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Jay-Z Does NOT Show Chris Brown Any Love At The VMAs!

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Guess we won't be seeing Watch the Throne II with Jay and Breezy.

Check out the video (above) of Jay-Z NOT clapping for Chris Brown following his performance at the VMAs.

Given Jay's history with Rihanna, this doesn't come as a complete surprise to us…although he's making a pret-ty strong statement by not even smiling for Chris.

What do U think? Does Chris Brown deserve some love? Or do U side with Jay-Z?

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111 comments to “Jay-Z Does NOT Show Chris Brown Any Love At The VMAs!”

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  1. 1

    F–k Chris Brown. He should be a backup dancer. Not a star quality performer and he's a scumbag woman-beater. I don't care if she forgives him. The world will not forget the time he beat the s–t out of a woman. Men like that never change. He acts like a child.

  2. 2

    Totally agree with Jay-Z . Brown doesn't deserve the attention because he doesn't act like he's changed at all.

  3. 3

    F chris brown. He can dance, but so could MC Hammer. I cant beleive that people still follow and forgive so quickly. He is a P.O.S. He cant handle the fame or his temper. Its just a matter of time til he burns all his bridges….

  4. 4

    Hate to burst people's bubble but he seems to be holding a drink after Chris finished his performance and then drinking from it. Also he seems to be nodding his head in approval before drinking, though I thought the same thing at first.

  5. yeez says – reply to this


    I wish Chris Brown would beat YOUR ass, Mario. Why don't you post about the standing ovation he got from Kanye? In the video you can see Jay Z nodding his head. He wasn't clapping because he was holding a drink in his hand, idiot. Stop making shit up.

  6. 6

    Jay-Z is a real man. Too many people are willing to overlook what happened with Chris Brown. Jay-Z respects women. That's why he can marry a strong woman and let her soar in her own success. He married her and now they're having a baby . The guy seems like he gets it. Sadly, most people don't. Not so say he's perfect, just nice to see someone in his position aware of the importance of character.

  7. 7

    Chris Brown is a douchebag… we get it! Of course this is the only way Perez posts his video to try to make a big deal over nothing! If you go back and look at Gaga's opening and other acts and look at the faces of 98% of the audience… none of them look amused in the slightest and seems to be making a "pret-ty strong statement by not even smiling" as well! Chris Brown's performance was OK but FAR better than anything Gaga did.

  8. 8

    Side with J! I can't look at Chris Brown without seeing Rihanna's battered face in my head.

    Beyond that, it doesn't seem like he learned anything. How many homophobic statements has he made in the last 6 months alone?

  9. 9

    I really liked his performance. He's fun to watch.

  10. 10

    i 1000% agree w/ Jay-Z i hate chris brown and i still dont understand why ppl give him the time of day. look i understand ppl fuck up in life, but i dont think this guy has changed at all. and it really upsets me ppl alow him to perform

  11. 11

    Chris Brown deserves NO APPLAUSE what so ever! The only reason he got his fame back was cuz he sang sex songs. And leaked naked pictures. Sex sales but sex doesn't erase the past. He's a woman beater and should be treated as such.

  12. 12

    ahh Jay-z is not innocent…drug dealing past and he himself shoved a woman…though he denies it was nothing but playing look at the expression on his face…it's not pretty

  13. 13

    This music and everything being played on the radio now just sounds like gay club/European music being played 10 or more years ago.

  14. 14

    Of course Jay wont show him any love.. Rhianna is on Jays label.. and everyone knows hes been dicking her down for years.. LOL

  15. 15

    chris brown was phenomenal.

  16. 16

    Chris beatherdown.
    When will he go away?

  17. 17

    Chris Brown had more than his 15 mins…. Can't we get someone else now?

  18. 18

    No love here

  19. 19

    yes what he did to Rihanna was so wrong but people do deserve another chance with professional help. As for his performance i believe it was the best one of the night, it was fun to watch. JayZ nodded his head in approval holding a drink. Thunmbs up!

