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Lady GaGa Opens Up 2011 VMAs As Jo Calderone!!

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This will MOST definitely go down in history as one of the most memorable opening performances at the MTV VMAs.

Lady GaGa showed up as her alter ego Jo Calderone and started off the 2011 VMAs with one amazing bang!!

Performing You and I, GaGa/Jo had the performance of the year! Queen's guitarist Brian May also joined her on stage!! AH-MAZING!!! (Dave Grohl's reaction at 06:31 is priceless!)

You have to see it for yourself. Watch the performance above!!

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156 comments to “Lady GaGa Opens Up 2011 VMAs As Jo Calderone!!”

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  1. 1

    loved it!

  2. 2

    I liked it - very cool. I like her as a man……..
    Thank you for not wearing meat.

  3. 3

    LMAO! I thought she tried disproving the rumors that she's a tranny. The secret is out ya fucking man.

  4. 4

    the best part was when she fell off the piano. Damn she is always falling down. She slipped on her beer and dropped hard

  5. 5

    She Killed it!!! Even though she fell! (yeah we saw that!)

  6. 6

    LOVED IT!!!! What a shocker…just when you think she can not raise the bar, she does…….THERE IS NO ONE LIKE HER….ever nor will there ever be….She is a performer LIKE NO OTHER…..Hey haters: who are you gonna say she ripped off now…?or still gonna say she has no talent….? You small minded haters just do not GET HER….go back to stuff you can easily digest, cause GAGA pushes the boundaries on all things creatively, visually and all things in-between….LOVE YOU GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    She fell down :( It was a BALLSY presentation and it was screwded up because she fell down! Sorry Gaga! But you still rock!

  8. 8

    I tried to watch but the opening where she just kept talking about nothing.. and plus it was a bad annoying impersonation all together.. so i just flipped the channel.. then checked to see if it was over and she looked like she was having a seizure at the piano.. so flipped again and didn't watch it… but i figured as much.. no offense :P

  9. 9

    the WORST EVER !!!!! her 5 min is OVER !!! and that's not the most memorable performance at the VMA !!!

  10. 10

    fucking wack peformance why did she need to talk and the dancing wasnt flattering

  11. 11

    not that good

  12. 12

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Your dumb brain still does not get it….just give up, will ya? Trying to explain what GAGARe: RitaFarb – does and why she does it is absolutely futile to most of you haters…idiots…too bad for you. So what, she slipped….she takes risks and makes things interesting….And what do you actually do that requires you to take risks and do something that is interesting??

  13. 13

    awful awful awful she's lost it oh i miss the old gaga so much

  14. 14


  15. 15

    performance of the year?…..no.

  16. 16

    WOW! amazing now who was expecting that!? :O no one!!

  17. 17

    i like her better as a man. she looks much better this way :)

  18. 18

    Fucking boring is what it was!! I was thinking get on with the fucking show BITCH!!

  19. 19

    Re: Josephine05 – The "old Gaga"…honey honey honey….she has just begun…she is changing and evolving and morphing…you obviously are not up for the amazing ride…Oh well, to each their own.

  20. FS says – reply to this


    REMEMBER ANNIE LENNOX AT THE '83 GRAMMY AWARDS! Gaga is an unoriginal fuck stealing from everyone else thinking no one would fucking remember. She didn't kill it. She stole it!

  21. 21

    Jo calderone seems like an excuse to brag about herself uncontrollably… Love the song but theres no denying her narcissism.

  22. 22

    It was a pretty good performance.
    I liked crowd reactions, those were great. XD Beibers :| Adele's o-O and britney's :o

  23. 23

    I loved Russell Brand's WTF face. She is quite the performer though.

  24. 24

    I din't like it!Great voice,but where is the spectacular performance everyone was waiting for?It was boring and this Jo Calderone shit is annoying!Bummer!

  25. 25

    wow she totally fell after she jumped off the piano…

  26. 26

    but that was a pretty unique performance! love her!

  27. Blunt says – reply to this


    LMAO what the fuck did i watch??? im laughing so hard

  28. 28

    Sorry, that was so obnoxious and arrogant. Again it was all about me, me, me. I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

  29. 29

    Even though gaga was still doing that bad impression, when she was introducing the tribute, you could see Britney tearing.. aw soo cute :')

  30. 30

    Re: FS
    If she "stole" it, then she would have been performing "Sweet Dreams" with Dave Stewart, idiot box!

  31. FS says – reply to this


    Listen to Gaga inflating her own ego dressed as her alter ego. Barf. Other than stupid little monsters screaming, her peers look like they think she's a joke. it's all in their faces folks, it's all in their faces. tick tock tick tock

    Oh and before you say anything, Dave Grohl gave a standing ovation to Brian May, not Gaga.

