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GaGa, Britney And Beyonce! Oh My!

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This wasn't quite the Britney Spears tribute we were expecting, but seeing Brit Brit and Lady GaGa Jo Calderone on stage together was pretty magical.

In a short, but sweet intro, our hubby introduced Brit and handed her the 2011 MTV VMA Vonguard award. Then, Britney introduced the stunning and glowing Beyonce, who performed Love On Top, while showing off her new beautifully round baby bump.

Best part? Watching Kanye give Jay-Z the bro-hug after her performance.

Watch 'em above.

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138 comments to “GaGa, Britney And Beyonce! Oh My!”

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  1. 101

    LOL Gaga can't stop coping Madonna. So sad this fame whore continues her annoying act.

  2. 102

    Re: brunetshavmorfun
    "britney spears' greatest legacy was leading the way for the pop music boom in the late nineties"
    Not true. Britney was signed because her label wanted a female equivalent to the Backstreet Boys. Fact! She didn't lead anything but merely rode in with the wave of teen pop that included BSB and NSync. If anyone delivered pop music back from the grunge-fueled 90s, it was most likely The Spice Girls and not Britney Spears.

  3. 103

    Re: brunetshavmorfun – GaGa would be just as successful even if there was no Britney because she hasn't done THAT BIG of a deal, she has done a big one but not that big. I like Britney, but even if she hadn't existed there would be a GaGa that would be the same today. Even if Britney was the first leading that thing doesn't mean GaGa wouldn't be the same because somebody had to be first. If not Britney then it would have been somebody else.
    I'm not a big Madonna fan but I know without her almost the whole music pop would be different and so would GaGa.
    Also, I like Britney, if I didn't like her then I would go and see her or have payed for the golden circle so I could be in front of the stage + train tickets so I can actually see her.

  4. 104

    was beyonce even singing i dunno but i am perplex at the performance ughh lady gaga in the scene look like she was dressing for halloween

  5. 105

    what a cnut act gaga

  6. 106

    Re: DarkAdaptedEye – it literally doesn't matter whatsoever WHY she was signed, but instead, what she did afterward. britney spears' legacy will live on long after the spice girls', therefore invalidating your argument. britney spears acted as a single act (unlike EVERY other "artist" you named), plus she is clearly far more successful.
    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – it's obvious that u are too young to remember how big of an explosion britney spears was to the pop world, and you're severely biased by your unfaltering devotion to lady gaga.

  7. 107

    The whole Britney tribute and the acceptance speech was beyond extremely awkward, and GaGa wasn't helping. Any kind of moment that Britney could have had was stolen by GaGa, then Britney was forced into going straight into the intro to Beyonce. The whole thing was just so sad and I was cringing the entire time!

  8. 108

    Re: brunetshavmorfun
    Honey, there's nothing "invalid" about my argument, but your argument is about as tired as your avatar pic. Even if she was the most successful of the "single artists" at the end of the 90s, she didn't lead shit. Even before the whole pop wave of the late 90s, there were teen female stars such as Robyn, Aaliyah, and LeAnn Rimes, who were tearing up up the pop and dance charts well before Britney Spears. It's obvious you're showing your age and lack of knowledge of music history, and if you really want to argue with me about pop culture, history, and trends, you WILL lose!

  9. 109

    Re: brunetshavmorfun – Very little is unscripted during any kind of Award show, and when someone of Britney Spears' mental state is involved, then I assure you, it is most definitely scripted and staged. After Britney's meltdown, everything she has ever done in public has been rehearsed and controlled by her team there is no room for her to be impulsive - they would never risk another scandal. I find it strange that someone who seems to able to think logically, would actually believe that this was not staged.

  10. 110

    GO Beyonce…you rock! I love that song…"Love On Top"….such a classic….. :)

  11. 111


  12. 112


  13. 113

    Re: Candy Barr – LOL XD i know.. media fails

  14. 114

    LOL..more like a Beyonce tribute then anything. Poor Britney, couldn't even finish her own speech because Gaga kept yapping her mouth and going on and on about Beyonce. Though I thought it was a good moment for Beyonce.

