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Dina Lohan Says SHE Got Lindsay Invited To Kim Kardashian's Wedding

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dina lohan got lindsay invitation to wedding

We've heard quite a bit about Lindsay Lohan at Kim Kardashian's wedding!

There were reports that she was pAARtying hard at the event…we heard that she made peace with George Lopez…and now, we've learned how LiLo snagged an invite to the wedding in the first place.

According to Dina Lohan, she was the one who got Lindsay the invite, thanks to her friendship with Kim's mom Kris Jenner.

Here's what Dina had to say about it:

"I’m so proud of Kris and the amazing wedding she pulled off. It was perfect. Spectacular. Kim looked like a fairy princess and the fact that everyone had to leave their cell phones at the door was brilliant…this crowd is usually always texting or returning email so it was nice we all had to stop and enjoy the moment."

And here's Dina on Lindsay's behavior at the wedding:

"I don’t know where these people get their reporting. The reports that Lindsay was doing shots at the bar are crazy. Everyone in the room saw we were not doing shots. We all enjoyed a beautiful day together and left together after a wonderful evening. I want my daughter's wedding to be like that too."

How sweet! We hope that Lindsay pulls herself together and one day gets to experience the joy that Kim and Kris Humphries felt on their wedding day!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Dina Lohan Says SHE Got Lindsay Invited To Kim Kardashian's Wedding”

  1. 1

    I can't stand this bitch as much as i can't stand Kim and her mom.. all money hungry fam-whoring, pieces of shit that do nothing for society..they care more about money than mariage, family, society ect… that's why you always here Kris talk about business this and that.. my god what shallow people..

  2. 2

    Why let her walk out the door with her breasts hanging out in the stupid blond wig? Not a great Mom.

  3. 3

    So just curious is the part where she said she scored the invite for Lindsey an actual quote, implied subtext or ??? It may be late on the east coast so maybe I missed where she said that. And BTW… so brilliant, innovative and original to have guests leave their cell phones at the door. You know what… they should totally do that at Russell's funeral too! Dina is the epitome of dumb ass, maybe the bleach has seeped into her brain.

  4. 4

    Sold her kid to Dark Disney.

  5. 5

    only an idiot would try to get an invite to a wedding where they dont know the people and only an idiot would comply. diana lohan and kris jenner. two fucking idiots that i cant understnad why any cares about them.
    at least lindsay has(had) some talent. but who cares if she made peace with hispanic arsenio hall (lopez).

  6. 6

    Fuck right off Dina and take your train wreck of a daughter with you.

  7. 7

    Is it my imagination or does she look younger than Lindsay now?

  8. Drita says – reply to this


    @ Modern Thinker - I was looking at pics of Lindsay and Dina from Kris and Kim H. wedding and Dina definitely looked younger and hotter than Lindsay. I thought it was sad because it's all from the drugs and the party lifestyle.

  9. 9

    Dina Lohan & Kris Jenner are a lot alike; Dina sell trash to reporter about her talented daughter & Kris tells reporters how talented her white trash daughter is….

  10. 10

    This doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Why would Kim tell 50 other people who were invited that they couldn't attend, and were supposedly family of Bruce Jenner, but let Lindsay Lohan in because of her mom? They have to be friends or something. Her mom is definitely garbage, though. I think Kris has a tad more class than she does.

  11. 11

    Like mother skank, like daughter skank. Please go away, both of you.

  12. 12

    Plenty of people saw Lindsay drinking, there is no need for Dina to lie. Who cares, anyway, since Lindsay can legally drink? By lying, it only makes her look worse than actually admitting to it. Their entire family is made up of liars, you can't believe a word any of them say. And, Kris and Dina are not friends, they're acquaintances. Getting an invite isn't impressive at all, there were tons of D-list celebrities there.

  13. 13

    Where did it say she got her invited??? You're a moron. On another note the day Lindsay gets better will be when she gets a restraining order on this whore

  14. 14

    I really wish the Lohans would go away!

  15. 15

    Why do you give this woman press?

  16. 16

    LOL! Like that is something special? Dina is such a stupid twat.

  17. 17

    Man as soon as Lins sobers up she is going to b soooo pissed at her mom for taking her to this Trash cans wedding. Nothing says "ur career is over" like a Kardashian.

  18. 18

    I am very curious on the gift that the Lohans gave to Kim. They are trash and you know Kimmy won't accept anything that isn't 1st class and very expensive. Kimmy will most likely throw it away or give it to Goodwill. I actually am in shock that those trashy ppl were even invited. Why were they invited ? Oh my, I just thought of something. Perez wasn't invited and he has the brown nose and the trashy Lohans were???? WOW

  19. 19

    I must have missed when she said she was the one that got Lindsay invited…I hope if Lindsay ever does get married its with someone smarter than Kris Humphries. From what I've seen the poor kid is a Moron!!!

  20. 20

    As for doing shots, Ummmmm Weren't you there to witness this yourself Perez? After all the brown nosing & azz kissing you do to everyone in the KarTrash family, you must of received an invite, right??? Did you see Beyonce, Jay-Z, Will, Jada, Bieber, J-Lo there too? How about Ellen?

  21. 21

    Dina and Kris are BFF's because they both whore out their daughters.