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No Country For Old Men Lawsuit Heads to Trial

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And its all Tommy Lee Jones' fault.

No, no. He deserve what was coming to him. Fair is fair.

Awhile back, Tommy Lee sued all the suits associated with the acclaimed film No Country for Old Men, including its studio, Paramount Pictures, claiming he was owed over $10 million for the movie. In the end, the studio coughed up $15 million, but now, an investor in the movie is suing the studio for the reason. They too feel like they were short-changed by Paramount. Difference is, Paramount is paying them off - they're taking them to trial!

Marathon Funding sued the studio last year over this matter and the dueling sides have been in litigation ever since. Marathon claims its arrangement with Paramount Vantage entitled it to 25% of "net distribution revenue" from movie and they sued after noticing an unusual $3.75 mil deduction in a profit statement, which ended up being a result of the $15 million payout to Tommy.

A judge ruled in favor of sending the matter to trial and the case should begin before the year is out.


[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “No Country For Old Men Lawsuit Heads to Trial”

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    Please, for the love of god, PROOF READ!

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    there were so many spelling/grammar/left out words in that post. Can you please pay a Harvard English major to read through ur writing before you post that shit jesus christ.

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    Re: kayzcarp – what kayzcarp said.
    Seriously - those were the actual words I was saying out loud as i was reading - are you in my head kayzcarp? O.O

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    I'm not sure what is what here? Leaving out one letter can change the whole damn article. Annoying.

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    What drugs are you taking? Not one thing about this article you've written makes sense. Not one thing. You're a fucking idiot. Stop wasting our oxygen.

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    Just a little note to all of you who commented on the errors in this post. Perez loves, loves, loves this. I see him right now laughing with that big fat ugly mouth of his and commenting on how we the dumb down ppl are still reading his blogs even though he makes a gazillion mistakes. He's laughing all the way to the bank so no matter what we say he still is on top. He enjoys all of the attention no matter what kind. Good or bad attention it's still attention. He needs that like we need oxygen to survive.

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    kayzcarp, if they do not proof read does that mean they lose the love of God? Fopr the love of God who hired you to correct everyone one here?