  20. 20

    I don't know whether Jay-Z approved or not but I don't agree with how easily Chris Brown has been forgiven. People keep saying he made "one mistake" which to me would be alright if he'd mimed or if he released a crappy song. But he didn't, he beat a woman he supposedly loved in a vicious and unprovoked attack and that can never be forgiven. He's in the public eye and that shouldn't buy him forgiveness, it should make him an example.

    Also I just flicked through the performance as I don't want to even watch that man but he dared to play Nirvana in his set? He shouldn't even be allowed to have his name in the same sentence as that band.

  21. 21

    Chris Brown had HANDS DOWN the best performance of the night. The night was going down and he lifted that crowd's spirits. The people that stood up and cheered for Chris outweighed the one 40 year old sour-puss that wanted to act like a child.

    Jay z is not blameless. He is a former drugdealer, has stabbed someone, and is even caught on camera slapping a female. The only thing covering his sins is Beyonce, and he needs to continuously thank her for making him appear the way he does today. Chris has committed one offense and people like Jayz and Perez want to constantly remind us. WE ALREADY KNOW. Its 2011. Jayz has committed MULTIPLE offenses and has even been called out on the low by his ex colleagues. Plus Rihanna is his little side piece girlfriend. Are we really surprised?

    Perez why didnt you talk about KANYE or Kid Cudi who were cheering. What about Justin Bieber? 3 people WAY BIGGER than Jayz who were SUPPORTINg Chris. You are nothing but a dramatic queen.

  22. 22

    I think Chris brown made a "pretty big" statement when he punched his girlfriend in the face repeatedly. Too bad for Chris he forgot that his girlfriends manager was JayZ!

  23. laz says – reply to this


    so what .. what was he supposed to do? jump up and down?? Chris Brown doesn't deserve shit.

  24. 24

    NO! He is ugly, stupid, Women beater .. This Douchbag should fly away … very far..

  25. 25

    All of us hate him - why is he suddenly getting so much media attention again? Pieces of shit like him need to fade into the background and make room for people who have respect for others.

  26. 26

    Should a man that beats a woman get love? Hell no…Chris looked like an idiot….flying on that cable…what a twerp….

  27. 27

    Lets clarify, how did people so easily forgive him? This incident happened a couple of years ago, his reputation was seriously damaged, radios didn't play his music, he couldn't get any acts to go on tour with, he was basically shunned from the music industry. He had to slowly make a comeback with his talent and good music. Oh and people forget that it wasn't like Chris and Rihanna were driving peacefully and he pulled the car over and beat the shit out of her. There were in a huge fit, Rihanna was yelling and screaming and hit him also. I am not justifying his actions but don't get it twisted, it was defiantly not unprovoked. I hate to bring this up but I also have a problem with the fact that many other male celebrities have beat their women before and haven't been so hated. Fuck, Eminem made millions of dollars on a song with Rihanna this year that is glorifying setting his house on fire with his girl in it. But that's ok!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  28. 28

    It's all fake,they all answer to the same dark entities.

  29. 29

    It doesn't matter how good of a dancer Chris Brown is - and he is a good dancer - but what he did and what he is, a violent antisocial delinquent, should not be forgotten nor ignored - and especially not supported. I question the mental state of those who fail to see this, especially in this case where it is so blatant. Those who do, do so either because they are ignorant, disturbed or both. No matter the reason, it is not a good one.

  30. 30

    Re: TORTEZ – Soooooo true!

  31. 31

    All the boy did was dance and lipsynch. Wasn't anything to clap about. Now, if he'd SUNG after all that dancing, then he'd have earned some applause. Pfft.

  32. 32

    Yes he hit a woman and he will have to live with that the rest of his life because no matter what it's always going to come up. Just as RiRi will always be the victim…I"m sure sure she's is trying to move past it all too and can't because EVERYONE keeps bringing it up. His performance was one of the best of the night. You gotta give it to him…he's a great performer.

  33. 33

    Re: MJJ – haha yeah i noticed that too.

  34. 34

    I think Jay-Z's good intentions are wasted. You know Rihanna's stupid ass would have been clapping, since she's not willing to hurt Brown "professionally" and she's basically forgiven him. But Damn Brown's got a powerful enemy if Jay-Z can't stomach the sight of him!

