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The New Sugababes May Not Be Losing Their Name After All!

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Not so fast!

After Mutya Buena announced on-line yesterday that she had won the rights to the name of the band she helped form, Sugababes, a spokesperson for the current line-up of the girl group came forward to clarify the ruling, and claims that the ruling may not be as cut and dry as it sound!

According to the statement:

Further to ongoing media speculation and mis-reporting of the facts by various sources, we would like to clarify the following;

Over 4 months ago (21st April 2011) it was officially confirmed by the European Trade Marks Department that Sugababes were successful in claiming their ongoing right to use the name “Sugababes” for all areas of commercial activity that the band requires, namely within the music, sound recording and entertainment industry, as well as being granted extensive rights to produce a wide range of merchandise.

The trade mark rights for Class 16 (excluding those items which are already covered by Sugababes merchandise, e.g. posters, stickers, etc.) include certain paper and cardboard goods, such as stationery, paper gift wrap and paper gift wrapping ribbons. This is a category that currently holds no commercial interest for the band and, accordingly, the band has no immediate plans to challenge Ms. Buena for these rights.

What on Earth?!

So Mutya fought them for the rights to paper gift wrap?!

Is she planning on starting her own line?

That doesn't make sense at all!

We'll be very innerested to see if/how this continues to play out!

What do U think? Who should have the legal rights to the name Sugababes??

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5 comments to “The New Sugababes May Not Be Losing Their Name After All!”

  1. 1

    I used to be a HUGE Sugababes fan during Mutya's era, and I have to say, I miss her. Without Mutya, they turned into mainstream music. Mutya kept the band real and together and ever since she "left" the band has spiralled into complete failure. Therefore, I think the band should change their name because they're no longer the Sugababes.

  2. 2

    i agree,

  3. 3

    Re: EnchantedToMeetYou – Wait a minute…, Sugababes did not go into complete faliure. They had one of their biggest singles after Mutya left w/ the third line up. And they continued to have top 10 and top 5 hits after her departure. I will agree, Sugababes sound did go somewhat mainstream, but can you blame them? People grow, their taste grow, maybe they just wanted to do what was hot? What's wrong with that? Why would you make music if you aren't happy with whats going on? Plus Mutya left because she didn't like the direction Sugababes was going, so this was on Keisha too.

    Mutya doesn't deserve rights what so ever. SHE LEFT on her own, not because of bad blood, it just wasn't for her. And now that her career has bombed, she needs to make money ’cause she's been dropped by all her labels. It's ridiculous, let Heidi, Amelle and Jade be, and move forward as the Sugababes. Heidi has been in the band for 10 years, and appeared on the 2nd album, after their 1st album flopped and Shioban sneaked out the bathroom window never to return. Heidi is as original as Mutya or Keisha. None of their hits came till Heidi joined.

  4. 4

    When i heard the news that Mutya had the rights to the name "Sugababes" I was excited as I believe she would have deserved it being an original founding member of the group. After reading that she had only reserved the rights to the name for "gift wrapping paper and greeting cards" I felt sorry for her, and I thought she was an idiot for leading everyone up the garden path of believing that the latest lineup were about to "be nameless for a little while." Mutya comes across as really sad and desperate, and its unnecessary as most people still like her and see her as a huge driving force behind what made the Sugababes succesful. I believe that for the original members to win their name back, all three of them are going to have to pursue this, including Keisha. I don't believe this will happen because a. Siobahn doesn't want anything to do with the group anymore and b. Keisha has moved on and wishes Sugababes 4.0 well, as she should. People need to move on and just accept the Sugababes in their current incarnation. Jade and Amelle aren't that bad, they are talented. Granted they are not Keisha and Mutya, but they still the serve the function and purpose of the group, plus their new single Freedom is awesome. Just let things rest.

  5. 5

    They aren't the "Sugababes" any more. None of the 3 band members are original. They should think up a new name!