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Lady GaGa Opens Up 2011 VMAs As Jo Calderone!!

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This will MOST definitely go down in history as one of the most memorable opening performances at the MTV VMAs.

Lady GaGa showed up as her alter ego Jo Calderone and started off the 2011 VMAs with one amazing bang!!

Performing You and I, GaGa/Jo had the performance of the year! Queen's guitarist Brian May also joined her on stage!! AH-MAZING!!! (Dave Grohl's reaction at 06:31 is priceless!)

You have to see it for yourself. Watch the performance above!!

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156 comments to “Lady GaGa Opens Up 2011 VMAs As Jo Calderone!!”

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  1. 101

    i keep forgeting that her fans are little kids who don't remember all the artist and performances she ripped off (this is very intentional) or that her fans are mostly fly by night trend chasers who just listen to music to sing with their girlfriends in the car or dance at a club but do not really appreciate or get the art of music. i used to really hate on that (not jealousy). well i cant hate on that its just a different way to enjoy music than i and thankfully many others do, but it does still bother me when other artists real artist dont get a chance because the wont do the puppet thing and put out superficial music and instead choose artistic integrity.

  2. 102

    gaga is a performer and a good one, she is not however a musical artist and i would feel better if she and many of the other "i wanna be a rockstar" people (paris, lindsey, taylor m, demi, selena, jada pincket, any of the glee people) dothe broadway thing stay in acting and drama and leave the music to muscians/ artists. that will not change either, however we the consumer do have the power. while the intial trend is forced upon us, packaged and sold, our opinions will change, call for another and kill the stichk of said performer.

  3. 103

    Not gonna lie. Completely turned on by Jo Calderone.

  4. 104

    wendy O. williams would really like credit given to her, since she did the same thing 30 years ago.

  5. 105

    sheeesh…..that was totally cringe-worthy……I kinda feel for her …..she has NO idea how bad she is ……that's narcissism for yer.

  6. 106

    us haters feed this cycle. interest is measured in comments, views etc not exactly in words. if we say lady gaga is to over the top and that is becoming tired, they wont say all right shes done, instead they will say good people are paying attention now lets just tone it down or go in this direction to take that interest into a more positive direction if possible. they true power in the hater is too ignore. Once gaga stops getting 100 posts per article she will stop having articles on her (that is starting to happen as her comments have dropped) once the articles stop the interest fades and then the money. then finally gaga and performers like her will be dropped from their labels/ public eye. whatever happens happens, i am finally content with having enough confidence with who i am and inner strenght and bravery to be able to like an artist who may not have a millions fans, to be made fun of for liking this odd music/non popular music, for not having to look to a "mother" figure to feel part of something but to head up my own movement. to not be blind to the lies, gimmicks and marketing tricks that the labels pull to get the ones who do need all that to pay up. i am proud that i dont follow the crowd, no one will call me "little" anything no one will sing down to me because no one is better or worse than i am. just different

  7. 107

    GaGa is brilliant. Perez not so much. At least square up ur vid cam b4 u start recording. Check it out 4 ur self P. Otherwise good job. Did u get a look of brittneys face? Mouth was wide open. Pretty damn funny.
    Tnx perez I live in ct and have no power so I missed the show. Can only watch the highlights. So tnx for posting a lot of them.

  8. GIO says – reply to this


    I thought that was so horrible…she needs attention so bad.

  9. 109

    she looked like the karate kid doing an impression of andrew dice clay! the music was good though.

  10. 110

    I'm not a huge gaga fan but I loved this. Excellent performance. Loved her man-drag, and Brian May kicks ass!

  11. 111

    Re: toolman85 – wow, stfu

  12. 112

    she has great theatrical skill, i'll give her that.

    But about two minutes in i was already tired of the GAGA show.

    if you're music's actually GOOD, you don't need to distract everyone constantly with yoru antics. take Adele - she KILLED it with a piano and a mic. just sayin.

    gaga… let go.

  13. 113

    Re: sanfran1 – You can’t polish a turd but apparently if you put that same turd in a costume made out of tampons it’s suddenly pushing artistic boundaries.

  14. 114

    Sorry I watch every second of this and I was certainly NOT impressed. Dave Grohl was cheering for Brian May (fellow guitarist … as most people know). This shows that GaGa is truly in love with herself. Sorry there is no room for your fat head :) The pit was yelling and screaming, but the audience certainly wasn't. Gimme a break !

  15. 115

    I cannot agree. It was not a memorable performance, it was odd and left everyone asking "what was that." I thought she tried too hard to make it about her. and she fell, that is what you get for spraying beer all over a stage, that just was not classy! Then she tried to make Britney's moment hers too!

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Gaga gave it her all out there. Watching Brian May shred is like listening to fine symphony.

  17. 117

    LMFAO, she tries SO HARD, once again throwing everything but the kitchen sink! And fails. Leave drag (AND GAY CULTURE) to the people that really have a passion for it, not just using it to secure their place in "fame hall" .. The most hilarious part is that even after this desperate performance people are still going "eh".