  32. FS says – reply to this



  33. 33

    If you are so close and tight with her then why does she never acknowledge you or ever seen with you anymore?

  34. 34

    When did the VMA's start supplying a soapbox for shameless self promotion? Gaga can't even get anyone else (other than Mario) to say good things about her so she has to dress like a dude and do it herself. I didn't get past the 3 minute mark. TERRIBLE.

  35. Wheel says – reply to this



  36. 36

    that WAS Ralph Macchio not Lady GaGa.

  37. 37

    either way she is trash trash as a person man or girl

  38. 38

    Im sorry Perez, but are you FUCKING HIGH RIGHT NOW? I could barely watch it. She looked like a fucking jackass, with her trying to be a man, then giving herself complements?? I mean, bitch GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! I cannot stand that bitch, why did they have her open the show. I mean, Adele was sitting right there!

  39. 39

    Funny… Everyone I've heard from said it was terrible.

  40. 40

    Of course Dave Grohl freaked out, it's freaking Brian May. I think the more interesting reaction was the way Bruno Mars was drooling over this Calderon dude, probably not know it was goo-goo.

  41. 41

    Gaga-please stop! You were a nightmare. You dressed up like a man to give yourself complements, I mean, PLEASE FUCKING STOP! Just sit behind the piano and sing, enough with your stupid ass gimmicks. And Perez, get your head out of her fucking ass, its pathetic.

  42. 42

    Adele had the best performance!! She put me to tears!!

  43. 43

    Worst performance EVER by Lady Gaga. So disappointed!

  44. 44

    That was it for Britney tribute too? Gaga couldn't have stopped talking like a retard for a few minutes to let Brit Brit have her moment? Her ego is so disgusting. And nice try kissing Britney, but just like everything else in your career, Madonna has already done it!

  45. 45

    I'm probably biased, since I'm not Gaga fan, but I had to turn that shit off. The only redeeming quality was Brian May. And Dave Grohl wasn't applauding Gaga, he was applauding May. She was all-around ridiculous tonight. Even during Britney's "tribute", she made it all about herself. She needs to go away for a long time, because even all of the artists in the audience tonight seemed over her.

  46. 46

    Boring! Adele was so much better.

  47. 47

    id have to say i was impressed with her vocals especially while she was smoking a cig but the performance wasnt anything special or that never before seen hype you were building up… not worth the hype at all, sorry perez.

  48. FS says – reply to this


    eww smoking! icky icky poo Perez! fucking hypocritical, cherry picking bastard

  49. barny says – reply to this


    This will be one of the most forgotten acts ever.She sucked, made the opening about herself and fell off the Piano.What was epic about this.Has so much Cocaine in her system she ca'nt stop twitching,let alone stand still.All of this plus the fact that she tried to include herself during Britnet's Award.The only thing she acomplished was proving that she is really a man.

  50. 50

    Sorry but what was that during the Britney tribute? She should have stopped talking and let Britney say her thanks also MTV that tribute sucked big time a video montage of Britney moments would have been better. I changed the channel when she wouldn't stop talking and when I turned it back she was on the floor lol I guess she fell.

  51. 51

    I can't believe she won best video.. annoying fans -.-

  52. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    WTF That is the dumbest thing ever. Chris Gaines comes to mind. It seems rather pointless to me.

  53. 53

    First of all, it wasn't even GaGa's best, let alone the best ever. Britney & the snake? Britney & Madonna? Madonna doing Like A Virgin? Anything with Michael Jackson…all much better.
    GaGa isn't even the best "Man": That would definitely go to Annie Lennox. Ever seen her dressed in leather like Elvis? Much better.

  54. 54

    I think the lack of applause and the 'WTF' looks on all the audience' faces said it all. Epic FAIL. Damn it is whatever 'it' is , is annoying and is OVER, except in your mind mario

  55. 55

    Re: sanfran1 – no snafran im not up for the shitty ride. keep gaga all you'd like she was rude to britney and now this alter ego is only another one of her lame ass gimmicks, if you need gimmicks to please you go ahead, enjoy the shitty ride. each to their own, i prefer someone who lets the music speak for themselves, thank the heavens for adele she was amazing just pure talent shining through im so over lady gaga's arrogance and gimmicks takes away from her talent.

  56. 56

    Re: FS – You can't even get it right, first of all, it was "1984" Performance. And Annie Lennox was performing while dressed up like Elvis. Lady Gaga is dressed as Joe Calderone which is one of her Alter Ego's … She's NOT Copying ANYONE but herself stupid idiot!!!

  57. FS says – reply to this


    @Dee Tee'z

    The concept is the same. Just like everything else she does, stealing and copying from everyone else. She's a fucking thief! tick tok bitch.

  58. 58

    Intense fall. Was the highlight of her performance.

