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Mother Who Punished Her Son With Hot Sauce Convicted Of Child Abuse!

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Justice. Thankfully, that poor little boy will never be hurt by this woman's hand again. Hopefully, she's learned something from all this.

You all remember the woman who abused her adopted son by pouring hot sauce in his mouth, don't you? She sent the video in to Dr. Phil and she called it proper punishment for her son getting in trouble in school. Now, she's facing some REAL punishment as a jury has convicted her of misdemeanor child abuse. The woman now faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail, a $10,000 fine and up to 10 years of probation.

We hope she gets at least the probation. Jail would probably do more harm than good to their family and if you take $10K away from her, that's $10K away from her children. If she knows she's done wrong, put her severe probation so if this should EVER happen again, she'll really pay for what she did.

[Image via AP Images.]

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33 comments to “Mother Who Punished Her Son With Hot Sauce Convicted Of Child Abuse!”

  1. 1

    Well, if you were with me 3 days ago on this sister site, you will see I was right all along.

  2. 2

    Was this woman pouring hot sauce down the kid's throat or just putting drops on the tongue? Because I've heard of people just putting drops on the tongue before, but if she was like making him chug the hot sauce I can see this as abuse.
    I used to get the belt, and a couple of drops of hot sauce sounds a hell of a lot better then what I got.

  3. 3

    she took it too far with the hot sauce a smack on the butt/grounding would've sufficed…probation, no jail in my opinion and some counseling sessions would go a long way.

  4. 4

    I used to get hot sauce in the mouth when I would get lippy with mom when I was younger. Never saw it as bad as actually stricking your child. I learned my lesson and didn't have to get smacked to learn it

  5. 5

    i'm not as much angered about the hot sauce but the shrieks that that poor kid made when she shoved him in the ice cold shower she deserves jail time in my opinion maybe not a year but a few months maybe and she needs help and anger management

  6. 6

    Re: Sick_girl – She didn't make him swallow it…just made him keep it in his mouth while she was lecturing him because he lied to her. She was stupid to put him in a cold shower and go on a television show to talk about it..

  7. 7

    Re: be strong – Hahaa. Should have known you had to be the first to comment. What kind of gratification are you getting by telling everyone you were right.?!

  8. 8

    I love hot sauce, and so do my submissives and minions. However, they consent. This bitch should have been conviced on her voice and hair style alone.

  9. 9

    Re: WhiteZ0MbiE – LMFAO!!! my thoughts exactly! omfg too funny zombie!

  10. clo27 says – reply to this


    Re: Your S-M Girlfriend – Haaaaahhh! That is too funny!

  11. clo27 says – reply to this


    I used to get my mouth washed out with soap! While I agree that this form of punishment for such a young child is inappropriate, I think it might be effective on an older kid who is smarting off or using bad language. It sure as hell beats sucking on a bar of soap! The cold shower, however, is just cruel and humiliating. There's no reason to do that to a child. She really doesn't seem as though she's fit to be raising children.

  12. 12

    Re: WhiteZ0MbiE – I have to tell you I thought I was starting to lose my mind. I couldn't believe I couldn't get through to people about something so serious, but I am relatively new to this commenting thing and am starting to realize that some people comment just to get a rise out of others. Once I realized that I simmered down. Silly me for being so gullible!

  13. 13

    Sigh, We're breeding this generation to be nothing but little jackasses and pansies.

  14. 14

    Anyway, justice has been served and I've moved on to a new topic. I saw "The Help" today and absolutely loved it!

  15. 15

    Hot sauce and a cold shower is now child abuse? Since when did cold water ever cause any damage? And hot sauce on the tongue for lying? How is this child abuse?!?!?!
    There are far more serious things happening to children out there and this woman gets in trouble for cold showers and hot sauce?
    No wonder kids these days are such disrespectful sh*ts!

  16. 16

    Re: Josephine05 – HAhaha yes yes.! And I agree with your comment completely!

  17. 17

    Is it just me?? I mean, IT'S JUST HOT SAUCE PEOPLE…there are parents who physically beat their children everyday…if this lady is in jail because of hot sauce, then why the hell aren't they??