  18. 118

    Overkill… over-acted! YIKES!
    Would had worked had her monologue was shorter… started yawing and getting bored after the first 2 minutes!
    Sorry little monsters… just saying.

  19. 119

    All that work and You and I is STILL #35 on hot 100.. LOL. Even this stunt couldn't help that song.. Adele still tops Gaga on Itunes too! LOL!

  20. 120

    Re: ilovejoomayun – All of Gaga's peers in the audience were fighting back smirks and laughter! My favorite part of Gaga's embarrassing and cringe-Y appearance was when Adele totally laughed at Gaga when Gaga fell off the piano and into the piss–I mean beer–soaked floor! I love Adele now! :-) Anyone that defends Gaga's pathetic and sad and truly embarrassing performance last night is seriously, seriously fucked up! The audience hated her.

  21. 121

    I liked her voice last night.. But over all I was not a fan of her whole lets play a man concept. Firstly, it has already been done- so it isn't too epic. And secondly- she seemed more like a Junkie then a scorned lover. The twitching and the scratching- it was all just too weird. She looks believable as a man tho. The song itself was ok- Idk about being the opening song tho, woulda liked something more "pumped" up. LOL I love that when she fell off the piano the film crew cut away from her and focused on the guitar guy..LOL she seems to constantly be falling off it. It was blatantly obvious that she was hammered because her behavior was weird.. I think Britney’s look on her face spoke volumes.. she looked bothered and creeped out by her. Overall the VMA's really sucked this year. They need a host… Kevin Hart shoudla done it! MTV really missed the mark. Once again tho, her gimmick did not prevail.

  22. SeeMe says – reply to this


    If she hadn't talked so much it would have been better. I saw her talent, before it was overwhelmed by her costumes and persona.

    What made it great was Brian May and yes, Dave's reaction was brilliant!

  23. 123

    Re: ilovejoomayun
    Of course it's still #35. That's last week's chart. Billboard updates their charts online every Thursday.

  24. 124

    I had to look away. Worst case of douchebumps i ever had, no joke. She should stick to her "signature look" of tons of makeup, fake hair, and random bullshit piled all over her person because without it, she's very unfortunate-looking. I was actually embarrassed for her. And believe me, i GET it, but if you're gonna do drag, why do Ratso Rizzo? With the same hair and better grooming this might have been cool. She looked like some kinda Covenant House street tranny. A bad look.

  25. 125

    FReakin' AwesomE!

  26. 126

    perez is way too into lady gaga. every thing she does he just says is amazing. this was not amazing. the performance was okay. and the part where she talked was pointless and annoying. she also drew attention away from britney by still acting like that when she announced her. gaga sucks. the end.

  27. 127

    This was absolutely HORRIBLE. She made a complete fool of herself all night long. This just shows how pathetic she is and how she'll do anything for just a little bit more attention. She has no class what so ever and is an attention whore. People keep mentioning the reaction of people in the crowd, to me they look like they're reacting to something that is unbelievably terrible, they're not "WOW THIS IS AMAZING!" reactions at all.

  28. 128

    Re: ickynicky – Yeah, it's like everyone in the audience was appalled. It was hard to watch. And the scenes of her in the audience with that dumb prop glass in her hand?! Wow. Embarrassing, and yes, terrible.

  29. 129

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Nah,she never tried to. She ignored them or laughed at them.

  30. 130

    To me the performance wasn't that bad; her vocals were on point, and I kind of like a performers who appalls/pisses of their boring peers. However, I did not watch the VMAs last night, and I thought, "I wonder what she's going to do..I bet she'll dress like a man for at least part of it." And that's what I found out she did. I hate that she's becoming more and more predictable. Brian May looked he was a having a blast, though.

  31. 131

    Not impressed. I love her, but this album is not nearly as good as the 1st.

  32. 132

    Brian May she have continued dying his hair.

  33. 133

    Gargoyle relies on gimmicks to gain attention. Last year it was the meat dress and this year its dressing up like a man. I guess it means she doesn't have the raw talent to succeed without the gimmicks.

  34. Dale says – reply to this


    maybe memorable in all the wrongs ways… that was so boooriiiinnnngggg! and her rant on nonsense did not help her cause. Epic Fail.

  35. 135

    She kind of jumped the shark last night.

  36. 136

    that was actually painful to watch it was sooooo bad !!!!. Take away all her gimmicks and you truly see she does not have a lot of talent except a shock value

  37. 137

    Love that the haters keep trying with no success, it only means that she is an success.

  38. FS says – reply to this


    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – Do you not realize that for every 1 positive comment about Gaga, there's 15 negative ones? So either we're all haters OR you're just a delusional fuck who would buy gaga's farts on iTunes because coming from her, it must be high art!

  39. 139

    that was horrible. The monologue was annoying and went on WAY TOO LONG! she talked about nothing. her vocals were a mess and the dancing was horrible! poor gaga cause i really do like the song! this was just a mess! the whole Jo calderone thing isn't fierce or even interesting.

  40. 140

    Re: FS – "(…) OR you're just a delusional fuck who would buy gaga's farts on iTunes because coming from her, it must be high art!" - I'm sorry, but that one made me laugh out loud. Buy Gaga's farts… brilliant.

