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Paris Hilton's New Reality Show Gets Cancelled! Ouchie!

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Wonder what kind of excuse she's going to come up with to explain this off!

After failing to garner more than 400,000 viewers on its best night, Oxygen's The World According to Paris has been canceled, and it will NOT be returning for a second season!

Meanwhile, Lifetime's Rosanne's Nuts started strong with about 1.5 million viewers turning in for the premiere, but its latest episode on August 10th only pulled in around 764,000 viewers! According to network sources, no decision has been made about a possible second season!

Although we're not particularly bummed about Paris' show being D.O.A., hopefully Roseanne will be able to pull up her numbers before summer's end!

Oh, well!

Too bad, so sad!

UPDATE: There MIGHT be some hope for Paris after all. Sources from the network tell us that the show has "completed its run and no pick up decision has been made," meaning it hasn't been picked up, but it hasn't been cancelled either. The status of the show is TBD.

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42 comments to “Paris Hilton's New Reality Show Gets Cancelled! Ouchie!”

  1. 1

    Hey FatBoy. How many episides has your show ran. OOPs sorry I was thinking you had a show.

  2. GIO says – reply to this



  3. 3

    Not that I care either way about the show, but it's a bit steep Mario harassing her about it, when you consider that he stole her name to forge his own career. Pathetic. He'd be nothing without her name. I'd personally hate to have someone like Mario as a 'friend' - he'd turn on you in a heartbeat.

  4. 4

    Paris is old news and an old hag.

  5. 5

    This show was good, lots of creepy characters to keep you entertained, bring it back please

  6. 6


  7. yeez says – reply to this


    Wow, what did she do to piss you off? You're usually shoulders deep in her ass.

  8. 8

    Paris Hilton is a has been. Must suck to be her, ex friend Kim Kardashian got married and earned millions of dollars from it, has a successful reality show that brings in millions of viewers. BOOOO paris, go away!!!!

  9. 9

    Good! That is what over exposure & no talent gets you. Kardashians hopefully will be next to get cut.

  10. 10

    Re: ingrid2010 – gawd, you're retarded. The kardashians are next, goober. ANd PeZ HeaD, maybe you should change the name of your site to Perez Beiber ’cause you used Paris to get famous, ya fuckin' ugly giant headed feygot!!

  11. 11

    Re: JennyJJJ – We can only hope

  12. 12

    Have you ever watched this show? In a recession, a time when families are having a hard time feeding their children, this girl is prancing around like an airhead bimbo with a black card. She has no morals, integrity or anything valid to offer society. The show was absolutely appalling. I'm glad it got cancelled, it was offensive.

  13. 13

    One down….. three whoredashians to go

  14. 14

    Womp, womp…so sorry Paris, your time has expired…time for you to crawl under a rock and become irrelevant

  15. 15

    Her world seemed to be filled with drunk whores…they can all head over to rehab now that it's cancelled.

  16. 16

    The Illuminati will be throwing Parasite from the freedom train soon,her job of socially engineering the masses into vacant, materialistic slaves is finished.

  17. 17

    sorry paris, kim karCASHian is the new skanky talentless whore now..sucks to be beaten at your own game lol

  18. 18

    About time the network realized no one cares about her.

  19. 19

    This sucks. Loved the show, Paris! Fuck Oxygen, girl. Take it somewhere else.

  20. 20

    It's not that Bimbos are out…yet.
    It's just that there are so many to choose from and the competition's stiff.
    We need 'fresh' Bimbos, this one is past her "Best Used By" date.

  21. 21

    UGH! I keep forgetting to watch this show and which channel was it on again? They didn't do a great job of promoting it, but I was able to catch one episode. Here's what didn't work for me: Why was Brooke featured so heavily on that show?! Why was the show featuring your superficial side and showing your relationship as silly and juvenille? I would love to see this girl as a woman for once…not an airhead. Obs she is smart or she would not have the jobs and money that she does, right? It is time for her to stop clubbing (aren't you in your 30s?!) and land a show that features her working and her smart side. Enough with the fluff already!