  15. 115

    Re: Glamour_is_the_LifeRe: DarkAdaptedEye – You are both by far full of shit.. britney is a big fucking deal dumbasses..and Dark you are a even bigger dumbass.. all those artist you mentioned had no where near the effect of Brit.. you don't know dick about pop culture ..so i guess YOU LOSE! stop talking ..
    she is a icon evreything she has done in the past has been recognized and redone by artists (who even mention her as inspiration) and in t.v. shows over time.. you obviously don't pay attention to pop culture if you think she hasn't left the biggest mark since Madonna.. the only thing people talk about when it comes to Gaga is her outfits.. none of it has been ground breaking and epic..she is far from reaching a icon status as big as britney's no matter what any of you say..only time will tell.. keep being so pressed about it.. you sound immature and bitter.. that's how people act i guess, when they are so shoved up a artist ass, that they piss on everyone elses glory..
    p.s. Oh and people that say "sweetie" "hun" "honey" sound like snobs and bitches..don't look stupid and type me back, leaving this post and not coming back to read such crap!

  16. 116

    I'm glad everyone finally realizes how FAKE Gaga is! She's a fame seeking leech who always have to make everything about her, that is her act pretending to be someone else but herself.

  17. 117

    Re: Vigilant PhantomRe: Vigilant Phantom
    It's JennyCakes! How many screennames are you going to go through, you dumb bitch? Of course you wouldn't want me to respond, because it would look like you had the last word and that you "told me." Well, HONEY, I'm responding, because I KNOW you're going to read this.
    First of all, I never said Britney hadn't left a mark. Learn to read before you respond to someone. The argument was about her being the FIRST pop artist to issue in the pop wave last pop wave. What has she done that was so groundbreaking? Oh she dances in concert and in videos. Oh, gee…that's never been done before. She only sold more than the artists I listed because she's more commercial/marketable and that is NOTHING that she had a hand in herself. Even the artists she's allegedly responsible for are far more instrumental in directing their own careers and image than Britney ever was. And the artists that she sold more than, particularly Robyn–guess who Britney's label got to write and produce her first album–that's right, the same ones who produced Robyn's debut album that came out 3 years prior, and it's not an un-coincidence that BOMT sounds similar to it. So you tell me who left a mark on who, SWEETIE. That is why no one wanted to perform for her tribute, because no self-respecting musician in the industry takes her seriously. She's nothing but a tool, and so are you, HONETY.

  18. 118

    Anyone else feel like Britney was extremely uncomfortable standing next to gaga. I thought the whole Gaga thing was horrendous. Gaga didn't give her any time to even accept award before she had to introduced Beyonce, it seemed like it was Gaga who was getting the award. Gaga come on we know you are a narcissistic person but not a lot of people really care and some people deserve their own spotlight.

  19. 119

    britney was grossed out by just look at her lip move she just moved back

  20. 120

    Re: JCPiscool – Sigh, Gaga wasn't copying Madonna, when Madonna dressed as a man she just wore a suit, that was the end of it, Gaga created a whole male persona when she became Jo and kept the character up for the whole evening. Male (and female) impersonators go back decades and decades, Madonna was not the first and Gaga won't be the last to do this. I cannot for the life of me understand why Gaga gets so much shit when EVERYONE is referencing old stuff in their music and image, its ALL been done before, can't you get it?

  21. 121

    she achieves a lifetime achievment award and thats how its presented? with a lame attention seeker presenting it and moving swiftly on to beyonce who also stills the lime light by announcing her pregnantcy when she could have done it any other time.

    look back when mariah won the artist of the millenium award back in 2000, the big intro of all her hits and sucess, the cheers of the crowed, the heartfelt speach. britney was robbed a special night.

  22. 122

    Re: Diva-Babe
    Not to mention, the dancers on stage danced far more better and did a better Britney than Britney, which goes to show Britney was never that great of a dancer that she's been pumped up to be.

  23. 123

    Re: DarkAdaptedEye
    Britney wasn't doing anything Brandy wasn't doing just a few years earlier. Britney was the white Brandy. LOL It's funny how people confuse selling more with real talent, though.

  24. 124

    Re: DarkAdaptedEye – i assure u that i dont want to argue about anything except that you aren't giving britney spears the credit she deserves for her role in the POP (not r&b like aaliyah or country like lee ann rhimes…and robyn…really? ) music phenomenon that happened in the late nineties.