  35. 35

    I think Jay Z should give Chris some love. If he cares so much about Rhiana he should tell her to put some clothes on and stop acting like an over sexed teen.

  36. 36

    Re: MJJ – Yeah, that's what I saw too. It does look like Jay Z was nodding in approval. Also, while I don't agree with Chris Brown's actions, I think it's time to move on…

  37. 37

    Plus, it bothers me had that damn microphone covering half his face and he didn't even sing. I think Brown should take up dancing full time and quit singing. We'd see him less. Don't full yourself people— Jay-Z was giving Brown the death stare at the end even whilst he was sipping his drink. And how odd he was the only one with refreshment…

  38. 38

    Whatever happened to maturity and forgiveness? Guess Jay doesn't have either one of those.
    Chris' performance was amazing - the boy can dance his a** off!

  39. 39

    Kathy Griffin gets banned from a network for dropping the f bomb or having an opinion so why when a man beats the crap out of a woman doesn't he get d listed or banned from every network in town?

  40. 40

    Hate to break it to the haters, but the reason ppl still give him the time of day is because despite his emotional disturbances, the boy is talented. Say what you want, but you can't take that away from him. The fact that JayZ wasn't jumping around like a little girl doesn't mean he's snubbing him. Honestly, Hova's always too cool to barely clap for any performer.

  41. 41

    Flying through the air deserved a standing ovation?! It sucked. It needs to take a lot longer for this punk to get a standng o. More mad respect for Jay-Z!! Now HE is a class act!

  42. 42

    I'm both a Rihanna AND Chris Brown fan, and I want to piggy-back off something Poshicles said about the night of the "incident."

    "Oh and people forget that it wasn't like Chris and Rihanna were driving peacefully and he pulled the car over and beat the shit out of her. There were in a huge fit, Rihanna was yelling and screaming and hit him also. I am not justifying his actions but don't get it twisted, it was defiantly not unprovoked."

    I am NOT saying that what Breezy did was right, but let's not forget that in "Breakin' Dishes," Rihanna's singing about how she wants to "fight a man." Again, NOT saying it was right in any way, but I think Poshicles is right. Chris didn't go from Bruce Banner to the Hulk for no reason. Only the two of them know what happened in that car that day. Everyone else needs to stfu.

    That is all.

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Chris Brown is shit! he should just to pick up cans and make money that way!!!! he doesn't deserve to make millions. However, I blame the people who continue to buy his music!!!!!!

  45. Low says – reply to this


    I did NOT watch because Chris "beat her down" Brown was on the show. And I think it makes MTV look bad.

  46. 46

    Who cares what Jz thinks, can he do that. Brown is an abuser and all those people standing and cheering on were sickening. Both need to go away, Brown should be in jail. Like I said all these people are famewhores…..

  47. 47

    So he danced and flew around… maybe he should just apply to be in the circus. He didn't SING. And not only did he do what he did to Rhianna but let's not forget all the other stupid comments he has said every single time he mouths off. The only reason he's gotten some fame back is cause he's collaborated with other artists and their names are bringing him back into the scene, but if he were to try to do this on his own, he's still fail.

  48. 48

    I agree with Jay-Z 100%. Screw Chris Brown!!!

  49. 49

    Looks like Selena feels the same way! Check out how she stays sitting, and it doesn't look like she's clapping. I like her more now than I did before.

  50. 50

    Jay-Z did seem to nod as he was taking a drink but you can't blame him if he didn't applaud for Chris Brown, Rhianna is like a little sister to him, would you applaud for someone who assaulted your little sister, I think not.

  51. 51

    It`s really akward, like 2 years ago when he had beaten up rihanna everybody hated him. Radios didn`t even play his songs anymore (in switzerland) and suddenly a few years later people are screaming for him and hes being celebrated. to me that doesnt make sense…
    and hes not even thankful, hes arrogant and talks stupid stuff.
    He has beaten up a women, he will not change or has somebody seen some real regret from him? how should he change if everybody forgives this quickly…?
    I think jay-z reacted just the rigth way and everybody in that room should have reacted like him. thumbs up for him!

