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Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese Opens Up About Italy, Drama

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Deena Nicole Cortese

Apparently Italians know just as much as any American when it comes to what to do when you see any star from Jersey Shore. Throw stuff at ‘em!

Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese revealed that even though Italy greatly differs from America in many major ways, the Jersey Shore cast was heckled just the same, saying:

“In Italy, we got ice and other stuff thrown at us, but you put us in Seaside and Karma, and it's the same — we get stuff thrown at us there too!”

You can run but you can't escape the haters!

Deena also gave an explanation for her hookup with Pauly D. She blamed it on the al-a-a-al-a-alcohol, baby! LOLz!

She said:

“When I'm drunk, I go for someone I'm more comfortable with. When I'm sober, it's different!”

Mmm hmm, we’ve heard THAT one before.

All we know is she’ll likely be staying away from The Situation, saying:

“Mike gets bored and thinks, ‘I know how to get under this person's skin.' He just likes to be in the mix. He has a good heart, but sometimes you think, ‘What is he doing?' I think he just likes to stir the pot.”

A cast member purposely getting under someone’s skin on a reality show just for the sake of stirring the pot?? No…

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5 comments to “Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese Opens Up About Italy, Drama”

  1. 1

    The Situation is the only reason any of these goons are getting paid

  2. 2

    How do these women live with themselves after they've slept with Mike? His face always looks so greasy and puffy.

  3. 3

    Love her

  4. 4

    this woman could be beautiful instead shes not .. sallow pale bad skin unshiny broken end hair fishy flaps in tight shorts instead of stylish clothes im surprised shes alive in italy they are style icons and virgins…oh yes and scabby nails…she could have shiny hair beautiful shiny olive skin and nice nails instead she just looks basically gross.!

  5. 5

    Her "hookup" with Pauly D? Okay, I'm a bit of a prude, so I define hooking up as just making out. But that's not what anyone over high school age (or perhaps, even IN high school) defines it as. Pauly kissed her and she licked him at the club. She wanted to screw him later, but he pretended to be asleep. He didn't want to "ruin their friendship." Girls? A guy's translation for not wanting to have sex with you b/c he doesn't want to "ruin your friendship?" TRANSLATION: He DOESN'T find you the least bit attractive. Not even attractive enough to fuck while wasted, and the lights off!