acting. this video is a joke, song is eh. ok.

  8. 8

    love lindsay!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    She is a loser. Period. End of. Wish she would go the f*ck away already!

  11. 11

    Even though I do not like her, I liked this video.

  12. 12

    A good actress? Give me a break. Her 'character' here is just 'Lindsay Lohan with a spray paint can'.

  13. 13

    BARF…..Let's be honest here….only reason she was cast was this group got their name out there because of all the controversy around her…..otherwise it would be an "eh" video. Maybe she made enough to payoff her dealer….or maybe her therapist she tried saying she couldn't pay.

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park…but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl……White Trash always shows…..

  14. 14

    shes so gorg, i just wish she wansnt soo far lost/fucked up

  15. 15

    that hair and her lips…. bleh so fake. and that song was pretty bad. i think they got lindsay to distract from how bad it is.

  16. 16

    This song and video are fail. Lindsay Lohan- fail. Once again complaining about the paps- fail. Hair and make-up… fail.

  17. 17

    Honestly speaking the big winner is the band, who nobody knows and now with Lidnday on the video people will start to talk about them. As for Lindsay doesn't make any difference for her anymore: she will not get more or get less recognized because of this. Her time is already over, everybody knows it.

  18. 18

    I wanted to like it, but nothing memorable here, including the song. The vid was better with the sound off. The Miggs will get noticed, but they are older and music sounds dated and a weak frontman. I bet that lohan has a better chance at a comeback than these guys do at achieving any musical success.

  19. 19

    Lindsay PLEASE act and sing more

  20. 20


  21. 21

    the music - great summer tune for college kids on spring break
    lindsay - really did something strange to her face with whatever procedures she's had. I always thought she looks much better in darker hair. guess she's at the point where she"ll do whatever pays the bills. poor thing.

  22. 22

    Sad she doesn't realize she was used … this band and it's song was horrible … and they knew it … so why not get the biggest tabloid f*ck-up to star in it … what terrific press for them. Lohan continues to be used and is simply too vain and stupid to realize it.

  23. 23

    She is actually talented, such a shame she fucked up her life, career, body and face.

  24. 24

    she really isn't horrible she does have talent i just wish the same Mean girls Lindsay would come back : ( the same dedication and seriousness she could really have a career

  25. 25

    she wishes she was sweet enough to paint….fucking idiot