  52. 52

    Chris Brown be one ugly ass missin link lookin woman beater.

  53. 53

    chris brown is better than jayz anyway. he is a better singer, dancer, rapper, performer. jayz is overrated and old. he should take beyonce and disappear with their baby. OLD NEWS.

  54. 54

    he was absolutely right to show his opinion how he wanted to, but regardless of how you feel about chris brown or his music, you have to admit that he's a phenomenal dancer

  55. 55

    this has got the be the most pathetic post ever… u seem to just love to bash on CB, its getting old… how about the fact, adele,katy pery and i imagine alot of others didnt look to impressed by gaga proformance, what no post on that?

  56. 56

    Love JayZ more than ever that he remained seated, not clapping for that cirque du soleil performance. Chris Brown is NOT a nice guy. That and there are many more talented performers than him.

  57. 57

    It seems ridiculous to me that someone who publicly beat a women in this day and age can be let back into society with out being looked down on by almost everyone so GO JAY-Z for being one of a few people who actually gives a crap about what he did and doesn't just forget because Chris is a mildly decent performer! It's not like he has changed at all so I have no respect for him and would go so much to say that I look down on MTV for allowing him to perform only 2-3 years later.

  58. 58

    Chris Brown is gross!

  59. 59

    Chris Brown is the worst lip syncer ever. He should not have been given another chance - he will always be in my eyes an abuser. Jay-Z was right not to show him any love - why is Chris Brown so popular?? — he is not a great singer — all he does is dance and it is called the video MUSIC awards not so you think you can dance. Adele was by far the best performer at the vmas by far!!

  60. 60

    Re: poshicles – I COULDNT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF. Like you people act like this incident happened last week, instead of YEARS AGO. And If you for one second think Jay Z has never put his hands on a woman, PLEASE GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. He was one of the biggest dealers upnorth..He's slapped a few, smacked a few, beat a few, and probably shot a few. He just wasn't in the public eye doing it. Like thats the problem so many Americans have..STOP BEING A DAMN HATER. Wannabe sooo quick to judge others actions when they do one damn thing off the charts, like you've never done anything wrong. AND FYI..Jay-z DID APPROVE. he's NODDING IN THE DAMN VIDEO!! You cant clap while holding a drink. Like damn. GET OFF HIS D*CK and find something really worthwhile about posting.

  61. 61

    Sorry I also see Jay Z holding up his drink a bit and nodding his head and not in dismay. Maybe some of you asshole haters need to check again……

  62. 62

    Proud of Jay Z for not giving this criminal props for his lip synching.

  63. @v@ says – reply to this


    Chris has to earn his way back. He decimated a really big social line. Prove yourself by walking the walk. Get a grip and exercise self control. Everything gets out.

  64. 64

    Re: Mojopotato – Didn't Jay-Z slap a women reporter because she said something he didn't like. Real man my azz.

  65. 65

    I don't have a lot of love for Chris Brown the person. But Chris Brown the Entertainer is a different story. I liked his performance and I like the song. Chris gives good stage… :)

  66. 66

    All of you people are so fucking ignorant. Jay Z is NO saint.

  67. 67

    I'm not understanding why people say he shouldn't be forgiven so easily like anyone in this world is a saint! He hit a woman, he asked for forgiveness, he was forgiven by the only person that really matters and thats Rihanna. Either respect him as an artist or don't. Such hate and jealousy over someone because YOU feel he is no longer worthy. Who are you? You're no god.

  68. 68

    The performance was hot but, i can't help to still think what he did to Rihanna and his other retarded actions he's made.

  69. 69

    Good performance but I support what Jay Z did there… especially given the relationship him and Rihanna have. But also…I can't make out what the name is when given but does anyone know the last name of that song he dances to there?

  70. 70

    Scratch that last part…found it.

  71. 71

    The story is false. Jay doesn't have anything against Chris Brown. Jay was nodding his head. Jay had a criminal record before Brown had a record deal, and he was friends with Biggie and many other men who were NOT choirboys. He's a fucking rapper. Jay doesn't have any hate for Brown.

