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Toxicology Results Are In! Amy Winehouse Was NOT On Drugs When She Died!

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Amy Winehouse Not On Drugs At Death

The coroner has the answers, and guess what, world! It's not what you've been joking about for the last month!

According to a statement released by the family:

Toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy's system at the time of her death. Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death. The family would like to thank the police and coroner for their continuing thorough investigations and for keeping them informed throughout the process. They await the outcome of the inquest in October.

So there you have it!

Amy Winehouse was not doing drugs when she passed. As for the alcohol's role in her death, that has yet to be determined.

We'll keep you updated!

[Image via WENN.]

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51 comments to “Toxicology Results Are In! Amy Winehouse Was NOT On Drugs When She Died!”

  1. 1

    so how did a 27 year old die?

  2. 2

    Im gonna call BS on that…. They are to quick to cover up for celebs these days, unless they released the lab results I will not believe that… Once a junkie always a junkie, lemme guess it will come back as pneumonia just like every other star they killed themselves with an overdose. Stop giving these celebs saint statue and tell it like it is. She was a heroin junkie that her drug choices finally caught up with her, don't sugar coat it for her mindless sheep fans that would believe the sky was falling if she said so…

  3. fiera says – reply to this


    She probably drank too much and her liver gave out. The doctor warned her not to drink weeks before her death

  4. 4

    Just because there were no ILLEGAL drugs in her system doesn't mean there weren't PRESCRIPTION drugs in her system… DUH.

  5. 5

    Who the fuck has been joking about it? This website is run by morons. I have read a lot of opinions about her death on the net, but I can't remember anyone joking about it. It's a bit sad Mario etc are try to glaze over the role that Amy's addiction played in her demise. It really isn't beneficial to anyone to pretend that sort of lifestyle doesn't come at a massive cost to your health & future.

  6. 6

    Face it…or not…she drank and drugged herself to death.
    She kept up her self-destructive death wish behavior until her body couldn't take it anymore and gave up the ghost.
    RIP, sweet girl. I hope you have peace now.

  7. buck says – reply to this


    her left tit seems to be making s break for it

  8. buck says – reply to this


    awe, such a shame when a clean, wholesome young lady dies from natural causes at 27

  9. 9

    I agree with marcee12 …
    Just because there were no ILLEGAL drugs in her system doesn't mean there weren't PRESCRIPTION drugs in her system… DUH.

  10. 10

    Illegal substances are not the only form of drugs that can kill you.. perhaps she overdosed on drugs that are considered non illegal substances- if you mix too many alcoholic drinks and too many painkillers (NON ILLEGAL MIND YOU) you can easily die from this cocktail. I feel like they are releasing half truths. Sure they released a report saying no evidence of illegal substances (crack, coke, meth etc) but they did not mention anything regarding any medications she may have been prescribed etc. Hmm I call tampering on this one.. call me pessimistic.. But I'm sticking with my opinion.

  11. 11

    Although she may not have had drugs in her system, it probably was drugs that killed her, in that the damage had already been done due to her prior heavy use.

  12. 12

    You tool…read the report more carefully…there were no ILLEGAL drugs in her system….that doesn't mean that there were no LEGAL drugs in her system. Plenty of legal drugs will kill you.

  13. 13

    Re: celeb-addict – Exactly.

  14. 14

    So a 27 year old drug addict did not die from drugs??? ok, sure. I love Amy Winehouse to death, probably my favorite singer, but I dont think hiding the real reason for her death and pretending she didnt have a problem with drugs and alcohol is not going to help or benefit the young girls that love her music and idolize her like I did when I was a little younger…

  15. 15

    Re: PrincessLisaEmma – exactly! Thats what I wanted to comment as well !

  16. 16

    Re: April 20th – Exaclty,For you to imply clean blood means that habitual drug abuse, that you reported on incessantly, didn't contribute to her death is irresponsible. You also reported she hadn't had alcohol in 3 wks. When your organs no longer work correctly (because of drug abuse) you are susceptible to anything. Rip Amy..What's ur point perez

  17. 17

    KEY WORDS: "no illegal substances" - Amy's addiction KILLED HER PERIOD! Stop glossing over it. A healthy 27 year old woman doesn't just die. Her life choices led to her eventual demise, whether she was on anything or not at the time of her death is irrelevant.

