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That B*tch Irene Is Now Messing With The X Factor, Strands Mariah In NY

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Mariah Carey Stuck In New York X Factor Ruined Forever And Ever

Seriously, Hurricane Irene? Why do you have to destroy homes, flood streets, act like a tramp, AND mess with X Factor?

Among countless others stranded in NY, Mariah Carey was not able to get out — to shoot a secret and special segment with Simon Cowell for X Factor. And now the show is in "chaos." Over it.

Which might be a little dramatic, but we're pissed about it too!

Hurricane Irene is screwing with Simon Cowell's new show — Mariah Carey had to cancel a "very important" video shoot for "X-factor" because she couldn't travel and we're told it's thrown the show into "utter chaos."

Sources connected to the show tell us Mariah is in New York and was supposed to fly to meet Simon at a secret location to begin taping a special segment for the show in the last few days.

Cowell has stated in the past that Mariah has an important role on the show — but he's not revealing any details.

Unless she physically bestows some sort of magic and has to be there in person for it to work, we say Skype it in and apologize.

Either way, we wish Irene would stop being a hag to everyone.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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11 comments to “That B*tch Irene Is Now Messing With The X Factor, Strands Mariah In NY”

  1. 1

    SO MUCH FOR THE 1990 MARIAH BEING BACK!!! fucking lying photoshopped cow. If her ass looks that huge in black, I don't wanna see her wearing white.

  2. 2

    Mariah looks HUGE!
    Okay, I understand she had twins. But girl you are RICH!! Get something done LOL!!
    And look at how close that guy is to her….HAHAH

  3. 3

    Gosh so much drama over something so silly. Everybody knows the Irene is causing a lot of inconvenients and people will know how to understand the situation, all they have to do is just re-schedule and thats it.

  4. 4

    Hurrican just chose Mariah to fuck her day. Given it was a hurricane what does she expect. That is why I had her fat ass bitch she thiks she deserves special treatment all the time. Fuck Mariah you ain't a DIVA your a BITCH>…

  5. 5

    Re: ParisIsBurning – you obviously failed to noticed that the picture in the article is from her FIRST sighting after giving birth BEFORE she was on hsn, she has lost ALOT of weight since this photo was taken.

    Re: marvinthemartin – wtf are you on? where the hell did you get mariah being a bitch and causing drama blah blah from having to cancel an appearance because of the hurricane, mariah isnt bitching or moaning about it, perez and the x factor team are.

  6. 6

    Why are people so obsessed with other peoples weight? Mariah doesn't look fat at all in the picture. She definitely doesn't look skinny either but that's besides the point. She's better looking than every commenter on this site, that's for sure.

  7. 7

    People died. Thousands of families lost everything they have. No insurance. Nothing. Nadda, and you ppl are pissed cuz it's messing with a stupid f—–g reality tv show. OMG, no wonder this world is in the place it is. Yea, Simon Cowell has the right to be pissed about a hurricane that has devistated the east coast. That is really the lowest of low.

  8. 8

    Are you Kidding me!!! People died and millions don't even have power or homes anymore and your being a drama queen about Mariah being stuck in a 5 star hotel and pushing a show back mayeb a week. Get the F over it!!

  9. 9

    How dare you use BITCH.. its an offensive word to females! LMAO.. If someone posted an article saying.. "irene is all up in peoples asses like a f*g in the gay pride parade" perez would be all up in arms.. This is no different you WOMAN HATER!

  10. 10

    no big loss

  11. 11