  22. 22

    Sorry paris but with you it,s the same old "shampoo/rinse repeat" been there,done that !

  23. 23

    Even another sex tape wont help her now. She is a bimbo.

  24. 24

    Paris Hilton is a has been. Britney is also a has been for the record…no matter how hard she tries she will never be what she was as a teenager.

  25. 25

    I want to see the episode where she does line after line of coke in the ladies bathroom while talking about how she doesn't like ni**gers. When's that one on again?

  26. Mony says – reply to this


    I do find it funny the Perez bags on Paris, when she's how he made a name. Back to topic, it just seems like Paris is played out. I don't think people in the mainstream care as much about her life anymore. She still has her lane, but she'll never catch Kim. @ThisisMony

  27. 27

    that has got to be the most photoshoped pic ive ever seen

  28. 28


  29. 29

    This filthy skank has made enough money as a sksnk now its time for this skank to go away and give another skank a chance to make cash. Bye bye skank

  30. 30

    Her shows not cancelled! its just rumour,Paris has said shes been asked to do a second series but hasnt decided if she wants to yet,so dont write it off so soon! I hope its back with some changes. And dunno how you can slag her off MR HILTON!

  31. 31

    FINALLY this vagina coke stashing racist whore is fading into obscurity

  32. 32

    Re: mattihilton
    so glad it`s just a rumour :)
    i loved that show
    it was very entertaining

  33. 33

    It's because 1 she is a has-been..(thank god) ..2 she treats peopel like shit in her show.. 3 she is so fucking dumb and slutty and paved the way for that other joke Kim K….and now we can't seem to get rid of her.. hopefully soon KIm and her family goes the way of Psris H. -_-

  34. 34

    JungianQueen: I agree. For some reason, I found Paris' show way more entertaining than the Kardashians. There were only 2 things about it that I didn't like- 1, it emphasized way too much on Brooke Mueller's troubles. And 2, I hated that bitchy old hag friend of theirs. You know- old, dark hair, club promoter. She said all that mean shit to Lexi that was totally uncalled for. That "old bitch" seemed like she was sucking the fame teet more than any of them combined! But other than that, it was a really enjoyable show. Paris' mom Kathy made some great appearances, and I liked how Paris seemed a lot nicer to others by the end of the season (example- Brooke's friend). It's just really dissapointing for me because I heard that they had alreADy started filming the second season. Plus, I wanted to see where things were gonna go, you know?? But I definitely think the network had a lot to do with it. Oxygen is a premium channel, and she probably would have done a lot better with a standard cable channel, like Lifetime, E!, or the Style Network. Oh Well. Hopefully we'll get to see some other things from her in the future. She may have been spoiled as hell, but there was something very intriguing about the show that always left me wanting more. =/

  35. 35

    If she wants to stay relevant she needs to:

    get married
    get pregnant
    both at the same time

    not cancel either one

    down grade her whole life style.

  36. 36

    Re: jonboy86 – While I wouldn't phrase it as mean as you have, you have a point. Say what you want about Kim and her sisters, but they hustle. The Kardashians lived a comfortable life but they were no where near Hilton money so what they have now, they worked for. Paris got lazy and thought being a celebutante/socialite was going to keep her relevant forever.

  37. 37

    I wish that kid from "The Simpsons" could be here, so he could go; "Haaa-Haaa!"

  38. 38

    I've been counting the minutes for this axe to drop. FINALLY. To quote Miss Priss herself, her show "sucked balls"!

  39. 39

    euw i luved her cd and this show, please bring it back so i can keep downloading it!…

  40. 40

    He's not bagging her. He's trying to get her some publicity so the show doesn't get cancelled. He still sucks up her ass.

  41. 41

    it wasnt that good anyway

  42. 42

    This hoe needs to get lost