  18. 18

    Perez, I hope when you die, bloggers and journalist use as flattering as a photo as you picked for Amy for this atricle.

    Seriously, of all the photos to chose from…

  19. 19

    finally, all these haters can shut up! her family said she was clean do you think they would be lying?? I hope we can find out what actually happened to her and investigate the howling and screaming noises one of her neighbors heard the night before, i believe some foul play was involved here, why isn't anyone investigating this? and the fact her apartment also got robbed? am i the only one who thinks this is sketchy? I just hope justice can be served and she can RIP we love ya amy

  20. SRM says – reply to this


    Perez I liked it better when you were honest and real. I though you were a little mean at times but at least you spoke your mind. Now that you've become a celebrity you've turned into a sycophant. She was 27 years old with a raging drug addiction which I only had knowledge of through this site, PerezHilton.com. Even if no illegal drugs were in her system, the years she spent abusing her body with drugs and alcohol contributed to her demise. It is utterly irresponsible to act as if the drugs had nothing to do with her death. Go ahead. Tell every kid in the world that they can be a raging drug abuser but, don't worry, it won't kill you. Something else will instead. Because that's pretty much what you're doing. Very, Very irresponsible.

  21. 21

    DAMN people I am sure its the truth, they said THEY DIDNT SAY ABOUT THE ALCOHOL YET!!!!!!!! she prob died from either alcohol poisoning or from her trying to stop drinking on her own n was withdrawing and died from that, A lot of people die bc they think they can stop drinking on their own but u cant it takes help and meds to help u stop u can die very easily that way, have some compassion people god damn!!!!!!

  22. 22

    Re: SRM – Yeah ,exactly what I meant but didn't say as well!

  23. 23

    Just because there were no drugs in her system when she died doesn't mean they didn't contribute. All the results tell us is that she didn't take an overdose or anything. The damage was already done and her body just gave up.

  24. 24

    The report said no ILLEGAL drugs you asshat.

  25. 25

    Mario calling the world out for jokes is poor taste. Thats like Hitler calling out Mel Gibson.

  26. 26

    Need I remind you, Perez, that ALCOHOL IS A DRUG

  27. 27

    She may not have had it in her system at the time….even if she was trying to get clean, drugs and alcohol are what ultimately killed her…..she ruined her body

  28. 28


  29. 29

    So she didn't die of illegal drugs.. instead she did die from LEGAL drugs.. like prescriptions. How else would someone that's 27 with previous drug and alcohol abuse die… ?

  30. 30

    Re: sexigurlcancan28 – That's what I think.Alcohol withdrawal can kill you! And alcohol would still be in your blood for quite some time.

  31. 31

    It doesn't change the fact that if she'd never been a drug and alcohol addict she'd still be alive…Even f it was withdrawal it was caused by addiction.

  32. 32

    Re: MartiniShake – Are you kidding? Everyone has been making "Rehab" jokes ever since she passed.

  33. 33

    I heard even though she was not using drugs weeks before she died she suffered from daily seizures that were caused by the years of heavy drug use. It all took a toll on her body.

  34. 34

    Regardless of whether drugs were in her system when she died, they are at the very least indirectly responsible. She was unhealthy because of her drug history and while she may not have died because of an overdose, not many people would disagree that if she'd never been a drug addict she'd more than likely still be alive.

  35. 35

    The drugs probably caused a long term effect as well as the drinking and probably as many as you said even if wasn't "illegal" drugs it could be some other kind.

  36. 36

    Im not quite sure why everyones so obsessed with her drug use. Yes she did drugs - "DUH" but she did try to get well. However my fellow braniacs, the long term effect drug use has on your body continues long after you stop. So the damage was already done, sadly. As far as perscription drugs are concerned i think if she wanted to pop pills shed pop the real thing instead of hiding behind perscribed drugs. She might have taken too many with alcohol, or mixed some not know and her body after years of abuse gave up. This happens everyday. So shut the fuck up and stop pinning her as a drug addict that everyones lying about. We all know drugs played a roll in her death but it couldve been past drug use to. Stop obsessing over shit talking a dead person.

  37. Nix says – reply to this


    First of all no illegal drugs is not the same thing as no drugs. She could have been pumped full of prescription drugs and alcohol at the time of her death. Even if she were 100% clean at the time of her death (which we know already she wasn't) it does not mean that drug use did not cause her death. She abused her body for years.

