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Jay-Z Does NOT Show Chris Brown Any Love At The VMAs!

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Guess we won't be seeing Watch the Throne II with Jay and Breezy.

Check out the video (above) of Jay-Z NOT clapping for Chris Brown following his performance at the VMAs.

Given Jay's history with Rihanna, this doesn't come as a complete surprise to us…although he's making a pret-ty strong statement by not even smiling for Chris.

What do U think? Does Chris Brown deserve some love? Or do U side with Jay-Z?

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111 comments to “Jay-Z Does NOT Show Chris Brown Any Love At The VMAs!”

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  1. 101

    what i hate the most is people stating that she was the only victim in that whole relationship. I'm just stating things from my experience and where i am from and what i have seen. There were a lot of comments that SHE had abused HIM in the past and that he ONLY retaliated by pushing her away. I think in that car she took things a little too far with her aggression or he just got fed, because there is only so much a man can take before he gets fed up. In my opinion a woman who hits a man has no respect for herself and that man and from my experience if she can hit like a man she should receive it back like a man. If Jay Z did snub his performance that is very hypocritical for a man in his standing . I also dislike that everyone believes that this girl is an angel because if she was so innocent and such a sweet heart, why can she never keep a relationship. what i was taught was that when a women reveals her whole self (body) a man would loose respect for her because what is meant for his eyes millions have already seen and also it means that girl has no integrity for herself.

    If ur going to comment. comment with intelligence not stupidity

  2. 102

    I was at the VMAS as a seat filler and saw Jay-Z the entire time not enjoying the performance while Kanye was on his feet the entire time but did somewhat nod to show some acknowledgment of his performance. This is True. I agree with JAY-Z, if rihanna is his girl he has to have her back. Props to him!

  3. 103


  4. 104

    he got a STANDING OVATION FOR KANYE WEST AND JUSTIN BIEBER ! soo fuck jay -z AND he nodded after the show soo wtf is wrong?

  5. 105

    and JAY-z DID hit a women it was on TAPE !!!

  6. 106

    JAY-z DID hit a women it was on TAPE ! he did drugs and shit so hes not innocent ?

  7. 107

    I hope that it was just that he had a drink and unable to clap. We all have done
    something in our life that we are not proud of. Where would we be without forgiveness?
    I'm not perfect but you can show that you dont approve of someones actions, but come on lets be honest. He is talented and at some point you gotta let go. I think that we should have all learned a lesson with Tupac and Biggie. Someone had to be the bigger person and sometimes it has to be the younger person. As a friend you don't take on their hate. We are not in the 3rd grade anymore. We will be judged by the same measure we measure someone else. I think Jay is bigger than that. The press keeps this moving and eventually he will stand up and set the record straight. I hope.

  8. 108

    Re: gemz_01 – I totally agree with you Gems. Its crazy how people sit around and drag this nmans name thru the mud, knowing that Rihanna got on National Tv (Interview with Diane Sawyer) and admitted to the first hit and throwing the Keys. She palys the sweet innocent roll and the victim and these people agree with her. My motto to my son and daughter is if someone hits you, hit their ass back. Give a hitter an inch and they will take a yard. I think he just nipped that shi* in the bud. She was on her way out of his life anyway and thats what the phone text was about that night…him meeting up with his manager and another female. Rihanna snatched the phone , read the text and started going off on him. YEP, she said it in her inerviews. She talked about throwing the keys and Pushing his Buttons. What a psycho and then when he retaliated, she turned to the public for pity. Uh unh, not here. Man woman boy or girl..you hit me, imma hit yo azz back! Real talk!! And Jay-z-was on the edge of his chair the entire time Perez…cut it ou!!

  9. 109

    Re: JeeksBeak – I dont think anything bought him forgiveness, I think the reality of it is people really began to see Rihanna put twist and turns in her allegations at first and then got on national television (Diane Sawyers) interview, and talked about how she provoked him and how she threw his phone after she read his text and how she knew how to push his buttons to get him waaaaaaaay mad at her, she said. I mean one can only take but so much. I mean dude was only nineteen, he prob didnt know what to do. He ahd never been ia a relationship like that. Her boyfriend from Barbados whipped her ass as well. I think she is a lil provocative in all areas. She was use to being manhandled and if the nosey neihbor had not reported what she saw Rihanna probably would have never reported Chris Brown. I lost any respect that I may have had for her at that point.

  10. 110

    Re: mishxchele – What r talking about mishxchele,Jay-Z having Rihannas back. SHe is about to dumpJay-z as her manager because she thinks its a conflict of interest for her and Beyonce to be on the same label. She says she thinks now that j is B's new manager and B is pregnant, she (Rihanna) doesnt think Jay-Z will have time for her so she is searching for a new manager. What a selfish , lopsided heffa! Thats his wife for godssake!!! How could she think she should have preference over his wife??? Her stupid azz comments never cease to amaze me. Maybe all of you with these beliitleing comments towards Breezy, should read up up on Rihanna a lil more to see who she really iz. Stop following the one you hate and follow who you love…you will be back…Trust!! I really dont believe Chris Brown was the victim that night but I do believe as a young man he did the biggest thing and took responsibility for what he had done in the car that night and didnt talk about being intimidated or provoked. She put that out there..that she provoked him!!!

  11. 111

    Re: Bonkers777 – totally in agreement. He couldnt possibly act like he was enjoying Chris Brown (even tho he was)..the media would have been all ova that and he would have lost his swagg points. Cut it out Perez..you know Jay-z was on the edge of his seat the entire time Breezy was on stage. He had his neck sticking out of his shell like a Old azz Turtle and My azz is old like his (jay-Z) and Perez lmao, so I have no problem saying that. Rihanna still in love with Chris Brown and yall Haters "hate It".!!!!! Phahahahaha Breezy dont give her the time of day!!!!

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