  25. 125

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – i based my opinion on a couple things, actually. i cannot argue that a lot is scripted during awards shows. however 1) britney spears was shocked (based on her face) when this jo character came out on stage to open the show - why would she be if she knew what was going to happen during her acceptance of lifetime achievement? 2) it was probably scripted that britney was going to give a thank you speech (which i doubt MTV wrote for her. her people probably did.) and then introduce beyonce… i just simply don't believe that gaga being in her face begging for a kiss was planned, regardless of how naive you think i am for it. 3) based on body language, britney's extremely uncomfortable the ENTIRE time gaga's speaking… probably because she had a short speech memorized (there's your script) and then gaga comes in to steal her spotlight and she's blindsided not knowing what to do. the vmas are notorious for unscripted nonsense happening, and i don't know why it's so hard to believe that this moment was not controlled entirely by mtv, especially with gaga fame-whoring.

  26. 126

    Re: Vigilant Phantom – The fact you think Britney are bigger than those I mention proves that you don't know a shit about what I was talking about.
    Honey, I'm a bitch snob then, deal with it, because I have no problem with it hun.
    It's simply fact, all I was stating is that David Bowie, Grace Jones and Madonna have made a bigger impact than Britney on GaGa, as well as on the fashion department.
    Britney hasn't done that much as you say she has, she hasn't done that big of an impact, especially not on GaGa, maybe a few Disney Stars but that is all.
    Sure, Britney has done a few impacts on the industry, but not impacts that many artist goes after like they do with Madonna. When I hear people talk (people that isn't on here but RL people with a mix of fans, not fans and haters) about Britney today it's either about her old days or her crazy bold days, not her new ones.
    Lady GaGa is recognized for her clothes that's right, but she is just as famous for her music. I mean, just the fact when she was new to the business she has 4 #1 hits from her debut album hadn't been done before by a female artist, not even Britney.

  27. 127

    Re: Vigilant Phantom – You may think I'm kissing GaGa's ass but believe me, I'm not, sure, I have loved almost everything she has done but just because I have done that I'm not in her ass and just because I defend her I'm not in her ass. I just hate it when people like you come in and talk shit like that. When people do that I give back the medicine. How does it feel? It's bitter right?
    But just like you said, that is how "people keep being so pressed about it.. you sound immature and bitter.. that's how people act i guess, when they are so shoved up a artist ass, that they piss on everyone elses glory.." you are way deep in Britney's ass honey, you are no better than be so don't act like it HUN.

  28. 128

    Re: brunetshavmorfun
    Honey, Britney got famous when I started to care about music, I danced a lot to her songs and used to be the biggest Britney fan.
    Then she had a meltdown and of course I felt sorry for her, but my feelings was different towards her, then Circus came and where she lip synced to the max and she lost my respect completely. I don't have so much "respect" has I had before but I still like her and I will be going to see her and if it's true that she REALLY is singing LIVE and it's not prerecorded then my respect will be higher than before.
    BUt the difference between GaGa and Britney is that one of them is a performer and the other one an artist. I think you know that Britney is just the performer because a real artist also writes almost all of her/his own songs.
    The reason I like GaGa more than Britney hasn't got anything to do with my age, I like people after their talent.
    My mom, age 57, doesn't like Britney as an artist and thinks she is fake and all that, but she loves Lady GaGa because she is an REAL artist, not a still in it's teen wannabe an artist like some others, I can say this even if I like Britney.
    Also, even if I was to young, there is still history to lock back on and you can look in the present to really see how big of an explosion she was.

  29. luvu2 says – reply to this


    little monsters, Beyonce haters and brtiney lovers, oh my …this place is a zoo. I will say that it would appear that Brit got shafted, but who knows? maybe she didn't want it to be a big deal….maybe it was a "I'm tired, just give me my award so I can sit back down." type of thing. Beyonce was just doing what Beyonce does, entertaining and performing her a** off. Why should she lessen her performance?, she didn't make the scheduling. The only thing that made me itch was how Gaga wouldn't step back from the camera so that Britney could make her speech, but it was possible she was worried about missing her line on the teleprompter.

  30. 130

    Re: brunetshavmorfun – I'm not saying this is true, just saying what I think.
    I think "the kiss" planed, but not on Britney's part. I think it was planed because they had a tribute towards her and that kiss was really memorable, I don't think it was just GaGa (honestly) that thought of that but a few others backstage that scripted the show gave the suggestion to GaGa and she went along with it. Not saying it's true, it's just what I think.

  31. 131

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – first of all, if one more person "honeys" me i'm gonna stab myself in the eye. second of all, i dont care what u think about britney, i just think she's more important to the pop music world than you have been stating. i just don't think gaga could have had as much fame and recognition if britney had never come around. i feel as if it must be stated, though, that i don't even really LIKE britney - i'm a christina girl at heart.
    but your argument about the kiss actually makes a lot of sense! that part may well have been staged, but gaga's whole speech about "i'm just a boy, you're just a girl, blah blah…" seemed self indulgent and took away from britneys chance to give a quick speech. if the kiss was planned, though, MTV is just stupid at this point. it wasn't funny, nor did it give her any sort of tribute…it only would have been worth it had britney agreed to kiss her!