  59. 59

    Re: Dee Tee'z – actually by creating the alter egos in the first place, you could say that she's copying. the first artist that pops in my head is Nicki Minaj for all of her alter egos… also, Christina Aguilera's X-tina and Baby Jane… also, Beyonce's Sasha Fierce. lady gaga's two alter egos are subsequent to these and therefore your original argument is invalid.

  60. 60

    Gaga's performance was fucking awesome and unique as well! She totally ate shit getting off that piano, but still killed it as usual. I loved Britney tonight too!

  61. 61

    She tries way too damn hard. Is she afraid her fans will go away if she's just herself?

  62. 62

    gaga's chris gaines. please shes got talent so why be stupid

  63. 63


  64. 64

    the intro was way too self indulgent. I can do without the monologues from the pop stars, just play some music for fuck's sake.

  65. 65

    too bad about the fall at the end. I was actually really impressed with her performance. the celebs looked clueless lol

  66. 66

    Re: spankysash – HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's exactly what I was thinking. I bet he was her inspiration! lol

  67. 67

    Re: harrisonj – the last line of your post made me literally laugh aloud

  68. FS says – reply to this


    Re: fossyboots1 – agreed..shameless self promotion but what else can you expect from someone who is a narcissist and histronic

  69. 69

    i used to like her so much , now i think she is just an awful clown , i think it was mario who made people dislikeher so much , i hatte it when he cll her wifey

  70. 70

    This was absolutely awful and then she made it worse by staying that way the whole show.
    Easily one of the worst parts of the VMAs.

  71. 71

    Worse opening segment/performance of the VMAs. You're not auditioning to achieve a damn oscar. Sit the eff down pls. I can't stand this attention seeking whore.

  72. 72

    My God, she's an ugly ass man with a really bad wig. Was she trying to audition for Julliard or something with that fucking intro?!? On a side note, I will always fucking love Brian May, even if he was on stage with that….thing. Oh, and yes, Grohl (a HUGE Queen fan) was applauding Brian, NOT Gaga.

  73. 73

    She really doesn't need a creative director that's constantly putting her in the line-of-fire of ripping off music, which she's guilty of. Gaga is really creative and talented and doesn't need some washed up 80's hack as a C-director, period.

  74. 74


    i am so disappointed with her.

  75. 75

    wtf????!!!!! what a waste of pure talent. i'm not the biggest gaga fan but i at least had respect for her. now i don't know what to think, she's definitely not an actor and "joe" is a douchebag. mtv and her could have done something much better.

  76. 76

    This is the best performance of You and I to date, I usually prefer the stripped down acoustic version to the rocked-up album one but this special version for the VMAs totally rocked! She finally seems to have found a balance between dancing and singing that doesn't leave her sounding out of breath all the time and she always gives great live performances. So she fell off the piano, she recovered well and there aren't many stars who haven't fallen onstage at one time or another, the main thing is to pick yourself up and keep going, and Gaga didn't miss a beat. Loved Jo's spiel at the beginning, you can tell Gaga doesn't take herself too seriously with all the snide remarks Jo makes about her, especially the bit about her not being able to stand one honest moment and not being real. She is very self-aware, and if you don't "get" Gaga by now then you never will, your loss haters ;o)

  77. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492 – It's not like she was inhaling.

    But seriously Mario - I bet you would praise her if she took a dump on stage (if she steals that idea next, I may sue - fyi). The general concensus is that the beginning monologue went too long, she looked like a hunchback troll, and that she should've dropped the act after her song. When she continued it with Britney Spears and her acceptance speach - it was very cringe worthy.

  78. 78

    That might have been her performance of the year, but it was hardly THE performance of the year. That self promotion/intro was pathetic. Her peers faces said it all. And Dave Grohl's reaction was great. He was letting you know who the star was. Not Gaga/Jo Calderone/Danny LaRusso…it was Brian May.

  79. 79

    I was thrown off in the beginning by this and then was like "ok, she will be like this for only her performance"..well then I see her again and I am like "well, that will be the last time", and then she fucking shows up again! Get off the fucking stage whore.
    Re: Vigilant Phantom – She looked like she was having a seizure the whole night! lol Her impersonation of a man is horrible with a capital H. She has like a spazzy arm.
    Re: sanfran1 – Umm, she has slipped MORE than once, even more than 3 times..so obviously it is a problem.

  80. 80

    I love how a few weeks ago Perez was berating a female celebrity for being caught smoking and now that Gaga was blatantly smoking and getting drunk..its apparently the new big thing. It is amazing the bullshit that is lining this blog. Great role model you have here. I'd take Britney anyday, crazy shaven head at all because she atleast bounced back from her breakdown and stayed strong.

