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Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO

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Steve Jobs is officially resigning as Apple's CEO. Let's hope he's okay.

We have a copy of his resignation letter:

To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple”s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.

As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

I believe Apple”s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.

I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.


It's truly the end of an era.

[Image via AP Images.]

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33 comments to “Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO”

  1. 1

    Awwww, God bless him. He is dying, obviously. :(

  2. 2

    Guess he's biting the dust soon. Shame!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Reading between the lines, I suspect Mr. Jobs has had a serious setback in his health.
    This is lamentable. Not only is it sad to hear of Mr. Jobs's struggle with pancreatic cancer, but Apple Corp. has been a major innovator at a time when America's leading industries (like automobiles and aeronautics) have been in decline.
    Sad news. I just bought the iPad 2.
    Good luck, Steve Jobs, and thank you.

  5. 5

    I'm a huge fan. I adore all my apple stuff. i admire him alot. times are always changing.

  6. 6

    Canada's opposition leader, Jack Layton, made a similar announcement 3.5 weeks ago. And then he went and kicked the bucket Monday.
    Steve's not coming back either.

  7. 7

    He is probably very sick and all you talk about is "the end of an era".
    How inappropriate, and inhuman.

  8. 8

    Caroaber said it well!

  9. 9

    im not really a fan of apple, except for the iPods, but this is still really sad :(

  10. 10

    I hope he is left alone after this so he may focus spending this time with his family. He seems like a really genuine person.

  11. 11

    Re: caroaber – Well said……

  12. 12

    a life well lived and some amazing achievements. good luck to him.

  13. 13

    that's very sad.

  14. 14

    Well wishes to Steve. God Bless

  15. 15

    "Let's hope he's OK…" - Um, he's got terminal cancer, a liver that isn't his. No, I don't think he's OK. Idiotfuck.

  16. 16

    There will never be another like him. Ever.

  17. 17

    "Let's hope he's okay"? He's had cancer for years, he is clearly losing the fight. He is clearly not "okay".

  18. 18

    All these high-tech gurus are heroes of mine.
    (Yeah, I know they're all crazy ass Libs.)
    True pioneers in this amazing industry, that I was lucky enough to see from inception.

  19. 19

    The stinch of death is in the air. I will also say everthing this guy touched turned into gold. Who knows he may make a few changes in Hell or heaven.

  20. 20

    Thanks for being a big part of my life Steve. I have been using Apple products since 1983 and will continue to use them till I die. I just wish that apple could make their products in the USA. I know that is to expensive to do so, but I wish it could be worked out.

  21. 21

    Re: caroaber – Exactly! Am typing this on my iPod touch I love most apple products. The men is a true innovator in a time where original ideas are hard to come by.

  22. 22

    His first CPU sold for $ 666 and his logo denotes being illuminated by Lucifer? and Jobs and his co-founder have a past of experiencing with hallucinogens which is the very fabric of luciferianism and the masses literally worship his creation like a god?… do the math sheeple…

  23. 23

    It's really so sad - -all that money, and they can't save him.

  24. 24

    I love you, Steve! I cannot put into words how greatly I admire you. You really are one of the most important people who has ever walked this planet. And because of that, I know your legacy will live on until the end of time. I'm praying a million prayers for you… let's hope for a miracle

  25. 25

    This is a very sad story and hope he has lots of time left to spend with his family.

  26. 26

    Not that Steve Jobs frequents this site, but God bless you Steve Jobs. Most of us are happy to be important to a few people in our own circle. You made a difference in the whole world besides being important to the people who love you. Peace and rest to you Steve. It's a tough fight.

  27. 27

    A well written letter

  28. 28

    God bless Steve Jobs, and I hope he pulls through, although this letter seems to be a sign of things turning for the worse. I wrote a paper about him for my freshman econ class and he's been my hero ever since, and apple products literally run my life. I'll pray for him and his family.

  29. 29

    this is soooo sad….not a good sign at all…prayers for him and his family

  30. 30

    That is so very sad! Let's hope and pray for a miracle. He's a tech genius and icon. :(

  31. 31

    I never really used any of his products but I do use products that are practically inpired in what he has created. I dont think it has been something from another world (since it exists much more cooler things but not for the public currently) but I think it was nice of him to make it accessible to people and making the whole tech in communications one step foward. Hopefuly he will get well.

  32. 32

    I can't help but think he's been told he has less, than previously thought, time left! :(

  33. 33

    Re: KDIZZLL – ok time for your meds, dear.