  41. 141

    The most annoying thing ever. I love gaga but this was too much.

  42. 142

    People shoud do their research before bashing such an amazing performance. The speech in the beggening was directly related to the song You and I, being about her relationship with Luc Carl. The speech was not to tell everyone how great she was, even though that would not be ridiculous either. The actual performance was a gem, her vocals were amazing, Bryan May is a legen just like her, and not to mention it was the only performance with a tad of originality and entertainment. OVERALL JO CALDERONE IS SO SEXY, AND LADY GAGA IS A GOD.

  43. 143

    Re: kailamonster – Wow, what a shitty god you have.. glad it is just yours jerk-off..

  44. 144

    Why is everybody freaking out over this worthless performance by another un-talented, SUPERFICIAL singer? Yeah, I actually like this song by her. But is it really THIS necessary to go out on stage and blabber on and on about things that nobody cares about while using tons of profanities on stage? Is this what people are interested in nowadays? Remember when Michael Jackson would preform? Remember his music? Remember Madonna? Come on guys. All this lunatic ever does is wear meat and stupid costumes to cause a riot on stage. She's even showed up in an egg, how embarassing. I can't wait till her years of fame finally come to an end! Why can't she be more original? I haven't seen her look descent in public ONCE. One of these days I'm going to write my own song with dumb worthless lyrics and I bet you ill get into this industry. All I have to do is where costumes like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj! It couldn't get any more easier then that. Over all, the VMA's didn't impress me at all and it was a sad dissapointment.

  45. 145

    Perez, I usually think you are right on your comments. I love lady gaga, and I know you do too. But honestly. HER PERFORMANCE REALLY SUCKED. I wanted to see a woman perform this song, and was looking forward to it. This ruined it for me. I have never disliked any of gaga's well, anything. Until last night. That alter ego of hers looks slimy and smelly, and just does not work for her. Bring back gaga, not that scumbag alter ego.

  46. 146

    i was thinking to myself when is his/her ranting going to stop and just get to the song already. how long did it took, like 10mins?

  47. 147

    Im a huge GaGa fan but Im very disappointed with that performance. Im still traumatized cuz I was expecting her to open da show with a huge dress–da biggest shes ever worn and perform Government Hooker. Instead she comes out looking like an ugly ass crackhead looking man????? WTF??!!! Who da hell did her make up??? Horrific!!! I believe in being unique, original, different, thinking out of da box, constantly shocking people/fans with greatness, but this was as many have agreed: EPIC FAIL!!! No one in the audience understood AND Britney didnt even want to kiss her!!!!

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Julez23 – Annie Lennox did the exact same schtick doing 'Sweet Dreams' at the 1984 Grammy Awards, and it's on youtube. Just saying.

  49. 149

    Re: Julez23
    Well, I think that's the problem with some Americans is that they want everything neatly done and explained to them. That is why an artist like Kate Bush (and artists similar) could never be successful here, because people here don't get her, and she's unapologetic and uncompromising about the work she puts out. The fact that the audience looks stunned and bewildered was a little bit brilliant on her part, although I do agree that the act was a little bit overkill.
    Re: @v@
    No one understood Annie Lennox' performance 26 years ago, and now everyone is referencing it as some milestone performance.

  50. 150

    Just plain embarassing I'm afraid

  51. 151

    Re: kailamonster – DELUSIONAL!!

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: RabbitHeart – Many did understand it, and got that kick out of it.

  53. 153

    Gaga is amazing. Best performance of the night. Adele is great but she can't seem to move and sing at the same time. She can't just stand there in every performance. I mean come on dance a little. Beth Ditto can dance and sing. Britney needed an oil wipe all night long. Where is her team and what was that outfit? A romper, a dress?

  54. 154

    Re: jasonsky – Are you serious? Gaga came out looking like a greasy ass smelly crackhead and you're criticizing Britney's outfit?

  55. 155

    Re: DimeDime – I believe she was going for a Guido mechanic look as part of the character. Was Britney going for a ghetto on top and S&M on the bottom look. I mean would you wear that because if so… Plus Gaga was declared a fashion icon by the American designers and Vogue so if she says "greasy ass smelly crackhead" is chic then it is.

  56. 156

    Re: FS – Or most of the people who loves her doesn't bothering themselves going in to this site or commenting because you don't have to even if you love her, I just like messing with haters. So nice to see the hate that really is plain jealousy. It's one thing not likening her but going on like the people on this site (including you) are just jealous. If you just didn't like her then you would not go on like this, but when people go on and on expressing their hate is a proof they are jealous.
    I mean, I'm not a fan of JB exactly but I don't say that on something where it's bond to be JB fans and I keep my mouth shut because I respect other peoples opinions in that but I never do that in hate. It's the same thing when it comes to religions, if I don't agree with one I don't say that a person that has that religion. But when people goes to far and say gays will go to hell I diss that religion and go to attack. Because I can't stand hateful things, you may call me a loser but I like my life where I don't have to have unnecessary hate to fell better about my self.

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