  81. 81

    Re: yeaman – See, i'm glad someone agrees with me.. that was a terrible impersonation

  82. 82

    Epic Fail!!!!! Shittiest opening performance in VMA History!!!

  83. 83

    Wow. That was fantastic. This girl has come a long way - she is definitely on her way to super star status. Madonna who?

  84. 84

    *yawn* i thought she'd top herself but she didn't. boring i switched channels and came back 10 mins later. adele's performance was great and she got the standing ovation that the opening act didn't get. lol its funny when britney got up there, she looked terrified of lady gaga.

  85. 85

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  86. 86

    As many of you know I too am Anti-GaGa, however, I will still give an objective review. An overall Good performance-not GREAT not HISTORIC not Epic-Given the fact that she fell and got up I give her props. Adele's more toned down and classic performance was GREAT. Gaga/Joe overstayed his welcome after the performance was over. The end.

  87. 87

    Amazing, she is so hot, normally I'm not that attracted to girls that dresses up as guys (it's normally the other way) but she looks so hot and she sings amazing. 99% (everything can always get better) fantastic performance.

  88. 88

    Re: navikncy – I think 3 years is a lot longer than 5 min so keep trying hun.
    Also, when she has been in it for so "long" (you know what I mean) she isn't likely to drop dead so soon, she is the new generation, you may not like it and you don't have too either but she stays, specially when she is asked to do things like this.

  89. 89

    The beggining scared me but i loved the performance.

  90. 90

    What was most impressive was how Gaga stayed in the Jo character for the whole evening, with Britney and in the backstage interview (now that was funny). Unlike other women who have just dressed in men's clothes, Jo is actually Gaga's male persona and the way she was fit what we know about Jo from the You and I video and other sources perfectly. By the way, the Britney/Jo bit was obviously scripted so quit whining about Gaga taking up Britney's stage time, it was planned in advance and the two artists obviously like each other, its just their fucking stupid fans who create all the non-existent drama between them. God knows why as they are very different musically ;o)

  91. 91

    Just for a laugh -Funny Names Perezheads have created for Lady Gaga:
    Lady GuyGuy
    Lady Caca
    Lady Gag-me
    (Spanish) La Gag-mee-ta
    (Mother Monster) Muff Muncher
    Flop Monster
    Lady Flop-ga
    Queen of Flop
    Are we really this mean? lol

  92. 92

    Lame-y Gaga does it again. throws everything into one performance so you might be distracted from the actual piece of shite music she's performing. poor brian may. what was he thinking. adele just sits there looking like she feels sorry for this poor soul for having to do so much to cover a shit song. what does adele do? stands up and sings her SOLID-ASS song with just her and a piano. no kitchen sinks needed.

  93. 93

    Re: PorkVsPerez – Lame-y Gaga is hilarious, You can also do and English/Spanish mix and say "Lame-y Caca" Lame and Shit LOL ok…at some point we should make friends with the fact that Mario luvs her so we gotta be nice lol

  94. 94

    You're all so pathetic. Cuz Brian May performs with just anybody right? And the tranny jokes? HAH. Too easy. like no one expected that. Get over yourselves! She is the farthest thing from flopping right now! Amazing Gaga! I didn't think you could top yourself! But you got it girl!

  95. 95

    Okay, she had been losing me as of late, but that was a truly great theatrical performance. Killed it, sold, it. Nice also to see Mr. May!

  96. 96

    Re: yeaman – Lol, she was clearly hotboxing, if it was even real. "He's" a character, clearly. He's supposed to be objectionable.

  97. 97

    There is always a moment in an artist career when they do something that will damage their image(Whitney's crack is wack, Mariah's suicide attempt, Britney's shaving her head) and what Gaga did last night was the equivalent to Britney picking up a buzzer and going bald. This made absolutely no sense, the performance was weak and the "Danny Zuko" greaser look was laughable. Even the wig was wack!! I think this may be Gaga's beginning to the end!!!

  98. 98

    Re: FS
    What fucking concept? It's called drag! Not an original concept and not one originated by Annie Lennox. You should be thankful Lady GaGa gives you a purpose in life, since you can't seem to stop talking about her while promoting your whack website.

  99. 99

    Re: sanfran1 – LMFAO. You're so desperate trying to convince everyone that your precious GaFlop is a revolution in music. You Little Monsturds are all the same, empty little virgins consumed with your hatred towards everyone that isn't GaFlop. Her performance and falling off the piano were as predictable as her monologue was painful. The haters have it right as always. You've failed again and I love it.

  100. 100

    Hahaha! Adele's face was screaming "did she just fall?". Gaga genuinly looks like a very unattractive version of Al Pacino. And like I said in the other post, her behaviour is so erratic and disturbing, that I doubt this woman should be able to walk around in public. She without a shadow of a doubt have narcissistic PD, but there seems to be something else in the mix as well.

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