  72. 72

    its just sad that MTV supports morons, slu-ts, and cowardly dic-k-less men who beat on women. Someone should cancel MTV!

  73. 73

    Why does it matter. With Jay-Z past and that includes hitting a women he has no right to judge Chris.

  74. 74

    I forgot Jay shot his brother too.

    Sold drugs, stabbed a man, shot his brother among other things. I like both, I like Brown more, but did people really think Jay had a clean record? lol

  75. 75

    Re: Anti_Emo!

    Bitch, please.

  76. 76

    Come the fuck on! Perez, you will never stop picking on Breezy AND you're obviously stirring up shit.

  77. 77

    Re: Mojopotato – How much was Jay Z "respecting" women when he slapped down that woman in South Africa a few years back? Listen, I like Jay Z's music and Chris Brown, neither is perfect and yes Chris made a very bad decision when physically retaliated against Rihanna. However, he was arrested, sentenced, and paid his penance, what more do people want at this point? Same goes for Kanye West. I am not a big fan of Kanye and do find him to be a bit of a douchebag, but I wish people would leave the whole Taylor Swift/VMA thing alone already. It's been two years and I felt uncomfortable for him when Katy Perry made her little "joke" during their acceptance speech.

  78. 78

    I wish I was the #1 comment cuz.. Its all about the $$$… Bring a great performer down an make a comeback..C brown acts like a douce but ri-ri acts like a ho…..all about the $$…Jay z controls all this..he prob make $$ no matter what. start a beef w nye before their"tour starts". he needs a break to stay way cuz of his new kid…C.brown may be a dick but he is tryin to be the new MJ..groundbreakin performance w the wires

  79. 79

    Re: poshicles – YOU MY FRIEND ARE AN IDIOT

  80. 80


  81. 81

    How about you all leave the man alone, his music is amazing and the kid can dance his ass off, leave his personal life alone #losers

  82. 82

    Re: MJJ – Yeah that's what I was just about to say.. he nods, which he wouldn't do if he was so angry with Chris, and he also had a drink in his hand. Kanye on the other hand was CLEARLY loving it! lol

  83. 83

    This is the second coming. Way cool if you forget about the politics.

  84. 84

    This is the Second Coming. Just get past the politics.

  85. 85

    I'm in no way a Chris Brown fan but I do respect him and this performance his was the best at the VMA'S no doubt. Anyway, first of all guys, that was Chris Brown's PERSONAL LIFE also it happened almost 3 years ago what does Chris Brown's incident have to do with you? I wonder if someone kept talking about you beating a woman or a family member beating a woman (that happened almost 3 years ago) you wouldn't mind being reminded over and over about it. I mean you shouldn't since you guys have no problem reminding people. I mean, Mel Gibson choked his girlfriend(I believe) and cursed her out a lot. Didn't Charlie Sheen attack a woman as well? Why is it when it's Chris Brown any article whatever doesn't matter if it's about him being at a charity event, the incident is mentioned. The actual Victim is OVER IT yet nothing happened to you you are in no way involved yet you are still talking about it. But with Mel Gibson or Charlie it isn't? Mind you Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen's abuse happened way after Browns. People are just fucking pathetic.

    Re: butt666 – People won't forget Chris Browns incident that happened almost 3 years but Charlie Sheen's and Mel Gibsons' woman abuse is forgotten and yet it happened after browns. Oh the fucking irony.

  86. 86

    Re: PopSciDictator3 – Wow really? Get some fucking help. And stop being obsessed with her. Ew you are a GagaMe Fan aren't you? Little prick.