  18. 18

    The cold shower was too much, but they're going to convict her of child abuse for putting a little bit of hot sauce in a badass kid's mouth?! She didn't put in his eyes! Back in day there were very few punk ass parents. No, you don't always have to hit a child when they do something bad, but discipline and abuse are two different things.

  19. 19

    Im gona be honest…. it was just a cold bath. The only reason why many people got shocked was cause the lil one crying. Ofc is gona cry, but its in no way really hurting anything, is just unpleaseant. And thats the deal with a "punishment", a punishment isnt supposed to be something enjoyable. Up to this day I still remember when my parents slapped me and locked me in my bedroom without eating until I learnt the multiply tables which I had to read in loud voice and just because I wanted to play some more instead studying. I used to get slap with the sandals a lot lol and the belt was like …. "omg, I see it coming". I sort of deserved it, other times not, I think my mom could have just sat down and explain me the situation…. all in all , children arent getting punishments anymore, and thats why all these teens are rude, insultant, mock of the elderly, are not interested in school except to go kiss and do socials and etc. of things that are not good. If this was child abuse… my parents should have been in jail for like 20 years lol and I never felt they were like terribad parents.

  20. 20

    …and Casey Anthony goes free, hmmm.

  21. 21

    This woman should do a lil time. It wasn't just a little sauce sh tilted that bottle. And dumped it in his mouth. Then she stood there yelling in his face. N ok. Maybe some like hotsauce but its not a spice that I would introduce to a child. And it was proven by the prosecution that this Mom had been trying to get on Dr Phil for a while. Also she had her ten year old follow her around to tape this Abuse for the show. I don't kno anyone else but wen I got a beating as a kid my siblings weren't usually involved. Cmon people she adopted him. No shit he's got emotional problems.

  22. 22

    saw the Dr Phil episode when she was on and watched it again when it was rerun
    that poor little boy was so terrified and traumatized
    and the other kids in the home were probably afraid that they may be next if they did something wrong
    they would also have to be relieved that he was the focus of their abuse and not them
    it sets up a strange dichotomy where they will also grow up with emotional problems even though they wer not physically abused like their brother
    a lot of guilt for not trying to help their brother,
    a lot of sympathy and feeling terrible for him
    all the while feeling glad they weren't the one being abused
    all of that conflict in a childs head will ressult in them having issues too
    they should have all be been removed from the home immediately- she should go to jail for child abuse because
    they are ALL being damaged and the one boy maybe irreparably so

  23. 23

    Finally, i saw the show a while ago and was disgusted by this woman. Im happy something is being done.

  24. 24

    Re: *Sloane – I completely agree with you>

  25. 25

    My Grandma would put pepper on my tongue. It got me in line!

  26. 26

    I wonder how many people that go on his show end up in court like this - I can't stand DR. phil he's a self righteous assholoe and he is disrespectful of his guests - I think he gets off on humiliating people

  27. 27

    Urghghghhgh!!! REALLY???!!! You have DRUNK DRIVERS WITH MULTIPLE OFFENSES THAT KILL POEPLE AND GET OFF SCOTT FREAKING FREE….AND ALTHOUGH I ADMIT SHE WENT TOO FAR WITH THE COLD SHOWER , I MUST SAY THAT I DISAGREE WITH HER FACING ANY JAIL TIME! Maybe if more parents used a few drops of hotsauce with some of these disrespectful kids our nation would be in a better state!!!

  28. 28

    She's scum. Fucking bad mother. I hope she rots in hell.

  29. 29

    Really?? this is stupid, how can someone kill their child and get away with it, yet someone gives their child hot sauce as a punishment and is considered a bad parent?? So ignorant…

  30. 30

    I watched it and heard this little boy plead. I hope he is taken out of the home. It was hard to watch and the sounds of the video haven't left me. Can you imagine how he is feeling. She did it all to be on the show. What else has she done with her other kids.

  31. 31

    there is nothing wrong with a little hot sauce, its the same as a smack on the butt or the soap in the mouth

  32. miya says – reply to this


    and to think she was my sophomore biology teacher!

  33. 33

    The hot sauce was to cause pain while she screamed in his face, the cold shower was to humiliate him. She is a bully and hopefully she gets help before the boy grows up and gets even