    Your condescending attitude really pisses me off! Just because you stopped talking shit about her after she died and deleted all of your negative posts does not mean they never happened. You really need to get off the fucking high horse!!!

  38. 38

    She looks she could be Eva Mendes junkie sister in this picture.

  39. 39

    Re: JerryLarry – What would there be to cover up and who is sugar coating anything? The whole world knew Amy struggled with addiction and her parents often spoke to the press about it. What would stop them from admitting anything now if drugs were in fact the direct cause of her death? The fact of the matter is that a whole lot of people jumped to conclusions before knowing the facts and now they just look stupid.

  40. 40

    Re: Lucky8Boi – i actually think it is a good pic of her, taken probably before all the drugs ruined her … she looks healthy, with meat on her bones and not the skeleton with big balloons she was before she died. RIP Amy!

  41. 41

    The keyword is illegal. Most prescribed narcotics are just as bad if not worse than any illegal substance.

    High doses of Vicodin mixed with alcohol will cause your liver to fail and then you die.
    Or taking too many strong muscle relaxants like Somas will basically cause respiratory failure.

    Pharmaceuticals that are legally prescribed are worse for you than most illegal drugs which i find to be funny as hell.

  42. 42

    I'm with a lot of other commentors in pointing out that they specifically said "illegal drugs" and not drugs in general. She could have ODed on prescription pills. Since she had alcohol in her system, she could have even possibly combined it with a drug it should not be combined with. Plus, the family is refusing to comment on if any prescription drugs were present. I would say that's a big red flag. If there weren't any, why wouldnt they just saw so instead of saying they won't comment. These are the same people who said that she's been sober for three years. We all know that to not be the truth, so they don't exactly have a great track record of providing accurate information about their own daughter. The medical examiner nor any other law official have talked about the results, so I'll just wait until the investigation is finished in October to find out how she really did die.

  43. 43

    Re: marcee12 – It's not the same here in England as it is in America… In America a doctor will prescribe you anything because it's private. Because we have the NHS here doctors are much less willing to prescribe things. That said she probably had a private doctor, but we don't have the same prescription culture that they do in America.

  44. 44

    Re: JerryLarry – Oh I guess you're a doctor and stuff, huh? So you should know.

  45. 45

    So we all know that she had a problem with addiction, right? Cause she wrote numerous songs about it and was fairly public about it on her own terms and through what the media leeches reported about her. The point is that at the very least, we can rest easy knowing that maybe she went out in some kind of real mental state and not super crazy f#%@%ed up.

    Nobody's proposing that she didn't have problems, it was public record. But I hope this news (and the rest of it not released by the family which is probably nobody' else's business) provides a little more comfort to her friends family and fans. There's no one that has ever been or will ever be quite like this lady and it's all a sad state of affairs.

  46. 46

    So what? If she weren't doing drugs all along, she'd be alive today.

  47. 47

    Not illegal drugs, nothing said about prescriptions. Alcohol and scripts

  48. 48

    It says "no illegal substances" not that there were no drugs in her system. The fact is the abuse she heaped on her body doing drugs and drinking killed her. Duh.

  49. @v@ says – reply to this


    Alcohol is a form of mind altering drug. Hence DUI's.

  50. 50

    No you tool her parents SAID that there were no "illegal drugs" Let's see hydrocodone, oxycodone, trazadone, etc etc are all LEGAL drugs. I'll believe it when we see the actual BAC and Tox report. you fuck blowhard

  51. 51

    Gotta love all the qualified pathologists and coroners on this site who are so sure that drink, drug abuse and/or prescription drugs were why she died. They may have contributed, then again they may not, young people DO die of natural causes sometimes and we will not know the truth until the inquest in October, even then there may be no recorded verdict if the toxicology report together with the autopsy still give no clear indicator of what killed her. As for a cover up, oh please, maybe your officials do that kind of shit in America but this is the UK! There is obviously no simple explanation for cause of death or we would already have a verdict, for example if her liver was shot from drink (badly enough to kill her) this would have been bang bloody obvious during the autopsy, the same applies to any of her organs being fucked (as one or two bright sparks seem to think), that is exactly the sort of shit they look for in an autopsy and they also take samples to test as well. So, try not to make yourselves look any more stupid than you already have and wait to find out the TRUTH!