  87. 87

    Drama Queen Perez…..clearly J is taking a sip of his drink and he nods his head in appreciation…everyone was going crazy…Cb is an amazing dancer and a really xciting performer…sorry to burst your drama bubble dude xxx

  88. 88

    Re: poshicles – I dont understand these ( seemingly) unintellegent people who think that rihanna and eminem's collaboration glorifies anything. the tone of the song is not happy / celebratory. thats like saying trainspotting glorifies heroin use. The video is artistically made with good looking people, and maybe pre teens with weak comprehension skills might think it makes abuse look cool, but i think its pretty honest. The lyrics are truthful and relatable to anyone who has been in an unhealthy/ codependent situation. it doesnt make it the preferable way to live, its a sad situation, but i dont see how the song at all condones it. its pretty clear eminems miserable/ suicidal, and rihannas presence is somber at best.I actually respected her more for choosing to be a part of it. I think the song opens up a dialogue about abusive relationships which women are getting into at a younger and younger age nowadays. If hearing the song or watching the video makes a person think this is cool thats their own issue.

  89. 89

    Re: poshicles – Wow, you really think Eminem's video is GLORIFYING setting a house on fire and beating a woman?!?! Then you really do not read videos/songs well. He is showing people how scary it can be to be in a dark relationship like that and that it is NOT right! Not sure that it was purposely, but I think it made another big statement to have Rihanna do this song with him after what had happened. JMO.

  90. 90

    Re: Yesse04 – Ontop of his comments, he also made a huge mess of the room his was given on Good Morning America when he agreed to go on the show. He should know people are going to ask about that incident, not just his album. He should have more class regardless and just leave. Shows how violent the dipsh*t still is.

  91. 91

    Re: d20beckham – You're right, Jay-Z is nothing to CB. It's just shocking how he is one of the richest artists out there because he's just a horrible rapper. Go figure. Oh and if your little brain didn't figure it out (I assume you're young considering that's really all who stand up for him), I was being sarcastic and NOT agreeing with you.

  92. 92

    like Jay Z gives a f*ck. and no one else should either. talent doesn't have anything to do with who you are as a person or Jay Z would be in the gutter

  93. 93

    last time i checked jayz mushed a girl in the face he even tweeted chris SO THIS ARTICLE IS FUCKING IRRELEVANT JACKASSES CHRIS BROWN HATERS KILL YOURSELF HES NOT GOING ANYWHERE HA !

  94. 94

    I sincerely loved Chris Brown's performance. If Jay wants to still hold a grudge that's a shame. Get over it!! Like he's never made a mistake!! OMFG!!! Get over it. CBreezy did an outstanding awesome job!! I love him!!!

  95. 95

    Guys check it out Lights Over Paris ft Game - I'm not a gangsta

  96. 96

    Well good for Jay! Re: MJJ – he didn't even stand up or acknowledge Chris and surely if he was blown away he'd have made an effort to put down his drink. Rihanna was Jay-Z's discovery so I wouldn't be surprised if he feels protective of her.

  97. 97

    Re: Black Swan

    Jay doesn't stand for any FUCKING body. Unless it's a legend like MJ, James Brown, Prince or maybe even Kayne. Kanye was more excited for Beyonce than Jay. This is the most ridiculous headline since Pippa Middleton's non existent ass. He nodded his head and he looked drunk. He was having a good time.

  98. 98

    If Chris Brown had changed and showed genuine remorse like someone like Mike Vick has, then I'd applaud him. But he's still just as classless and disgusting as before, so you go Jay-Z.

  99. 99

    chris brown is an abuser he abused Rhi he abused his talent 2 sing with all the flying in the air and he defintely abused any chance of getting Jay Z applause so there is no point in him even performing

  100. 100

    what i hate the most is people stating that she was the only victim in that whole relationship. I'm just stating things from my experience and where i am from and what i have seen. There were a lot of comments that SHE had abused HIM in the past and that he ONLY retaliated by pushing her away. I think in that car she took things a little too far with her aggression or he just got fed, because there is only so much a man can take before he gets fed up. In my opinion a woman who hits a man has no respect for herself and that man and from my experience if she can hit like a man she should receive it back like a man. If Jay Z did snub his performance that is very hypocritical for a man in his standing . I also dislike that everyone believes that this girl is an angel because if she was so innocent and such a sweet heart, why can she never keep a relationship. what i was taught was that when a women reveals her whole self (body) a man would loose respect for her because what is meant for his eyes millions have already seen and also it means that gil has no integrity for herself.

    If ur going to comment. comment with intelligence not stupiity

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