  32. 132

    Re: brunetshavmorfun
    Yes, Robyn really. Her first album was a platinum success, which was rare in the mid 90s for a teen pop star in the US. For some reason, though, her followup was not released here. The music she was making in the 90s was the type of music that people like Britney were making in the early 00s, and she is still far ahead of her peers today in terms of making progressive dance music. And I'm saying this and I don't even like her that much. My issue wasn't giving Britney enough credit; it was about people giving her far too much credit. I don't deny she influenced a hella lot of people. But she isn't the first or did it alone at that time. You can't deny the Spice Girls were either, regardless if they're a single artist or group. They did get people interested in pop music again (I guess Ace of Base did too, but not on that scale), heir tours were huge and spectacular in terms of sales, and they were so heavily marketed and saturated and pretty much started the business model that Britney later adopted.

  33. 133

    Re: brunetshavmorfun
    PS. Aaliyah and LeAnne did have crossover hits on the POP charts, and their contributions to that genre have been noted, and the line between pop and R&B over the last 15 years or so has been very thin, almost non-existent. The only difference is the color of the face of the person doing it. Listen to Britney's music. It's just watered down, bleached out R&B. If Aaliyah were white and made the same type of music she was already making, people probably would have been calling her pop. Someone mentioned Brandy..same thing! I know you're an X-tina fan, an artist that I feel got overshadowed by Britney, and probably is a bit more influential (she was doing GaGa before GaGa) but listen to her–she is straight up R&B!

  34. 134

    Re: brunetshavmorfun – HONEY, you can do what ever you want with your eyes, not my problem.
    I”m a half Britney fan, I think they should have given her more time than they did but I still stand for the fact that even if there was no Britney, GaGa would still be the same.

  35. 135

    Re: DarkAdaptedEye – oh trust me u dont have to tell me about xtina! lol. that woman's got soul, and yes, i harbor britney resentment that she was also never given her due respect.
    i understand what u mean, because she WAS sculpted to be the perfect product by her team… but britney's widely known as the princess of pop for a reason. and not just for her commercial successes but for her first three, maybe even up to her fourth, albums… i have to give her the credit she deserves for her achievements in the pop world.
    idk..i still believe that in the 90s (though i agree not so much anymore) there was a distinct line between pop, r&b, and country, even taking race out of it. aaliyah and rhimes had hits on both charts due to the widespread popularity of their singles, but their most popular songs, in my opinion, were distinctly in their original genre of music. i accept that now, even just ten-fifteen years later, carrie underwood can put out a song that blurs the line between country and pop, but i cant help but hone in on that country twang of lee ann rhimes (whose more popular songs from that era i remember as 'how do i live' and 'blue'). and as far as robyn goes…. i just can't agree at all whatsoever. i remember that ONE song of hers (show me love), and yes, while it was pop, you could give the SAME recognition to some other random success, like natalie imbruglia.

  36. 136

    LMFAO talk about gaga Failing

    that bitch wanted to kiss Britney to get her more attention

    he/she needs to stop

  37. 137

    Re: brunetshavmorfun
    Damn, I had forgotten about Natalie. She was fun, too. I wanted her to be successful, but she kind of just faded into obscurity. There was not much staying power in the 90s, that's for sure. As for as Xtina, she sings like Black R&B women used to sing, or should I say SANG. I can't really name one modern R&B artist today that can blow like that. The girl can pull of singing Etta James better than Beyonce did. There's a song on Bionic called "Sex For Breakfast"–cheesy title, yes–but back in the day, that was what was considered "Quiet Storm" on late night R&B stations. I LIVE for it. Yes, she was not given her due, although she has done quite well for herself, but I also think she was mismanaged. Hope she'll rebound with her next album.

  38. 138

    gaga is so tired and steals from everyone (and does a bad job at it at that). so sick of her over-exposed face. she has talent, but her personality, her copying, and her need for attention kills it for me. britney's tribute was pathetic. 'nough said. beyonce i think was one of the best of the night. i'm normally not a beyonce fan, but that song and performance reminded me of older vma's. such an iconic song that reminds you of tina turner or whitney houston. i could care less about the baby.

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